Gaijin Games announces "Good Friends" DLC for Runner2

For those that loved Runner2, Gaijin Games has confirmed Runner2 Chapter 2 is arriving on Steam later this week, with console versions to follow.

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deafdani1984d ago

Er... is this just new characters? Because the characters in Runner 2, although pretty varied visually speaking, add absolutely nothing different to the gameplay, they all play the same.

If it's just the characters and nothing new gameplay-wise, I'll give it a pass. I love Runner 2, but this is looking just like Capcom's character costumes DLC... as in, something that's purely aesthetic and with no actual impact on the game itself.

NintendoInvader1984d ago

The press release never actually specifies, although with it being called "Runner2: Chapter 2", I'd guess there's some new content in there.

RankFTW1984d ago

Hopefully this will add some more levels because I've got Triple Perfect + on every level and want some more action.