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Do you remember that moment?

Brit- "Do you remember when it happened? Do you remember the day or how old you were? The day when you realized you were going to enjoy video games for the rest of your life?" (Culture)

ThaTruthMVP  +   378d ago
Hmm this brought about deep reflection. Mainly cause, I'm not too sure exactly when I was committed to games for life... I've always been into them. They've always been involved in my life.... so it's hard to pinpoint when they're so much a part of my life style. It's like asking me when I decided I would eat pizza for the rest of my life haha
joe90  +   378d ago
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight - Amiga

one of the goriest games for its time.

i was about 6 or 7 years old, remember my dad buying the blue floppy off a dodgy guy who was like the icecream truck version of a pirate game vendor. As the Amiga belonged to my brother this was my actual first game i owned for myself.

The first game i ever played on though was Newzealand Story on the Commadore 64


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Sunnyknight  +   378d ago
The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie started it all for me. Then led to my life long love of fighters. Oh Third Strike, how I will forever love and miss you. :(
stevehyphen  +   378d ago
Into the heat of battle.... GO FOR IT. My personal choice for best fighting game in history. Unless I am wrong, I think it's seen more Tougeki than any other fighting game. If a fighting game has that good of a run in Japan then it has to be one of the best ever.
Sunnyknight  +   378d ago
Third Strike was just a technical marvel that received the Edgar Allen Poe Effect. It sadly wasn't appreciated until after Street Fighter IV's release, and even then with the OE release it still got bopped. :( It's ok, another one of my favorites is making a comeback, hoping and praying the new Guilty Gear is honest to Accent Core.
BlackTar187  +   378d ago
I played this one game on atari i can't even remember the name but i knew then that i owuld love games forever. reinforced later with a great game called Mercs on Sega genesis and arcade
trickman888  +   378d ago
McScroggz  +   378d ago
Yup. The day I first played Baldur's Gate, and subsequently when I started Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. I had played games for years before then, but it was the first game I had true ownership of and it opened my eyes to the fact that games can be more than just a hobby - games can be a pure form of entertainment. The distillation of emotional impact such as books or film and the adrenaline rush of a sport.

I freaking love BGII because of how great of a game it is, and for what it means to mean as a gamer.
kingdip90  +   378d ago
Yeah I would love a new baldurs gate with true ad&d rules. The ps2 ones were rubbish and neverwinter nights didn't quite feel the same as baldurs gates story was pretty epic
nick309  +   378d ago
Yes. I played max payne 1 on ps2 when i was 5. Or mario when i was 4
MysticStrummer  +   378d ago
I don't remember a moment. I just never grew out of gaming and kept looking forward to more.

If there was a moment, it would have been during the PS1 era with games like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider 1-4, and Resident Evil 1-3, because those were the first games that really made me feel like I was in an environment, and in the case of MGS made me think about the story in a serious way. Those were the first games I thought of as potentially being art, and on par with the movies in terms of emotional impact.
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MeatheadMilitia  +   378d ago
The first video game I remember playing was World Class Leader board and thought, wow this is really fun!

But I knew I was in for a long journey and love of video games once I played Wolfenstein 3D.
BOVICE47  +   378d ago
"Sonic The Hedgehog" was definitely the first video game I ever played, but moment when I realized that I was going to be playing video games for the rest of my like is when Beat my first game "Mario 64". I could remember playing it for hours and hours trying to get all the stars and beating Bowser.
cpayne93  +   378d ago
I remember when I got a n64 for christmas, along with Super Mario 64. I was just 5 years old. Man I adored that game, and I still love it now. First game I ever owned is still in my top three games of all time.
KabalsHookblades  +   378d ago
When I was 6 a couple of months after Midnight club 3 remix released, Iwas hooked to games for life( I'm about to be 13 now, so don't judge me plz).
stevehyphen  +   378d ago
After my friend and I were wearing out Theme Hospital, 7th Guest and X-Com, he had tried Fallout and subsequently showed me. That was the one. Even though I have owned every generation of PlayStation, PC is where the heart is. I still have my hotmail featuring "aoe2" which I created to sign up for Microsoft's Live service to play age of empires 2. Microsoft emailed me last year or the year before to congratulate me on 10 years of hotmail. Starting to feel old haha
kingdip90  +   378d ago
Yeah it was christmas day I the 80's I was 4 and I got a nes with super mario bros... I had a hard time making some of the jumps on the first level (I was 4 lol) and I was getting frustrated that my dad could do it so easily!!!! Man we played that nintendo to death. Warm memories. Turns out my dad stayed up and practiced the night before and thats how he was so familiar with the game lol I can't wait to do that to my kids
Rusty515  +   378d ago
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 for N64 got me hooked with I was six. That game had an awesome soundtrack.
sega genesis playing sonic the hedgehog 2. i was like maybe 3 or 4 years old. been gaming ever since.
N7Lukas  +   378d ago
Grand Theft Auto for the PS1
thorstein  +   378d ago
Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar
kalkano  +   378d ago
I started playing on Commodore 64, but really fell in love with gaming from Final Fantasy 1, 4, 6, and the first Shining Force.

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