Don't Give Up On The Wii U Just Yet

GameInformer- Early adopters of the Wii U know full well of its drought of solid titles. Like many other owners, I bought the console on launch day, only to have the GamePad sit mostly unused ever since. Despite this rocky first year, I realized that this situation isn’t that far off from other Nintendo launches in the last decade. The DS, 3DS, and Wii all experienced rough first years, only to overcome and offer solid lineups soon thereafter. Because of this trend, I’m hoping that Nintendo’s HD console isn’t as doomed as some believe it to be.

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chadboban1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Nintendo has some solid first party offerings coming for the rest of the year so I'm really interested in seeing if these games will have an effect on sales. I know if they drop the price by about $50 combined with their upcoming games I'm sure that I and others as well will be more tempted to get one sooner rather than later.

Right now I think the current price of $349 is far too close to the PS4's price of $399. $299 while not being a drastic price cut would look a lot better to consumers.

darthv721985d ago

would be nice for new potential buyers. something as small as that $50 makes a difference to many. that is essentially a game they could buy at the same time.

Now i dont know about most who have a wii-u but i put away my wii when i got the wii-u. Mainly because i liked how it played all the existing wii games via hdmi instead of component.

nintendo doesnt really seem to be marketing that one little feature. If they could convince people who have a wii that the wii-u plays all those games and wii-u games it might help as well.

I know many dont look at something like BC in the same way i do but when you have this newer system and a drought of dedicated games to play...having that BC is great because there are some really good wii games that i passed up the first time around.

TongkatAli1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

They going to sell for many years. That I know : ) end of days coming, lol.

I have to say we have a choice here to continue to support them, but what if they fail hard and it makes them change their policies on region lock and being clean.

They need to change or no ? Stop with the worship, its too much shit they need to change you can't keep selling all this hardware, which congrats your games are amazing, but dam wtf are you doing ? This company has been making hardware like that for generations.

Also Region lock and DVD lock, thanks a bunch, ass. The Wii U hate is good, they need to get their face punch like Sony got with PS3, it made them better, they need to get their shit together shit and be mature.

Nintendo is not a mature company, you don't run a hardware tech coompany like that. Wii U got restrictions right out of the box and XboxOne got all the hate.

TongkatAli1985d ago

Shit! LOL. Nintendo games are too damn good. We cannot beat them.

live2play1985d ago

Yea 300 would be ideal I mean I was honestly shocked at the ps4 price
I don't get all the fuss about 3rd parties not developing for Nintendo being a big deal...?

I buy Nintendo consoles for nintendos games, 3rd party games would just be icing.

guess I'm easy to please, I'm already getting Mario kart, pikman 3, donkey kong, 3d Mario, yarn yoshi, wonderful 101, smash bros... And more will come eventually

why is everyone so quick to kill off stuff? What happened guys? Why can't we be geeks together and nerd out about games? Why is it all hate and wars bow?
our real enemy is those freaking app store games

LOL_WUT1985d ago

The reason why the Wii U needs 3rd party games whether you like it or not is to fill in that void of first party ip's. ;)

finite1985d ago

We have not Nintendo.... The wii U will rise just like the Wii did.... plus its Fan base is bloody huge...

ala_7671985d ago

Nintendo will not win this gen most likely! Next gen Nintendo consoles should have advance graphics like that os Sony and M$... Then only they can win

finite1985d ago

The Nintendo Wii U in not a Next gen system .. Nintendo have clearly stated this...

LiinoMajire1985d ago

I have not given up, I plan to buy one come Xmas, with multiple titles. I still want to re-buy a N64 also. Heh.

PigPen1985d ago

Nintendo don't believe in selling hardware at a loss. Even the Wii U, after a game is purchased is in the green. Nintendo don't need a price cut but games. It's time for Nintendo to work its magic. With more games to choose from then competitors, key first party titles is enough to ensure a great holiday season. For $350 you get a premium console and a game. You're spending $400 or more for competitor console with no game. Wii U is looking like the best value this holiday.

PigPen1985d ago

You're lost in the sauce, and Sony fanboys ask what i'm smoking.

Utalkin2me1985d ago


You're really comparing a WiiU to PS4 and Xbox one and justifying price? I mean i could break it all down far as 4x more powerful, blu ray , 500 gig hdd to online features. But it is just obvious. WiiU is overpriced for what it offers, that's my opinion and alot of people feel the exact same way. That is one of the reasons it is not selling well, along with no games.

PigPen1985d ago

I never read that those consoles are 4x more powerful. I will love to see the proof. Blu-ray is meh, even M. Patcher said it's of little of no cost. So Sony sells its console at a loss in hopes that consoles fly off shelves and Nintendo should have a price cut. Nintendo has nothing to do with Sony. The Wii U is at a great value and in a slight loss. One purchase game puts the Wii U in green. Nintendo is fine with its price.

Utalkin2me1985d ago

You only addressed blu ray nice. Compared to the PS4 and Xbox1 it is not even close to a great value. I have addressed why it wasn't. Instead of voicing your opinion time to provide some proof instead of what M.Pachter says about blu ray that last gen console had. We are not discussing if Nintendo is ok with selling at the high price point. We are talking about price VS value, which WiiU is not.

cellur1111985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Compared to the ps3 and Xbox 360 the Wii U still isn't a good value. They are both cheaper and have many more and better quality games.

mcstorm1985d ago

I think the Wiiu will be the console that shocks a lot of people on here the latter end of the year as it has some big name games out than then early next year will have Mario kart.

I am really enjoying my Wiiu and to say its lacking games is not true its just short on exclusive games at the moment but they have now started to come.

for me having the Wiiu and xbox one to play on the back end of this year is going to be good.

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