FF14 Director: A Realm Reborn skipping Xbox is still down to Microsoft

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the reason the game will be the 'odd one out' and the only upcoming entry in the series to skip Xbox platforms is down to Microsoft's ongoing Xbox Live policies.

"The policy has not changed on Microsoft's side," Yoshida revealed to RPG Site when asked if an exclusivity deal had been signed with Sony alongside the PS4 version or if the lack of an Xbox platform version was still thanks to Microsoft's restrictive Xbox Live Policies.

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Seedhouse1715d ago

Glad that I can pick this up on PlayStation 3, although still wish platform holders held some parity at times - cross-platform would benefit players enormously.

nick3091715d ago

Wait for the ps4 version for better overall performence.

Kennytaur1715d ago

Why? That's not out until next year and you should be able to seamlessly transfer over once it's out, shouldn't you? I'm not sure, but it ought to carry over since I believe it carries over between ps3 and pc.

YNWA961715d ago

To be honest, FF has been irrelevant since PS1 heydays.... Been downhill ever since...not going to miss it no more.

hkgamer1715d ago


You still need to buy the actual game for that platform.
For FFXI i had that on PC, but to play on 360 I had to buy the game again.

Or maybe there was another way that I didn't notice.

Iceman X1715d ago

This game is cross platform, PC and PS3/PS4 all play on the same servers.

FlameHawk1715d ago

But Microsoft won't allow it to play with PS3 players, thats why it isn't coming to Xbox.

AlexanderNevermind1715d ago

Man that sucks for Xboxers. I'll be getting this for PS4 (or PC if I don't feel like waiting).

NegativeCreep4271715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

And doesn't want you playing with certain friends?

Well sorry mom, but I'm going to go live with my much cooler and much less controlling dad (PS4). Screw U and your couch.

papashango1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Which is strange considering ff11 is played across, PC, PS2, 360, and some ps3's.

Well I know SE pretty much bowed down to M$'s will for the 360 version and swore they wouldn't do it again.

The way the next-gen pre-game show is going on I wouldn't be surprised to see M$ getting rid of this "we don't negotiate with terrorists" attitude. They're on the right track so far reversing their policies and getting rid of Mattrick. I'm interested in seeing how much common sense their suits have.

Dark_king1715d ago

@papashango FF11 came out before the live policies had changed.Though I can't see MS keeping policies that will cost them games if there not the lead console next gen.

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gamernova1715d ago

Got that collectors edition for PC :D

Lionalliance1715d ago

Link to the article, not the site.

Miraak82 1715d ago

for now I got the CE for ps3 ,if and when I get a ps4 Im glad that I'll be able to enjoy my character when I upgrade and play many other mmos no worry

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The story is too old to be commented.