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Submitted by Freedomland 946d ago | article

Why third-party publishers still aren’t thrilled with Wii U

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg noted that his company came to the Wii U launch with a "robust slate" of games, but he said they have no new announcements for the system (outside of this holiday's Skylanders Swap Force). EA's Peter Moore said that the games it has released have seen "poor sell-through" and, worse, very little use of online services. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Freedomland  +   947d ago
Nintendo has to change it's outlook towards gaming and gamers. It's not 1995, time has changed and so do the gamers. They should start looking outside their window and should start writing checks for the studios outside Japan.
PigPen  +   945d ago
That's a very bad idea. They will be better off creating new first party studios. It's their games that matter to the Nintendo die hards.
N4g_null  +   945d ago
The HTML framework is awesome. I can not wait to port over some old 2d ideas in it.

I'm thinking we may see a few mindcrafts on this thing. Indies are going to treat this as an open market with engine support like this.

Established third parties are going to have a rough time since they have to compete only on the high end on the ps4andxb1 . Not making a better later port with all dlc and cheaper is a kick in there own face. Not establishing a fan base on the wiiu could prove to be a life threatening squezze when ms is spending a billion on games and Sony fan are becoming like Nintendo fans... they simply don't trust the third party.

Power equals cost to a developer. Many ignored that last gen and they got closed down.the gamers here want more pretty than a game.this is the dawn of the $60 movie rental or DVD purchase.

If we Are talking about the power to run the game play then we all know the wiiu is prefect. No movie record, TV functions to worry about. No story based gaming to compete with. Just a pure gaming environment.

I think that is the problem with third parties they went a stray. We have PC like developers dominating consoles now. The only thrd party that operate like console devs are handheld devices and indies right now. We need more minecraft moments.

Game play has to seriously catch up to graphics this gen or we will see a bunch of segas.

The wiiu is actually for the NGC owner right now. It is like some weird thank you for being awesome to Nintendo. I can honestly say I'm enjoying the wiiu a lot now. They fixed everything I wanted fixed in hardware and in gameplay.

Now the games are coming... pikman may not sell but I'm way more excited for this new one. W101 will be next then project cars, bayo and then x smash mk8,3dland Mario....

What I don't understand is why arnt 3ds devs porting over from that to wiiu?just up the models...etc. may Nintendo needs to make a USB to. 3ds link so we can just do this in hardware?

The truth is devs are hurting... many just can't afford it any more without large money bags.
grassyknoll  +   947d ago
"The Wii U feels like a offline experience right now" : Music to my ears. I would be quite happy with a single player / couch multiplayer focused console. The over focus on online is killing the single player experience.
andibandit  +   946d ago
The focus on online is a result of the single player experience profits lost to used game sales.
grassyknoll  +   946d ago
Last of Us says hello, followed by Bioshock Infinite! I'm not anti online, but think there's more than enough room for a mostly offline machine. I'm looking forward to getting a WiiU in the future.
andibandit  +   946d ago
Yes those 2 games are good single player games and i didnt mean to imply that noone is making single player games, it just seems there are alot more multiplayer game comming out nowadays
starfox79  +   946d ago
Although wiiu is an online always connected console yet its an offline console get lost ive got one and its the smoothest online experience ive had even the browser ??? what a load of rubbish,when MK8 hits expect a huge online community.
awi5951  +   946d ago
Well internet services are always smooth when no one else is on it lol. Servers run real well when only 6 people are on them.
boybato  +   946d ago
Have you seen titanfall. Lol
starfox79  +   946d ago
Yes it looks average at best,EA are gonna keep winning worst company i think,bashing wiiu's online if i was nintendo i'd say EA get lost stay on just xbox1 and ps4 were done with your cheap yearly updated games pow.

Just buy tons of 3rd party studio's ??
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Mighty Boom  +   947d ago
Because it's last gen.

Disagree me, now.
starfox79  +   946d ago
A gpgpu dx11 comparable with edram is nothing but nextgen sorry kid,also a tri core cpu with out of order and edram cache is beast.
Mighty Boom  +   946d ago
Calm down sperg ... don't get your pointy elbows in a knot lolololol
PigPen  +   945d ago
You sir is the smartest person on this thread.
PopRocks359  +   947d ago
It's because it isn't selling well and/or they don't necessarily get how the hardware works. Simple as that, I think.
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PersonaPersons   946d ago | Spam
weekev15  +   946d ago
The problem 3rd patties are always going to have with Nintendo is the fact Nintendos own franchises sell so well.

Coupled with the fact its less powerful than PS4/X1 so is unlikely to have the definitive version of a game unless the dev does something clever with the gamepad. This means to sell on WiiU it'll either have to be exclusive or have downgraded visuals. With WiiUs current install base exclusivity is a big risk and noone wants to be known for poor visuals so its a tough sell.

That said WiiU will be fine because of the huge catalogue of IP they have to draw from, plus they still have the legend that is Shiggy.
Klad  +   946d ago
when you say "poor visuals", are you saying that the PS3 & XBox 360 have poor visuals?? because i think they have GREAT visuals right now & last i heard Wii U was more powerful than both of those consoles!

Now obviously PS4 & Xbox One will be more powerful than Wii U, but the graphic difference wont be as huge as Wii & PS3
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weekev15  +   945d ago
I agree they have great visuals. But when I say poor visuals Im talking about what the gaming community would class as poor visuals. Ocarina of time on the N64 had groundbreaking visuals but if it released now it'd get slated as basic visuals (Im not hating her OoT is my favourite game ever made)

My point is that perception is king. Folks are more likely to buy a multiplatform game with the most miniscule of differences just to say they have the best version of the game even when it plays the same eg framerate counters, side by side comparisons.

Again saying that WiiU will be fine cos of 1st party offerings.
blanket14  +   946d ago
no offense ninty but im kinda sad for the big N they worked on this console for how long and they thought they could do another with with a console priced at 400 bucks pretty much they even got cocky just like sony did with ps3 just what xbox did with the one its pretty sad how they cant get 3rd party support but they should of relased a console that atleast showed up the x1 specs wise idk just random rambling but come one N
hollabox  +   946d ago
Nintendo's hardcore fans only buys Nintendo products, killing third party interest. I wouldn't support a system if it cost me $15 Million to make a game and only sale 30,000 out of 4 million Wii U owners.

To top things off Nintendo did make some dumb hardware decisions, lousy marketing, and Don Mattrick like statements with HD graphics requires more man power. I don't think it would have been too much of an problem if they went with 4-8 GBs of ram, even though CPU seem pretty weak, rumored performance 30-35 Gigaflops performance.
Brasi1989  +   946d ago
Nintendo fans don't buy many 3rd party games because 3rd parties normally skimp on features on Nintendo consoles. Why would you buy Black Ops 2 that does not get the same DLC support or Mass Effect 3 for the same price as the Mass Effect Trilogy? Once 3rd parties treat Nintendo fans as equals to the other consoles then I'm sure many Nintendo fans would gladly buy 3rd party games on the WiiU. I understand that sometimes somethings (especially with the hardware differences of Next-Gen) have to be sacrificed but FEATURES should not be one of them.
hollabox  +   946d ago

Even without DLC, there's not enough sells to make it worth the developers wild to optimize DLC for the Wii U. Games like Batman the Wii U got the Armor Edition and still sold poorly. Looking at the PS3 and 360, games like Call of Duty has historically gotten DLC first to on the 360 but yet the PS3 version sold almost as much.

But to your credit, most of the Wii U ports has been pretty crappy with worst graphics, and or sloppy frame rates. When developers did go all out and spend several more months making Need for Speed Most Wanted the best home version, EA was paid back with 30,000 units sold.
Brasi1989  +   946d ago
It is sad that Criterion wasn't justly rewarded for their excellent effort in Need For Speed but you also have to realize that, even with the graphically improvement, people didn't want to pay that price for a game when they could have gotten it on another console for half price. 3rd parties should really judge how well their products sell by releasing a comparable product, with the same release date, and the same price point. I believe that is what UbiSoft is doing with Assassins Creed IV and Watchdogs. Only then can you truly tell if your product will sell an acceptable amount on a Nintendo console.
Lykon  +   946d ago
I'm sorry but what's with the controller? Do I look at the controller screen or the tv screen? I liked the game cube controllers... and then what happened? They bought out the wii, which basically had a couple of mario games and a really poor exercise pressure mat for girls. And now this. What's next ? vibrating nipple clamps? hmmmm actually , on reflection
PigPen  +   945d ago
That's irrelevant cause Sony will copy. PS4 and Vita as the Wii U is disgusting. Move as the Wii remote. You insult Nintendo, but not Sony who wants to be Nintendo. Lol
Lykon  +   945d ago
sorry . I didn't mean to insult nintendo. I havent even tried a wii u yet. I love the gba ..especially playing harvest moon with headphones on in bed. and the game cube was a great little console.
_QQ_  +   946d ago
The main reason is the install base. The hardware differences between the PS4/xone and Wiiu aren't large enough to the point that they can't be scaled down a bit, just like turning down the settings on a PC game, Third parties will already be drastically better on PC over PS4/Xone.

One thing no developer wants to say that is also a factor is that it's hard to compete with Nintendo's games,lets be honest they aren't just quality but usually eat up sales.
PeanutPower  +   946d ago
if the wii u was worse than ps3 and xbox but sold extremely well there would be a battlefield 4 and gta 5 etc

money talks.

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