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Xbox One: Kinect 2.0 Could Revolutionize Gaming

We've had plenty of time to cover some of the more sinister sides of the Xbox One Kinect. But we haven't taken much time to recognize the potential revolutionary transformation of gaming that Kinect 2.0 could bring. And we aren't talking about motion or voice controls either. (Xbox One)

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malokevi  +   781d ago
Love the way this guy thinks. There is nothing he said that I disagree with.

People tend to over-emphasize the negatives, and dismiss anything positive, based on their per-conceived notions of what they think is better.

Personally, like Red Dragon, I have spent some time considering the kinds of things that Kinect might be capable of. Positive things. Not necessarily standard 1-1 body tracking (even though that, too, could be leveraged to positive effect), but all the other hypothetical that we can't even dream of.

Kinect is nothing more than a new toolset. An incredibly diverse one, that MS has guaranteed to developers will be 100% supported by the XboxOne with guaranteed 100% adaptation.

That should be exciting. That IS exciting, no matter how you slice it.
xHeavYx  +   781d ago
Wasn't the first Kinect supposed to be a revolution? I'll believe it's good when I see a game worth of praise. There is no Kinect game that has revolutionized anything ( Steel Battalion, anyone?)
JokesOnYou  +   781d ago
Hey I'm all for Kinect implementation to improve or bring new options to core games but lets not get crazy:

"read your pupils to customize game difficulty"

-uhmm, come on, really I never heard its capable of doing that. I think he's confused with the heart rate monitoring and even that is just an idea, not something any dev has said they are putting into a game to change the difficulty on the fly.

-Kinect will do some cool stuff but just like some like to bash it as being useless I think some people are also over-hyping it use or expecting too much.
blitz0623  +   781d ago
I am all in for the customized difficulties based on "human behavior" but there's a problem with a camera "taking notes" and observing the player.

There are things AIs just cannot replace people with, no matter how great the design is. What separates us from computers, animals, etc is our own sense of judgement and rationality. We don't always think and act the same everyday.

For this reason alone, it's almost impossible to create the perfect AI for each person that plays games.

The good part though, is that I think these are optional so you can try it out to see if the customized difficulty fits you well.
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dantesparda  +   781d ago
Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before, I'll believe it when I see it. And Jokes, im with you, that was a very rational view on it. And this Red Dragon is just starting to come of like a obvious MS fanboy.
Urusernamesucks  +   781d ago
What does that have to do with the kinect of today, Especially since most of its stuff Is proven to work.
rainhell77  +   781d ago
Let me see Kinect or PS Camera? We all know who did better with this and it's Kinect. If you don't like it just don't buy it plain and simple unless your stupid.
xHeavYx  +   781d ago
"unless your stupid"
Oh, the irony
nukeitall  +   781d ago
Kinect One is extremely exciting. With the latest Kinect, it is good enough as another input method more immersive than controllers.

All these possibilities open up, and I'm so happy to be part of this experience the infancy.

This is the future!
Kutaragis Revenge   781d ago | Spam
dantesparda  +   781d ago
@ nukeitall

You go girl, and sell that sh!t! cheerlead away!!!
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NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   781d ago
Teh Kinect is a GIMMICK and will ALWAYS be A GIMMICK
malokevi  +   781d ago

I guess I'll have to take your word for it...? :D
DJMarty  +   781d ago
LOL, the title is laughable.

Cmk0121  +   781d ago
This guy....
KwietStorm  +   781d ago
Yea. It's too bad there's an article attached to it...
JokesOnYou  +   781d ago
lol, wasn't the code name for the wii called the Revolution too?
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Fireseed  +   781d ago
No they have stated that it's capable of scanning pupils.
Belking  +   781d ago
if it was ps eye then yes...lol

1080p kinect is the business.
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dantesparda  +   781d ago
They cant build a microscope powerful enough to see how little I give a fvck about the kinect or pseye. But isn't the pseye 1280x800 times 2 lenses? doesn't that give it more resolving power (not to mention stereoscopic view) than Kinect? Im serious asking, how do the 2 honestly compare?
CrossingEden  +   781d ago
and yet here you are because you have absolutely NOTHING better to do, congrats!!!!
Dr Pepper  +   781d ago
Quote from the video mentioning a game like Skyrim:
"What if you could go in one day and it's completely changed?"

That takes a lot of time and money. Does this guy honestly think a dev would constantly update/change the entire game world without charging people for their work? They charged people for the Hearthfire DLC (albeit not a very high price), but now studios will implement massive updates on a whim because of the cloud?

Regarding his thoughts on Kinect changing the difficulty on the fly in response to your pupils: no thanks. Why would I want the game to become a flat line, with no peaks and valleys in terms of difficulty? It can be fun being challenged in a game, and I wouldn't want some sensor reading my body to judge if it should take that away.
Cmk0121  +   781d ago
What your missing is the unknown. He's just tossing out ideas of positives instead of the whole big brother argument . Pros and Cons to everything people need to get that. If its not for you don't get an Xbox one, or don't use the kinect in any way you don't have to etc. people like to debate literally everything to get some sense of being right about things am that are opinions ... I just don't get it
Dr Pepper  +   781d ago
I acknowledge there is an unknown factor to it. Of course there is, as I can't see 5 years into the future. However, if I can easily find flaws the moment he states his opinion, then he needs to work harder at making his argument stronger. I'm not debating "literally everything" (as you put it), I selected two main points he made and countered them with reasonable issues that popped into my head the moment he spoke.

I also noticed you didn't challenge my two points, but instead just seemed to take issue with the fact that I was providing an opposing argument. If you have something to say regarding my points, please feel free.
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lgn15  +   781d ago
Why does changing a game's difficulty make it so that it will be a flat line. Just because Skyrim is on Novice mode doesn't mean it isn't still substantially more challenging end game than at the beginning.
Dr Pepper  +   781d ago
The person in the video was talking about Kinect adjusting the difficulty on the fly, instead of being restricted to difficulty levels. So unlike a game where on Normal it will still have highs and lows (in terms of challenges), he was discussing how if you are having a trouble with a certain part, the game would adjust automatically and make it easier for you. That would effectively flat line the experience, since any challenging part would be made to be less troublesome for the player depending on their body's reaction (according to him).

"Novice mode doesn't mean it isn't still substantially more challenging end game than at the beginning"

Yeah, that's why established difficulty modes are good, since they can still have set highs and lows instead of adapting and just making any frustrating part automatically easier. I would prefer to still run into various moments of challenge/toughness, to give some variety to the experience instead of making it easier because my eyes change.
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Stryfeno2  +   781d ago
Good vid
MontyQ  +   781d ago
lmao ummmm no
ziggurcat  +   781d ago
could... but won't.
kewlkat007  +   781d ago
Interesting..we'll see what devs come up with..

Kinect is not for only motion games.
kingdip90  +   781d ago
I have been waiting since the playstation eye and kinect 1 to see them be used in a way that could revolutionize gaming or even be more fun. People can say that devs didn't take them seriously because they were not manditory divices last gen but truth be told something revolutionary would have sold and made money. If devs couldnt think of a way to profit last gen I am skeptical they will this gen. They will make very impressive workouts devices though but a wii is cheaper for that I suppose
nirwanda  +   781d ago
It would be ashame if they just did the same as the last kinect, there is so much potential for things like object scanning and 1 to 1 motion tracking.
Look at how many golf clubs have simulators that could be recreated at home, or a tennis game with real rackets.
I bet dead rising would be fun with object scanning.
Its a bit of a shame MS didn't do a deal with occulas rift and mix that with kinect.
kingdip90  +   781d ago
Yeah a kinect rift combo could create a very immersive experience in your living room. The rift could play some kind of shooter with you as you move around your own space and the kinect could tell the rift how far and in what direction you have moved to translate it in game and also put any obsticles (tables ect) in game so you don't trip on them or walk into them. Of course you would need a big space but its an awesome idea!!!! Not sure if the xbox one would be relivant at thay point tho lol
rainslacker  +   781d ago
The first Kinect sold 20 million units. That is a significant install base for a developer to take the time to make a "revolutionary" game for. Particularly for a device that apparently had a lot of people starved for a "revolutionary" experience. Yet where are they? One...maybe two games? And of those one or two, how many offered a traditional control scheme to increase sales?

Lets face it. The Kinect was majorly a casual device. The Kinect 2 will be no different. It will get more implementation, but the Kinect shares the same fate as the Wii, and that's as a dust collector.

The only thing that will keep Kinect 2 from doing that is that you have to have it connected to the system, and there will likely still be hardcore games that primarily focus on the traditional control schemes because a majority of core, hardcore, and even moderate game players don't care for motion control once the initial novelty wears off. It just isn't conducive to long play sessions.

I have been literally floored since the X1 reveal how many people who would laugh at motion control now praise it as the second coming. That's all Kinect 2 is...freakin' motion control input in a shiny new package.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   781d ago
Kincect 2.0 could revolutionize gaming. on oposite day.
jdawg222  +   781d ago
haha. made me laugh
Transporter47  +   781d ago
In all honesty IMO Oculus Rift has more potential then Kinect 2.0 but that's from my point of view.
kingdip90  +   781d ago
I agree with this. A game for me is all about immersion and the oculus rift looms very immersive. Getting tired from flapping about trying to play with kinect or trying to remember the correct gesture to do something in game sounds like it would detract from immersion more than anything
yarbie1000  +   781d ago
Don't forget that Xbox has a patent on "Kinect Glasses"
Transporter47  +   781d ago
Kinect Glasses what does that mean something like Google Glass?
yarbie1000  +   781d ago
Yes - just google "Project Fortaleza"
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kalkano  +   781d ago
It wouldn't be affordable to get all of them, but Oculus + Omni + Kinect all together could bring fully immersive virtual reality.
mr.selfdestruct  +   781d ago
Anything is possible,but I won't hold my breath. This and the rift working together may be awesome together. Alone though its really just another input method and that's not revolutionary.
M-M  +   781d ago
Revolutionary for motion gaming, yes.
Godmars290  +   781d ago
So the "good" news is nothing more than speculation?

At this point is here even a "pure" Kinect title announced? Where Kinect 1.0 had months and years of promotion, games and tech demos, MS have been especially cautious in showing anything with Kinect 2.0. Have reduced it largely to its mic functionality.

Except Kinect 2.0 is suppose to have been improved to a point where it actually "works". Or at least to where MS feels like they can get away with making it mandatory. Nevermind all the spying and data collection "rumors".
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Fireseed  +   781d ago
Well after their awful reveal and terrible PR there after do you think they'd even remotely risk E3 by showing anything BUT hardcore games?
Dr Pepper  +   781d ago
"At this point is here even a "pure" Kinect title announced?"

I'm pretty sure Fantasia is the only one, unless you are specifically talking about exclusives for the new Kinect (since I'm quite sure Fantasia is also for the original Kinect on 360).
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Godmars290  +   781d ago
You may as well be talking about Child of Eden when it first came out.

They need to have something like the XB1 version of Steel Battalion.
Dr Pepper  +   781d ago
"They need to have something like the XB1 version of Steel Battalion."

Well, they tried the 360 Kinect version of that, and it was a spectacular disaster. I think they're a little intimidated (or should be) to try and pull that off again, at least in terms of using predominantly hand gestures to control a hardcore title.
Godmars290  +   781d ago
Since Kinect 2.0 is supposedly more precise, that's exactly why they should do it! Nothing would be better advertising for hardcore gamers even if they waste a few million and only remake the first level. Offer it as a free download.
JokesOnYou  +   781d ago
I think they are trying to correct past mistakes with the original kinect= over promising under delivering, pushing majority of casual(kiddie) games, full kinect control for core games(Steel Battalion).

Now clearly the tech is better but their not showing Milo interaction, sure they will have some casual kids games which is good but should not be the focus, and finally changing core games like Ryse into a controller-kinect hybrid game is a smart decision, then build on that subtle implementation for sequels, later IP's and so on.
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Godmars290  +   781d ago
"Now clearly the tech is better"

No. No its not. Its good at watching and moderating your reactions and even your heart-rate. Of identifying and counting people in a room if not a whole house. It has all the elements a company would want from a survey marketing machine.

What it hasn't show however is that it can do more for people who bought it than be a mic. With games like Ryse and Crimson Dragon which at one time were suppose to prove it now not really needing it showing nothing to gamers, while telling other game devs that don't have to actually use it.
JokesOnYou  +   781d ago
No I disagree, furthermore all those who have had hands on experience with kinect demos have said its impressive and the tech is clearly better than the original....I think I'll take their word for vs yours Godsmar.

This is why I said they are trying to correct past mistakes but I guess you can't please everybody first many of the Kinect haters said they don't want to be waving their arms and jumping around like crazy(as if thats how every kinect game must be), so now they offer more subtle implementation and now you're critical of the games just using voice commands(as if no other games will do anything but voice commands) so now you're implying they are less committed to its usage, then of course if they force devs to use it you would say thats BS, devs should have creative freedom, yet now you're critical of them saying devs don't have to use it. lol, given how much you hate it you would think by now you would have just given up on kinect, but its oK, I'll enjoy what little or what major functionality it has for both of us....yet I suspect you will be in every kinect article to tell all of us who are interested just how foolish we are, go ahead carry on then.
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Godmars290  +   781d ago
The point is with it now being mandatory, instead of trying to proudly presenting Kinect and show what it can do, MS instead is playing it safe and playing up to its strengths which happens to be the mic. The main reason they supposedly introduced it, motion control, is just being slid under the door.
S2Killinit  +   781d ago
as long as the thing is ON and spying on your behavior, they are cool with it.
RiPPn  +   781d ago
This guy is such a Microsoft fanboy/apologist. Not sure why so many of his videos get posted here.
Urusernamesucks  +   781d ago
Because its for the xbox fans, gtfo.
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S2Killinit  +   781d ago
seriously who in their right mind would think that the kinect will "revolutionize" gaming?? its already been out, and it didn't revolutionize, all it did was try to copy Nintendo's success with its own gimmick. This new one is the same exact kinect with spying capabilities. The only thing it will revolutionize is the way companies will allow themselves to invade your household with gadgets that will gather information about your behavior. You can be sure that it will revolutionize when it comes to that.
InTheLab  +   781d ago
MS doesn't even have faith in the thing. Remember how Ryse was once a Kinect title? They also stripped the right for hackers to do what they did for the original, which is create cool new concepts like the controllable wall art, etc.

Also, good luck selling the idea of Kinect 2 to people who already own Kinect 1 and just bought the thing a few years ago. You've already lost those guys and core gamers will already be pissed the thing is being forced on them with a higher price for Xbox One...
HugoDrax  +   781d ago
I read KINECT sold approx 25 million devices? I don't think it will be difficult at all for them to sell KINECT 2 to original adopters. That's my opinion, as my school had KINECT available for us to check out/rent to use for class assignments. My use was for 2 class projects I collaborated with students from other departments on . I also scanned my bedroom to input it into the computer haha! Well a section of my room haha! Hopefully with the new 1080p camera, it will produce a more accurate depiction of the scanned environment. Then I could possibly 3D print what I scan in, which would save me a ton of modeling time.

As of now the hardcore gaming community may despise KINECT2 , but outside of gamers it's still a very popular device and may have success. I recall reading an article on Engadget a few weeks ago stating MS had announced dev kit applications for KINECT2 starting at $400. Which sounds reasonable regarding what is included if you're a developer and get accepted into the program.


I look forward to experiencing KINECT 2 for my XB1, and finding uses for it outside of my gaming time.
rainslacker  +   781d ago
Kinect itself isn't a bad device. It has shown the potential and even real world applications to revolutionize many aspects of technology or common procedures. Although in some ways that's more software and human ingenuity than Kinect specifically.

Still, this article is talking about revolutionizing gaming, and the original Kinect didn't do that any more than the Kinect 2 will do. Some creative developer will manage to do that. The Kinect is a input device, nothing less, nothing more. It all comes down to implementation.
DJMarty  +   781d ago
1080P@30FPS is still piss poor. Expect a lagfest.....lol
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   781d ago
I think kinect is good for everything except gaming. but i do see lots of great apps to come now that every X1 owner will have one. like it or not gaming is evolving and products like kinect are going to pave the way...
Ashby_JC  +   781d ago
The main thing when it comes to Kinect is DEVS actually using it for something other then BS tact on uses for it.

I was interested in Kinect for the 360 but waited for that game that really took advantage of it. That never happened.

So I will get a XB1 and HOPE that some devs can really use it for something in cojunction with there game that makes sense and is useful and feels like WOW....that is a great idea.

I dont want dumb stuff like for example...in TLOU when your flashlight starts blinking..I have to shake the PS3 controller. That IMO is not very fun to do.

So lets hope that something good comes of this Kinect 2.0. But deep in my brain matter I know its going to never happen lol
d_dogg2007  +   781d ago
Could...should...would! Simple answer: It won't! Hasn't in the past and sure won't in the future! You want quality console gaming; Get a Playstation console!
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BLAKHOODe  +   781d ago

thumbs > full body
D-riders  +   781d ago
Really stress level manipulations to determine difficulty, That would be horrible. where is the challenge? Imagine mega man a super hard game. If it was determined on your stress the game would suck, the game would turn easy, like you don't know what to do. I have had trouble with metal gear risings ending on hard, for months. Do I want the game to get easier, hell no! It makes me keep it longer, Dark souls and demon souls would never exist. Do
you know what happens if the industry is completely different through the cloud. Gamers are paying for that somehow, some sort of service.
you confuse developers wanting to make a system that they can upgrade their games without hassle, for developers wanting to charge you for their updates.

Imagine this, you buy the next big game for 20bucks. Then to unlock the other five parts of a game you pay $20 a piece. That normal game that is $60, just became $100 and then the consistent charge for updates. that's like a $150 game, that may only be player for 6 months. Im good I don't need gaming as a service, id rather stick to Nintendo.
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NeoRatt  +   781d ago
Is Kinect a revolution for casual gaming? Yes, I think so...

Is Kinect a revolution for gaming in general? I do not think so...

Kinect broadens the audience of gaming it does not innovate gaming in general...
spike  +   781d ago

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