Destiny: The Power of Multiplatform Development

Bungie's latest project, Destiny, is in development and will be released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, but what will this multi-platform development mean for the game itself?

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Dazel1899d ago

It's looks just like Halo in a different skin if up ask me, not impressed at all.

CalamityCB1899d ago

Did you even play Halo?
Destiny has a very different aesthetic style with many gameplay changes (e.g. aiming down the sights and all these different powers).
Heck, the only thing that is from Halo is the motion sensor.

mafiahajeri1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Hmm so what your telling me is that your not impressed let alone excited about the possibilty of a Halo-esque MMO!? Ok buddy whatever you say...

raWfodog1899d ago

I've only played the first Halo and I enjoyed it very much at the time. I don't consider myself a Halo fan but the game is a classic. I have nothing but respect for Bungie as developers and I am very much looking forward to picking this up on PS4 (whenever I get one).

Dazel1899d ago

Lol, like you couldn't aim down the sights in Halo, did you sir ever play Halo? Take a proper look at the gameplay from E3, there's loads of "Halo" moments.

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Sadist31899d ago

This game looks like a generic shooter

Septic1899d ago

How? How on Earth is Destiny, an ambitious game melding the MMO genre with the FPS genre generic?

* Huge open worlds
* Questing with friends
* Unique classes with their own talent trees
* Insane weapon customisation
* Public events where groups tackle spontaneous world events together
* Huge canon with loads of enemy types and loads of worlds and variety

So how is Destiny a generic shooter? If anything, its problem may lie in how ambitious the project is.

Geezus1899d ago

far from generic Killa Cam look up some gameplay and you'll see.

Wizziokid1899d ago

Generic Shooter?

You must have been looking at COD gameplay?

Jakens1899d ago

Go anywhere in this game world ambition from Bungie. Sounds good.

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