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Nintendo: We may have underestimated the shift to HD

Nintendo has admitted that the shift to high-definition visuals on the Nintendo Wii U, and the scale of work required to make this shift, has taken the company by surprise. (Wii U)

dedicatedtogamers  +   450d ago
No kidding. Did ya think that - maybe, just maybe - when all those studios were complaining about how expensive it was to shift to HD between 2005 and 2008 that it might, y'know, be a bit difficult?

The frustrating thing is that Nintendo pulled all Wii development after 2010 (with the exception of Skyward Sword) and so...what have they been doing over the past 2 1/2 years???
fattyuk  +   450d ago
Past 2 and a half years?

living in a cave somewhere, throwing all of there eggs in 1 basket... crawling out of the cave and saying " Hmmm High definition you say? Well we've got a new console with a tablet controller!"
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NewMonday  +   450d ago
Sony had big disaster with the CELL, but they at least acted quickly and hired tech experts to write libraries and come up with techniques that can exploit the SPUs with talented western 1st party studios taking the lead. in the end they managed to dig themselves out of the hole they wer in.

but the problim for Nintendo is that the WiiU is limited in hardware power, that is something they cant fix with programming.

another big problem that is coming into light now is that Nintendo dosn't have good technical talent to make HD games, they under estmated the number of designers, artists and equipment needed to make a modern game.

other Japanese publishers spent a lot of time and money preparing for the new generation, Konami with the FOX engine, CAPCOM with Phata Rhi and SE with Agnis Philosophy, didn't Iwata and co stop to think what all the fuss was about
Conzul  +   450d ago
He must think kids have bad vision.
Mr_Nuts  +   450d ago
What bugs me about this is that they must of saw how hard it was for other companies to shift to HD...especially other Japanese companies like Capcom and Square Enix.

Surely they would of prepared for this, they had an entire gen without HD while everyone else was using it or shifting towards it. Shouldn't they of been preparing themselves for it since they knew that after the Wii they would finally have to create a HD console.

As I've said Nintendo are traditionalists and will never be able to push forward untill they get with the program.

Now like every other Nintendo article, where people like to state the obvious problems with Nintendo, expect to be disagreed to death like we are "hating" on them
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deafdani  +   450d ago
R & D for 3DS, R & D for Wii U, the subsequent launch of these two consoles, plus games... we've, so far, seen a lot of Nintendo games released on the 3DS, and we know that Nintendo has been also cooking quite a few Wii U games...

So, yeah, they've been doing a lot of stuff in the past two and a half years. Just because the Wii U games are taking more time than expected to launch doesn't mean Nintendo have been sitting lazily on their asses.
Knushwood Butt  +   450d ago
Sitting on their laurels, hoping that they can get away with another console based around a gimmick rather than any compelling software.
Campy da Camper  +   450d ago
The gamepad is not a gimmick IMO. It functions very, very well. The possabilites with games like fallout are numerous. Also being able to use it via WiFi as a tablet is cool, too. I'm happy with my Wii u purchase and I'm picky as hell.
fattyuk  +   450d ago
No shit Sherlock!!
Pisque  +   450d ago
They said they «may» LMAO

Like there is a chance that they didn't underestimate the shift to HD.
Prime_28  +   450d ago
Nintendo has already said this like 20 times already...
DragonKnight  +   450d ago
This is one of those "well duh" moments. Just another company who thinks they can tell people that their way is the right way.
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Rusty515  +   450d ago
This is pathetic...
XabiDaChosenOne  +   450d ago
Lol this is so disturbing, these guys sound like Amish who have just came in touch with a smart phone for the first. They just can't compete in the home console arena anymore.
kewlkat007  +   450d ago
Can't blame them...they were raking in money with the Wii to notice...Even made money off the hardware...sheesh
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RedHawkX  +   450d ago
I may have underestimated nintendos stupidity bit after the wii u released i will never underestimate it again. there stupidity is infinite.

How in the heck did they not know hd games took more people to make. i mean all the other console devs were saying its hard to make hd games long ago so nintendo with all there wii money should of been hiring more people way back then. they are so stupid.
deadeyes  +   450d ago
This will be my last Nintendo launch console...I wished l had waited until good games where already out and a pricecut....l wish l had just bought a PS 3 last November or waited a year til the PS 4.
PigPen  +   450d ago
Nintendo knows the problem, but when will it be fixed.
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llazy77  +   450d ago
Cmon are you serious guys without nintendo the gaming industry woudnt be where it is now they practicaly saved after the crash of 83 if it wasent for them right now we would be playing with sticks and with some magnovox odessy type of graphics so dont say shit about them without them thire woudnt be playstation or xbox so just stfu
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Eyeco  +   450d ago
Ok first of all regarding the crash isn't entirely true but that's not the point I'm going into, yes Nintendo has done allot for gaming in the PAST, but what they done 20-30 years ago has zero relevance to what the're doing now in the PRESENT, this is something there fans have such a hard time trying to understand.

So what based on their history they should be given a free pass on a the BS they do now ? Get a grip
NYC_Gamer  +   450d ago
I guess Nintendo have been locked away in some cave and not paying attention to the gaming market
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Thepcz  +   449d ago
has nintendo even made a true hd game yet? because it seems the games it has released for wiiu seem to be wii games only now upscaled to 1080. thats not hd in my opinion.

that is the same as upscaling a dvd and saying its a hd experience. its not.

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