Can The Xbox One's Kinect Read Your Mind?

Well, no. Of course not. That's a silly question. Why would you even ask it?

The updated supercamera on the Kinect 2.0 has been shown to be capable of some pretty amazing things, though. Microsoft demonstrated how it can tell where you're looking, estimate your heart rate from the color of your skin, and even infer your mood from your facial expressions. Finally, it has a sophisticated voice recognition system and the ability to see in the dark, which will come in handy when it wants to sneak into your bedroom at night and listen to your breathe for hours on end.

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SilentGuard1836d ago

If Kinect can read my mind it might not like what it reads.

twdll1836d ago

I think it might be scared if it saw what most people are thinking... I'm buying a PS4.

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