Payday2 devs: We didn't have to be a shooter with a collapsing building to "excite" people

Payday 2 Game Director: We’re “excited” we didn’t have to be a shooter with a “collapsing building” to excite people

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Pisque1836d ago

Lol. The best shot they could fire is to develop a better game than Battlefied 4 which doesn't seem to be the case right now.

Derekvinyard131836d ago

These guys should make a name for themselves before running there mouths like this, even with payday being mediocre there just coming off as ignorant

RGDubz1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I'm not gonna lie, being that things happen more randomly in this game, sometimes having to run out of a collapsing building as your finishing a mission after an epic robbery, all because your explosives "accidentally" went off early would have made for some fun times.

MysticStrummer1836d ago

Damn I guess more and more devs feel the need to take shots at other games these days, instead of letting their own game do the talking.

What a crappy trend.

3-4-51836d ago

If you have to throw jabs at other people, your overcompensating for something.

People who are good at things don't have to tell others that they are good, people just recognize it.

BattleTorn1836d ago

Taking a shot at Battlefield? Oh, no they did n't !!!?

ATi_Elite1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Payday was a great concept!

Too bad the devs didn't expand the concept and the game is BORING after about 8 hours.

Needs bigger and broader missions, needs crafting or skill building, needs better A.I. They need to make the game as fast and exciting as the Big action scene in the movie "Heat"

.....and collapsing buildings are ALWAYS great, It made Bad Company 2 one of my all time favorite shooters. The C4 building kill is GLORIOUS!

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