The Last of Us Character Analysis: In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

The Last of Us has proved to be a pivotal point in our gaming year of 2013.But what of Joel? The importance of his character is obvious from the very beginning: escorting mankind’s one chance for restitution to her subsequent death.
But what we have not yet looked at, what needs to be scrutinized, are the small nuances in Joel’s character that lead him to his final decision.

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Pittoo1959d ago

Overrated like all ND games but meh,nothing else to play at the moment.

WharenPeace1959d ago

I will let occam's razor guide me. Now, I can appreciate the sanctity of an opinion. I'll even gladly accept that somewhere in some distant parallel universe your opinion is valid, however something tells me you have yet to play The Last of Us.

That's a shame Pittoo, because you're missing out on one of the best games of the last two decades. Ah well, carry on trolling...

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1959d ago

***"Awesome, like all ND games but meh, I finished them all like 7 times each and have no idea what to play now while I await their next game."

*Fixed* phew, dodged a bullet there amirite? :P

DirtyLary1959d ago

Spoken like a true xbot.

evenstar1959d ago

Overrated how? Have you even played this game? It's not my type of game and I am almost finished with my second playthrough.. It's one of the best games I've ever played...

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xReDeMpTiOnx1959d ago

What's up with fan boys hating on this game.

You guys mad you don't have games like that?

Last of us is a game that should be played by everyone, it's sooooooo good and polished those who don't play it are missing out on arguably the best game this generation.

Guarantee it's going to win almost every award possible in its categories and I can't remember the last time a title would have done that. Most likey will win best action adventure game, best new IP, and might win goty.

Stop hating on games you haven't played, it's absolutely obvious this game is more than "meh" more than "average" it's the most scoring game in history with over 215 perfect scores.

Dan_scruggs1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It's only the best game this generation if you have a very short memory. I did in fact play the game from beginning to end and thought the gamplay was tired and common and the story to be immensely cliche. Not the mention the travesty of closure and character arcs Naughty Dog called an ending. It was a betrayal of Ellie's character in ways that are almost shameful. If she is content with being a mindless lemming to a murderous psychopath then so be it but don't try to sell me on her being a strong female character if that is the fate she chooses for herself.

However it is a very beautiful game. Actually on a purely technical level it really shines. The art direction is top notch and the acting is superb as well as the music. Naughty Dog has always struggled with originality. Uncharted will always be in the shadow of Indiana Jones and the Last of Us shamelessly pulls from The Road at almost every turn.

BlackTar1871959d ago

Dan i respect your opinion. But if you think this game is meh and cliche i dare say you haven't liked a story driven game in over 10 yrs.

xReDeMpTiOnx1959d ago

That's your opinion Dan but there's tons and tons of people that would disagree and a whole lotta 10/10 or 100/100 that would disagree as well.

BlackTar1871959d ago

you do know Dan that Indian Jones is inspired by other stuff. And ill go out on a limb and say the overall plot to the book the road has been done 1000x.

Dan_scruggs1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Oh and as a retort to everyone that will use the high review scores to validate the argument that its the best game this generation. It should be noted that Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2 and Naughty Dogs own Uncharted 2 have a higher aggregated scores.

fenome1951d ago

Don't care about review scores, I'm talking about personal experiences and yeah, this is up there for game of the generation. Nothing you say or critique is gonna change that for me, it's based on personal experience. So yeah, have fun trying to convince me otherwise dude.

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TheHardware1959d ago

there isn't enough space in this box for me to type "hahahahah" enough times at the OP's comment

xReDeMpTiOnx1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@Dan, a few of those reviews were laudable and meta haven't even come close to adding all of last of us scores.

As of today last of us has had over 215 perfect scores.

Not one of those games you mentioned has had this much hype still
Following the game this long after release. The media praise that last of us has got is crazy.

Where have you been? It's still the most popular game even over next gen games and will be talked about for ages.

The biggest thing is it was a new IP

Also using the lacking originality is a moot point, at this point in time every game borrows ideas from something whether it be another game,book,movie,art or the world around them. They just perfected what was already great.

If you can't accept it then that's on you but I'm telling you this.

When it racks up all the awards this year ur prolly gonna keep saying ohh it don't matter right.

Dan_scruggs1959d ago

It will be forgotten about the second The Last of the Last of Us is announced. Yeah it may win Game of the year and in many ways it deserves it especially if you judge it on a purely technical level but it will be long forgotten when the inevitable sequel comes along. Games that are truly innovative and spark the imagination such as Shadow of the Colossus, Half Life 2 and Beyond Good and Evil are games that are talked about about and revered and played for years and decades after their release. In 5 years time no one will be playing The Last of Us. It will be as forgotten as the first Uncharted. Witch is a fantastic example. When the second Uncharted 2 came around all the weaknesses of the first game became apparent and the sequel was lauded as being superior in absolutely every way. In spite of the fact it got several perfect scores. Last of Us will be no different. Personally I think Biochock Infinite is a far superior and more intellectually challenging game.

evenstar1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

As I have not yet played Bioshock Infinite I cannot fully argue your position on this. That being said, Bioshock is yet another shooter correct? How can a shooter be a more intellectually challenging game than The Last of Us? You wouldn't survive TLoU without using intellect and strategy... I do disagree with your opinion that TLoU will be followed by an 'inevitable sequel'... I really don't think that ND will release a sequel to this game. Moving right along, 'if she (Ellie) is content with being a mindless lemming to a murderous psychopath' this game is based on survival, kill or be killed, and Ellie is just a guilty of being a 'murderous psychopath' as Joel. What kind of game would it have been if the two of them had stood there like sheep and been gunned down before they even got out of the quarantine zone? Last time I checked, the entire point behind a shooter is to kill as many as possible, so how is killing for survival any different?

fenome1951d ago

They released a second Uncharted 2? When did I miss that? lmao

Really dude, just stop already. Comments on this game have gotten so damn pretentious after all the perfect scores. It's an awesome experience that people should play, get over it already. The best things are always the most criticized, be it good or bad. Either way, anybody that owns a PS3 needs to play this game BOTTOM LINE