Review: Garfield’s Wild Ride (DarkZero)

"The problem with licensed games is prescience. If I sit down to play a ninja turtles game, I expect martial arts fighting, pizza jokes, and some excellent compadre-style cooperation, and if the experience is altered even a little, I’ll be taken aback. Garfield’s Wild Ride, iOS and Android game based on the lovable oaf of a cat, does nothing remotely similar to a Garfield comic strip. The once lasagna-loving tabby cat is transported into a Jetpack Joyride-like, side-scrolling runner, where the goal is survival and the collection of coins, and nothing feels Garfield-esque. I’d be willing to forgive the developers if the game had the addictive ingenuity of Joyride, but Garfield’s Wild Ride is nothing more than a misplaced use of a license on an obvious market cash-in." (DarkZero)

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CaptainYesterday1958d ago

How does this even exist? Garfield isn't exactly known for running he's a lazy sarcastic cat maybe if there was a lasagna somewhere he would run to it but it just seems strange to me.