Women harassed at RTX by having stickers slapped on their costumes

Women harassed at RTX by having stickers slapped on their costumes. Pixel Enemy reports

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lucidity1989d ago

Disgusting. It's especially dumb because Rooster Teeth are so irrelevant than only people actually within the fandom would care enough to attend their convention.

Software_Lover1989d ago

How about this guy go and actually speak with the ladies? It would have helped him two fold.

1)He could figure out what they were about
2)Ladies like conversation. Maybe he could've met someone new.

But with him doing this, I'm thinking his conversational skills would have made him look even more like a dork.

SilentNegotiator1989d ago

"Ladies like conversation"

I hear they like food and air, too. But that requires more research.

rainslacker1989d ago

Trolls and a**sholes exist everywhere. Not just on the internet.

CrossingEden1989d ago

guys who constantly whine about gamer girls wonder why they're single

Parasyte1989d ago

Glad he got thrown out on stupid ass!

wwm0nkey1989d ago

I really hate this shit. Girls can be gamers and don't need to be quizzed or judged if they like games/nerd stuff. Majority of the time too not everyone is going to be into the same shit you are and are usually into things for different reasons, this goes for guys and girls.

Also I really hate the "she's to hot to be a gamer" stuff too.

Heisenburger1989d ago

Lol right? I wonder if because not too long ago it wasn't "hip" to be a nerd. What I mean is that perhaps the reason that an attractive woman who loves what they love may seem "unrealistic" is because some of those people spent there childhood being bullied for liking those things.


My partner isn't into all of the same things that I am into, noting your point that just because a woman cannot answer a particular question about a particular thing doesn't automatically invalidate their worth.

There are plenty of things she likes that I lovingly make fun of, and vise versa.

I also think that because before "nerd" was cool this community of people were constantly having to defend their passions against judgemental people. So the idea of the ACTUAL fake gamers/gamer girls, people who use their passions as a tool and exploit their own lack of a social grace to garner attention ect. would make them overly defensive.

I don't agree, but I can empathize.

Though even if she was "fake" that is no way to treat a lady, or anybody for that matter.

JKelloggs1989d ago

I have nothing against girls being gamers, or anyone for that matter lmao, I just don't like people playing 'said game' and going on about it, bragging about it to other people, shoving it in your face, claiming they are a nerd/geek. That's what I don't like, other than that, game on!

specialguest1989d ago

How dare these divine beings exploit our fragile fantasy of meeting such beauty that rarely exist in our world. Geeks and nerds of the universe unit! With our combined powers, we shall harness the wrath of a thousand quasars and purge the land of this impurity and destroy the forces of evil! (runs to a hot girl then slowly hesitates to approach her with nervous body language. Pats the sticker on her custom and runs away) yeah that'll teach her.

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