PS4/Xbox One Could Make for CGI Graphics in Future – Enlighten Creator

"It has long been debated whether video games will be able to do render CGI in-game graphics. Now with the advent of next generation consoles, will the PS4 and Xbox One bring post-production processes on par with films, as multiple stacked layers and local dynamic control will be available for each pass to enhance visuals?"

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Gimmemorebubblez1840d ago

Look I know this guy was crazy but at E3 2005 Ken Kuturagi said you would need a system with around 15 terflops of computational power to render real-time graphics at a CGI level, this was when he was talking about the super-computers at Sony Pictures that are used to make CGI scenes and characters in movies.

piroh1840d ago

that´s why they choose Cerny over Kutaragi, even though Kutaragi was a genius. as for CGI, Knack already do CGI graphics level, from now on it´ll be better and better due to gddr5 ram and 6x BD

elhebbo161840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

gddr5 isnt gonna solve everything, how good a game looks is still gonna be mostly up to the gpu.

socks1840d ago

6 bubbles and you are crazy

FATAL1TY1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Only on PS4
(4gb GDDR5)

GunsAndTheBeast1840d ago

yeah only PS4 is capable of doing such a thing.

mediate-this1840d ago

Put down what you smoking there chief

mewhy321839d ago

I'm sure that both systems could do this. However, with GDDR5 and the superior GPU of PS4 I would expect that we'd get 60fps and only 25-30fps at the same detail from the xbone ddr3 and inferior gpu. Lets not forget that micro$oft is charging 100.00 more and putting a spy camera in your living room.

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richierich1840d ago

LOL he also said that the PS4 would have the power of the human brain believe it or not

1840d ago
no_more_trolling1840d ago

go to neogaf with that gif sh!t
its getting old now

WolfOfDarknesss1840d ago

It's a strong possibility to see avatar graphic style on PS4 , we already saw Something blow our minds at E3 " PS4 Tech Demo " yes the future looks bright for both consoles .

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