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EA Sports' Mike Young talks about the latest features in Madden NFL 25, including the ability to play as an owner, in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1568d ago

Madden keeps going and going, every year with great sales and innovation.

Akuma2K1568d ago

Madden keeps going and going with the same selfless non innovation knowing they don't have to make improvements since there isn't any competition, makes you wonder why a trailer was shown at E3 for the game and no real in game footage.

The football game genre has really become stale and lifeless since EA snatched the license, really hope 2k sports return to football next year with NFL2K15 (if not mistaken the ea/nfl license has expired or will expire this year) to bring a breath of fresh air and vigor back into what was the most anticipated time of year for football games.

Topshelfcheese1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Your blind, they totally showed gameplay footage at their conference and it looked great. They didnt show any gameplay of NBA or the MMA game though.

If 2K really made such a superior game, then AllPro 2k8 would've sold more than 90k copies.

Akuma2K1568d ago

No, they were vid clips because they were the exact same ones shown at the Xbox1 reveal.

Topshelfcheese1568d ago

video clips of Gameplay footage...there was some pre-rendered video stuff, but there was also definitely in-game footage shown.

NYC_Gamer1568d ago

I can't wait until 2K is able to create NFL games again

Brawler1568d ago

Wasnt this feature in the old games. PS2 era? Used to love this.

N81568d ago

Yea its an old feature. I can't believe he's explaining it like its brand new