Final Fantasy 101 – Class of 2008

Dave Kozicki from Gameplayer writes:

Now under normal circumstances the release of a Final Fantasy title is cause for celebration, but this year we're getting not one, or two, or even three, but six doses of RPG goodness from the series - there's a little something for everyone. So where to first? Don't be afraid, as we're about to give you a crash course on new and upcoming release titles and how they fit into the scheme of things in the Final Fantasy universe. It's a little thing we like to call Final Fantasy 101. Class is now in session.

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Vicophine3883d ago

If I'm not mistaken, I saw this exact same post/topic a while ago.

Blackcanary3883d ago

I've watched the Videos of XIII and Verus XIII like 30 times now i can't get over them i love them so much. When this games come out i'm gonna be needing so much coffe to keep me up damn this game will rock.
And the FFX team are the people that are making it so thats even better.