Bungie Makes Fun of Call of Duty’s Fishes with its Bird Simulator in Destiny Commentary Video

One of the most mocked parts of the reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts during the Xbox One presentation was the “intelligent fishes” engine showcased by Infinity Ward, coming second only to Riley the SEAL dog.

Today Bungie released a new video of the Destiny gameplay reveal showcased during Sony’s conference at E3, and hilarity ensues as the devs make fun of the Call of Duty fishes.

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mafiahajeri1984d ago

You know what's sad? The casuals will probably be like " WOAH!!!! The fish move!? No way!!!"
With no sarcasm intended.

Abriael1984d ago

I'm afraid you're right...

Ritsujun1983d ago

"Mom, the fish in this COD scared the C out of me! Why did you trade in my Blops2 and Moowow3?"

cyborg471984d ago

Look mom, there's Fish AI in call of duty!!

Abriael1984d ago

The term "AI" is too advanced for that kinda player.

matrixman921984d ago watch me 360 no scope one of them!"

monkey481984d ago

"Computer Fish are moving away"

AliTheSnake11984d ago

Show me a game on the PS3
with fish that reacts to you and move away.

AngelicIceDiamond1984d ago

I had to.

"The term "AI" is too advanced for that kinda player."

casual: "Artehicial Intewegiance"

Lol that's mean.

BluEx6101984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@Alithesnake1 I'll show you a 2 N64 games that shows fish reacting to you. On PS3 The Last of Us has Monkey's, Cranes, Birds, Deers, Dogs and Giraffes etc reacting to you as you get closer.

windblowsagain1984d ago

But be honest, the fish probably have better a.i then the people playing it.

JhawkFootball061984d ago


I can give you even better.

Nintendo 64.

Blachek1983d ago

Wasn't this in Ocarina of Time for N64? Or do I just remember that game differently?

BaronVonRhett1983d ago

@AliTheSnake1 Your comment makes no sense... What so ever.

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JunioRS1011984d ago

It really surprises me that they even mentioned something so trivial.

Like, c'mon COD, we know you don't innovate, but it's getting ridiculous.

cell9891983d ago

they also announced you can now hop over obstacles so the action never stop, Ive been doing that shit since Battle Field 3 and I know there are other games out there that did it before

Rusty5151984d ago

I honestly thought that was a standard in all games since like, 2002.

Abriael1984d ago

Not in all games, but it's definitely nothing so new and shiny.

HammadTheBeast1984d ago

Pretty sure mario games did that in 1996.

BattleTorn1984d ago

I wish I could pull up the video I saw on YouTube - it was a guy reviewing the MS E3 show, and to highlight his lack of excitement for COD:Ghosts he showed some very old Mario (3D?) gameplay where fishes move out of your way...

I'm shocked no one at the COD studio wasnt like "guys this isn't really something we should be bragging about"

Abriael1984d ago

yeah I saw that one, It was hilarious :D

I think it was from Mario 64

TechnicianTed1984d ago

Here's the one I think.

That fish AI sure is advanced tech.

BattleTorn1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )



You don't realize I've been scouring my Youtube watch history for 30mins with no luck!!

Kennytaur1984d ago

"some very old Mario (3D?)"... Do yourself a service kid, and play Super Mario 64. It's not just some old game, it's the fekkin real deal.

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AngelicIceDiamond1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Lol nice one "Our bird simulator" "You shoot at them they fly off". "And that's about it for gameplay."

Just shows COD has to be more inspiring than what they've been doing for the past 6 years.

Destiny, Day one for me.

isa_scout1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Sad thing is that the human character AI doesn't look any more advanced than the fish... There is NO DOG in this world that should be able to kill two people with assault rifles by ripping their throats out. I actaully laughed when I saw their latest innovation= A dog slow-mo breaching a

PurpHerbison1984d ago

And those casuals will once again make COD the #1 best seller.

Sideras1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@Ali, the damn point is that it's a completely meaningless feature, it's not something you want to highlight when you reveal your game. It came off like the most innovative thing they've come up with in like 5 years, well fish and dogs.

wampdog291983d ago

Yeah and what's funny is that fish have been moving out of the characters' way since Mario 64....

TheGrimReaper00111983d ago

and the people at infinty ward will look at this and say:
"WOW they got an ai to birds! Thats revolutionairy! We NEED to have birds fly away when you get close to them!"
Seriously, what happened to Infinity Ward? I luved call of duty modern warfare, and like MW 2

PepperjackJig1983d ago

My cousin thought it was awesome..

mewhy321983d ago

I am pumped about this game. PS4 all the way.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1983d ago

More sad to me... is that Sony fanboys now love and can't wait for a Bungie game.

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ziggurcat1984d ago

the best was when IW (or is it treyarch doing this one?) tried to claim that it was all a joke...

Abriael1984d ago

Of couuuurse it was.

And yes, it's Infinity Ward :D

or what's left of em.

strigoi8141984d ago

Well they are just making fun out of each other coz they are both under activision

Abriael1984d ago

Which makes it even more funny.

monkey481984d ago

Its like sibling rivalry, one studio wants to outshine the other in front of activision (father)

sobekflakmonkey1984d ago

Cause a mother will always love you no matter's harder to win a fathers approval.

Benjammin251984d ago

Ha ha, go bungie. Even though they're great developers, they never take themselves too seriously. You could see that during the destiny demonstration at E3 as well.

Roper3161984d ago

I wonder if they tried real real real hard if they could get 2 schools of fish to swim away at the same time! That would bring the gaming world to it's knees at the sheer awesomeness of such a feat.