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The Witcher 3 on PS Vita will have 'flexible and universal' controls, says game director

PSU writes:

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an utterly impressive RPG that wowed us at E3. We awarded Geralt's final journey with our E3 2013 Best RPG award, but I couldn't help but think past the next-gen demo and wonder how the game would look running on PS Vita with Remote Play.

In an exclusive post-E3 interview, I asked The Witcher 3 game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz how CD Projekt RED's next-gen RPG would play on Sony's fledgling handheld. What kind of control challenges does his studio face when thinking about PS Vita compatibility?" (PS Vita, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

dedicatedtogamers  +   755d ago
That's awesome to hear that they're making sure the Vita's remote play controls are compatible. Definitely excited to get this on my PS4.
nick309  +   755d ago | Well said
Gotta love the fact sony made it mandatory for vita remote play for every ps4 game.
miyamoto  +   754d ago
The Witcher on PS Vita?

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coolmastermarktwo  +   753d ago
you can play any ps4 game you want on ps vita, not just witcher.
minimur12  +   753d ago
I got all excited it was actually on Vita.... untill I realised from comments it was from remote play Dx
Transporter47  +   753d ago

You do realize as long as you have wifi you can play your PS4 games on your vita right, how is that a bad thing?
BattleAxe  +   752d ago
Looking forward to playing this on Steam, and Streaming it on my nVidia Shield will be epic!
LAWSON72  +   752d ago
More than likely local wifi not just wifi
DOMination-  +   752d ago
It just makes it more baffling that Sony left out four key buttons (l2, l3, r2, r3) on the Vita because devs now have to do extra work to make it fully compatible.

I know you have the touchpad and you can edit layouts but they are solutions to a problem that shouldn't exist.
guitarded77  +   753d ago
Yeah, if this remote play functionality works as good as they're saying, the PS4/Vita combo will have an advantage that no other system can match. Being able to play huge games like The Witcher, or MP in Battlefield, or later... games like Grand Theft Auto, anywhere will be amazing. I REALLY hope it works with no lag... I have my doubts, but I'm still very hopeful.
CDPR.. PC DEVS = best support even on consoles..

Bet they will give free dlc on ps4 also!
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Ragthorn  +   753d ago
CD Projekt Red are on of the best PC Devs in the industry, they support us 100% and never fail to deliver quality games.
Free Dlc on PC first, lol jk!
Ragthorn  +   753d ago
This is very impressive, I am happy to hear this about the Vita. I will get it on PC myself, as I did with all the Witcher games, but I am happy that consoles get the same love!
Kingthrash360  +   755d ago
after hearing this news...my vita vibrated .....does it have a duel shock hidden feature, or is it as excited about playing ps4 games as I am?o.O
Colzer01  +   753d ago
read the article for god's sake
grassyknoll  +   753d ago
Read his comment.
NeoTribe  +   753d ago
You failed.
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   755d ago
I would like for the Vita to have add-on back triggers, in my opinion, so I can make a seamless transition from my PS4 to my Vita 8D.
Aggesan  +   753d ago
Even if it did, you'd still miss the L3 and R3 buttons. A good front screen touch interface is the way to go.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   753d ago
PS4 sticks are not clickable either.
NukaCola  +   753d ago

You're lying about!
tubers  +   753d ago
Sony should make a VITA REMAP APP for PS4 games:

-Fully Remap VITA Buttons
-Create Any Virtual Button/s:
--placement (front and back)
--opacity (0-100%)
clearelite  +   753d ago
Over time this should become even easier than your transition from talking with dogs to talking with trolls.

Btw, should your comments be read as if it's Caesar Milan talking?
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Thirty3Three  +   753d ago
Wasn't this already posted? I read this article days ago...
Jamiex66  +   753d ago
Yep same, it seems at this time of the day anything gets through
KwietStorm  +   753d ago
Thought it was an actual port -_-
PeaSFor  +   753d ago
why would you need a port when you have the game on ps4?
KwietStorm  +   753d ago
Because it's played remotely, obviously needing an internet connection at all times, and that's not taking latency into account.
tubers  +   753d ago

Latency/input lag won't exist in N4G for Sony PS4 to PSV streaming.
DarkHeroZX  +   753d ago
Actually if you use local connection than your vita connects directly to the console without home WiFi connections.
Loki86  +   753d ago
Great now I am conflicted, I would loooooove to play on my Vita, but I beat the first two on PC.. What to do, what to do..
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starchild  +   753d ago
Nvidia's Shield can stream games from your PC. And I am sure that hackers will also get the Vita working well with PC games. They already have it working, but Im sure it can get better.

Check out Dark Souls on PC being played on a VIta.

I already have my saves from The Witcher and The Witcher 2, so I'm sticking with the PC for The Witcher 3. It's also going to have tons of mods on the PC since CD Projekt Red are releasing the toolset along with the game. Besides, we all know the PC version will still be the best looking and best performing version.
dcj0524  +   753d ago
For atleast year or 2 the xbox one and ps4 versions will litterally look EXACTLY the same as on pc. But mods ALWAYS win. They're the best.
starchild  +   753d ago
Maybe in terms of the core visuals, but no way in terms of anti-aliasing, frame rate, texture filtering and resolution.

Plus, I prefer having the ability to customize the way my game looks. The different settings, the ability to use something like Radeon Pro and choose whether to use FXAA, MSAA, MLAA, SMAA, or SSAA; and to force triple buffering, v-sync, use frame limiting, sweetFx etc. are just huge advantages to me on the PC.

But to be honest, I believe that some graphical elements (like shadow quality, for instance) will likely be better on PC in some games even in the first year.
dcj0524  +   753d ago
I was freaking out for a second WITCHER3 ON PS VITA? HOLY SHIT I was about to c** in my pants. Then I realised its remote play and calmed down.
pabadamus1  +   753d ago
I have never played a Witcher game but I am excited for the Witcher 3. Knowing that I can play this streaming remotely to my Vita just excites me even more. Let's hope they nail down a competent control scheme.
Smoey  +   753d ago
You can just make the right touch and left touch R2 and L2 it's the R3 and L3 that would be a problem.
boybato  +   753d ago
Going by how you can map out ps1 classic controls, you can divide the back touch into 4 quadrants making the bottom quadrants l3&l4... although controls can be a little finicky.
jujubee88  +   753d ago
So happy more PS4 devs are looking into this already! ^_^
While I was kind of on the fence of buying W3, if there is some actual care into the remote play user experience than it's definitely going to help shape my influence towards buying it.

All it takes is a little time and attention! Please, more devs look into fitting VITA into your games! :-)
Campy da Camper  +   753d ago
Honest question: why are you on the fence? witcher series is pretty much loved by all. Just curious....
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jujubee88  +   753d ago
Oh, c'mon. Not everyone has to like something because others do. :\
To answer your question though, I suppose I never really want to be sat down for hours while getting sucked into that fantasy world and trying to empathize with / be a bad ass like Geralt.

It's a great culmination of sound, writing, cinema, and gfx from the devs to make ppl want to feel like Geralt, but I'm usually more into old school FPS, W/JRPG's, etc where a lot of that stuff is left up to the imagination. So, I'm indifferent to some of the philosophies behind the game.

With VITA remote-play, I feel I will get some of that novelty back (in some way). Just playing a little chibi Geralt (on the 5 inch OLED) and making him jump up and down....Sounds like a blast! ^_^
CaptCalvin  +   753d ago
Thought they were actually releasing this on the Vita for a moment. :(
stuntman_mike  +   753d ago
if someone said you would be able to play the witcher 3 on your vita a year or so ago i would of thought you crazy, but this is awesome.
RememberThe357  +   752d ago
These guys a pros. You know when someone is legit by how they speak, and this guy is legit. Straight to the point, no bullshit, no fluff. This is my most anticipated game so far, I've been completely blown away.

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