Microsoft's Xbox One Is In A Fine State For GamesCom 2013 "Microsoft has experienced one hell of a past couple of months with regards to the Xbox One games console. From DRM to restrictions, being deluged with hate for a console reveal, to showing an actual great games lineup at E3 2013, and still losing the perception war. Microsoft was able to right it's ship, but before that the head of the division leaves. At this point Microsoft has dealt with the major issues. Going forward they look in good shape to take on GamesCon. How will they use their position now?"

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allformats1689d ago

Let's wait for GamesCom shall we?

s8anicslayer1689d ago

I say bring on GamesCon, let Sony and Microsoft duke it out and we'll enjoy the spoils!

Picnic1689d ago

Freudian slip ? Games'Con'?

no_more_trolling1689d ago

in the end we as gamers win
so many options and choices is always a good thing

THEDON82z11688d ago

This is Sony final blow to M$ before LAUNCH...Watch what happens, while M$ is focusing on backtracking more and coping Sony to further repair there image. Sony is gonna hit them with an October release date and about 3 more exclusives then follow it up with more details on AAA exclusives already shown!!! Watch.. Sony is out for blood this time and they are paying attention to everything!!!

Grown Folks Talk1689d ago

As has become standard practice, regardless of what they show or do, it will be written off on this site as if it's nothing.

Supermax1689d ago

I'm expecting ps4 to outsell X1 3 to 1 right out the gate this holiday.

no_more_trolling1689d ago

and this is related to the topic of gamescom?

tigertom531689d ago

am sure both company's will sell out this holiday session it's what company will make more consoles?...

TheKingslayer1689d ago

You know I think in that respect people who come to N4g already know what to expect. I think people are making distinctions the more info comes out on both consoles.

TheKingslayer1689d ago

GamesCom sorry guys for the misspell. It was my post, not one of our authors. @whoyouwit04 GamesCom is in August.

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