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I have always wanted to try Farming Simulator for the PC but I was never one for the “career-simulation” games. When the demo came up last week on PSN for the Vita, as I always do when a new demo comes up, I downloaded it and tried it out. I found, much to my surprise, that I had a very hard time putting my Vita down.

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I heard its been blowing up the charts in Omaha, Dubuque, Fargo, Kansas, and all over the Midwest. When I went to cop it there was a line of tractors all up I-90 heading to the closest Gamestop. Nearly ran over a couple Amish peeps rocking a buggy because I was in such a rush to get this game and start tilling my fields. One problem though, I can't figure out how to hire illegals ingame. Its kind of hard to make a profit without a truck full of "seasonal workers" you pick up outside of Home Depot. Maybe I need to ping a couple Mexicans on Near, idk?