PS4: The Console That Prevailed At E3

The PS4 stole the show from its competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, by having many pros that overcame its cons by miles.

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Lunarassassin1989d ago

I think that sony are trying to create a console for everyone. Appealing to hardcore and casual gamers. I think that's what it has over the xbox than anything. Sony have games for children (i.e knack and octodad) and games for older audiences (i.e killzone and infamous).

Though i have to say that another appealing thing is definitely gaikai. I mean with that people coming over from xbox won't just get PS4 games, but all PS games.
I hope sony go a step further and stream ps3 and 2 saves, so if i go on infamous 1 on ps4 i can continue from my place on the ps3

Maddens Raiders1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I don't care if it prevailed or not. I just want to own one & play it, because it seems to be the only next gen console wholly dedicated to gaming and not advertising/data mining.

S2Killinit1989d ago

I can't wait for the PS4. The only thing that could possibly make the console any better for me is if they announced a Shenmue game.

pyramidshead1989d ago

oh god that title....give this one an hour :P

Pittoo1989d ago

It didn't have any competition,that's why. xD

1989d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.