Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb has died

Ryan Davis passed away on July 3rd. He was 34.

Obviously we’re all stunned over here. Ryan was a good friend to all of us. It’s odd to remember that, for someone who could be so acerbic at times, and despite knowing him for almost a decade, I honestly don’t recall ever actually being mad at him. He had an unconventional type of kindness that expressed itself more strongly the longer one knew him, and despite his teasing nature, he always managed to make his close friends feel loved when his attention turned towards you.

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Undrey1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Wow, :( I don't know him but I am very sad.

I've seen some shows with him on, seemed like a really nice, and he just got married.

Rest in Peace.

SilentNegotiator1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It's always a tragedy when someone passes away so young. Especially when they were recently married.


guitarded771621d ago

It's a tragedy all the way around. One of the most respected voices in gaming journalism. I believe most in the industry are just plain full of crap, but Ryan was legit. I am honestly saddened by this news. Thoughts with the family, friends and colleagues.

theBAWSE1621d ago

Didn't know him but we shared a common interest.. R.I.P and thoughts are with your family and your new wife.. :(

RememberThe3571620d ago

This hurt a lot of people. Giant Bomb has a pretty loyal fan base. I've been a long timer reader/watcher, this is definitely very sad to learn.

Septic1621d ago

Ah what Damn. I was just watching an interview starring him this morning with Respawn entertainment.

Such a tragedy and so young. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


RedHawkX1621d ago ShowReplies(6)
Eyeco1621d ago

What douche bag's disagreed with you ?

R.I.P Ryan Davis you will be missed.

mediate-this1621d ago

just people who get rises out of disagreeing thinking its cool and trolling even when someone dies. R.I.P

Eddie201011621d ago

Didn't Know the man but I am saddened by his death at such a young age and it being soon after being married. Seemed like a good guy, someone I might have liked to have known. RIP

Troll's please stop the disagrees, it is totally disrespectful and not at all funny.

showtimefolks1621d ago

nice guy had great shows on giantbomb

sad moment for gaming media and very sad moment for his newly married wife and his family

otherZinc1621d ago

This is a loss for the gaming industry!
My best goes out to Giant Bomb & Ryans Family!

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erathaol1621d ago

I love the Gaint Bombcast, I listen every week, this really is devastating news. Its going to tear giant bomb apart for awhile, Ryan always seemed like the glue that held them together for the most part.

Walker1620d ago

He was so fat, just like jeff gerstmann !

Flavor1620d ago

Yeah what is cause of death... this may be a lesson to stay healthy and exercise.

blakstarz1620d ago

Weight doesn't always doesn't have to be a leading factor in death. But i would be interested to know what did he die of.

CoolBeansRus1620d ago

weight is not the leading factor? What do you think the leading factor is? If you are over 400 pounds you are highly unlikely to make it pass your 40's.
May he rest in peace and may people learn from his mistake. Get out and exercise

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Abriael1621d ago

RIP mate, you were one of the good ones.

majiebeast1621d ago

I just heard it on a stream i was watching and i was like WTF thats a stupid stream troll making a joke sadly he wasnt.

Condolences to friends and family and the GB crew.

R.I.P Ryan.