Xbox LIVE Summer of Arcade 2013 Dates and Prices

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"The annual Summer of Arcade starts August 7th, and I wanted to share the schedule and pricing details."

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TheCatsMeow1984d ago

Very nice. TMNT comes out on my Birthday. Perfect. Looks like a really fun game.

Dlacy13g1984d ago

I gotta admit Flashback looks like it could be worth playing again. Tales of Two Brothers also has my eye.

JsonHenry1984d ago

Anyone have any word if your MSLive titles will work with the new Xbox? I can't see spending more money on the arcade if they don't transfer.

Dlacy13g1984d ago

As of now, no the games aren't transfering but Gamescom coming up would be where they would make that kind of announcement if that is changing.

The only way I see that happening btw is if the arcade title is offered up for sale on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One... The devs would need to be making the game for both consoles.

1984d ago
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