Developer Interview with Frozenbyte: “Wii U is a truly powerful console”

Glacier928: "The Wii U has been out for over half a year now and we’ve seen some truly strong indie titles hit the platform, with many more to come. One of the launch indie titles was Trine 2: Director’s Cut (which was the enhanced and ultimate version of Trine 2) that graced the console day one. I had the opportunity to speak with Julius Fondem, the Marketing Manager over at Frozenbyte, about their experience developing for the Wii U, as well as a bit of info about their new upcoming game, Splot."

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Jagsrock1984d ago

Oh look a positive Wii U article. *crickets*

dantesparda1984d ago

Frozenbyte: “Wii U is a truly powerful console”

Prove it! Tired of all these bullsh!t developers and their agendas, feeding us bullsh!t. Don't tell me its powerful, show me! Make the game that proves it! Otherwise you just talking you-know-what

deafdani1983d ago

@dantesparda: Frozenbite did exactly that, dude, and since the Wii U's launch on day one. Seriously, do some research before thrashing them.

dantesparda1983d ago

No, they haven't, Trine 2 doesn't prove sh!t, try again.

deafdani1982d ago


- Wii U has the best looking version of Trine 2 for consoles, by a wide margin.

- Wii U version has rock solid framerate at a locked 720p resolution, whereas the resolution changes dynamically on PS3 and Xbox 360 in order to maintain a locked framerate.

- The Wii U version includes the Goblin Menace expansion, which was previously exclusive to the PC version. The PS3 and 360 didn't get this expansion because, according to Frozenbite, it wasn't possible to put that expansion on those consoles without seriously compromising the graphic quality (Goblin Menace looks leaps and bounds better than Trine 2, which already looks fantastic).

- The Wii U achieves all of this while, at the same time, rendering TWO images, one for the TV screen and another for the Gamepad screen. Say what you want, but the fact that the Wii U manages to get a pretty superior version of a game when compared to other consoles, and still has power left to render the image to one extra screen, speaks volumes.

I guess you haven't played Trine 2 on any console. I'm betting you're disregarding the game just because it's a downloadable game, and that's YOUR mistake. Being downloadable doesn't change the fact that it's a pretty demanding game, with very detailed graphics, and a superb physics engine that allows the puzzles to be solved in a absurd variety of ways.

Trine 2 actually proves the Wii U is superior to the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it's proven that since day one. And that's because Frozenbite, unlike the majority of third party developers out there, took their sweet time and effort to make an appropiate port for Wii U, and the results show this pretty clearly.

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Cmk01211984d ago

it may be a good console but it is not powerful, it is on par with xbox 360 maybe. not all about specs but this article is way off.

nick3091984d ago

The console is probably mid next gen in power. Getting when the price drops as the games dont really appeal to me. Had enough of mario for a decade.

Stallion1984d ago

Literally the only reason to get a Wii U is for the first party titles. If you don't like them, buying it just because there is a price drop is a terrible idea.

Theyellowflash301984d ago


Don't be stupid it's already been proven to be more powerful than the Xbox 360. Multiple developers have confirmed this.

jcnba281984d ago

Yes we're gonna believe you over a developer who actually sat down and studied the hardware.

ziratul1984d ago

Wii U has weaker CPU than PS3 and XBOX360 but it's very different archtecture -> GPGPU means that Graphics Processing Unit can run some jobs usually done by CPU on non-GPGPU arch. It has 2 different RAM's 1. 2 GB slow DDR3 ram (1 GB for games) and 32 MB extremely fast and expensive EDRAM. Wii U is VERY VERY similar to XBOX 360 but it has slower CPU and VERY MUCH MORE powerfull GPU that can compensate CPU weakness.

imXify1983d ago

A weak CPU can bottleneck a GPU

browngamer411984d ago

So the multiple devs who have said that it's MORE powerful must be a bunch of lying sob's-_-.... watch out people there's a man who can see right through the bullsh*t-and that mans name is Cmk0121 defender of the truth and righteous console specs..yeah I think I'll take a devs word over yours..

deno1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yeah, and how would you know? Are you a professional developer? Don't give us a foolish view if you haven't thought it out properly.

Qrphe1984d ago

Just stop, no one believes this "Wii U is weaker than 7th gen" tale.

herbs1983d ago

Look at Cmk0121's comment and nearly 1 agree for every 2 disagrees goes to show how many uninformed biased gamers there are on N4G lol.

deafdani1983d ago

You obviously haven't played Trine 2. Frozenbite isn't saying that the Wii U is in the same league as PS4 or Xbox One, but they're saying it's definitely more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, and they've already shown it with Trine 2.

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Triforce0791984d ago

I try to tell all these fanboys this all the time....WiiU will compete in graphics..

Mr_Nuts1984d ago

When I see a Nintendo exclusive that looks as good as Forza 5, Killzone Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS SS, Quantum Break...hell even games like MGSV, Witcher 3, FFXV, Thief etc...then I'll know it's competing in terms of "graphics"

Triforce0791984d ago

Please MGS is coming to wiiu and Forza will not compete with Project CARS wiiu,and all the other games looked ps3 you blind fanboy get a grip even sony will admit the real ps4 graphics were not quite there at E3 yet u big up games that didn't impress no 1.

ape0071984d ago

graphics are reachable, in the next 10 years smartphones will be able to match ps4 and xbox one gfx but NO ONE can match the magic of nintendo games. FACT

R00bot1983d ago

Why must it be an exclusive? Project cars looks as good as forza 5.

Firan1984d ago

MGS5 isn't coming to WiiU. Could it get released for it? Sure but Konami has not announced anything of the sort so it's not coming.

InTheLab1984d ago

Some of these posters live in fantasy land. It is a fact that MGS5 will not be on the WiiU yet here you are with 3 disagrees in a thread were many believe the WiiU is powerful with it's last gen specs. It's insanity...

At least PS/XB fanboys live with facts, but WiiU fanboys, seemingly, live outside of reality.

Thanks Trine 2 developers. You've given false hope to a few delusional gamers...

TekoIie1984d ago


"At least PS/XB fanboys live with facts, but WiiU fanboys, seemingly, live outside of reality."

... XD

ape0071984d ago

1080p 60fps mario kart looks STUNNING as well as DK, Zelda and mario 3D World

despair1984d ago

Yea, stunning is not the word I'd use, it looks good but they're still a couple steps removed from aweing me.

Legend_Killer1984d ago

pple shit on the Wii U's graphics cos they know the specs numbers are less than other consoles. period!!! look at the games and u dont see much difference. Do u know Wii U's X looks better than TitanFall? only a bias gamer will argue

despair1984d ago


No, people say bad things about Wii U graphics because Nintendo is not utilizing it fully as yet and it pales in comparison to next gen games that aren't even out.

Also everything is up for debate and you sound more like a fanboy than the people who you're complaining about. Finally I've seen one trailer for x and one gameplay session for titanfall so how you state one look better than the other or even compare different types of games like this with graphics is beyond me.

Finally even if you want to compare them how about choosing other games than titanfall, there are a dozen titles I can name that blew anything on Wii u out of the water, including X.

starfox791983d ago

Listen kid he's right and the average consumer will be able to notice the huge bump in the nextgen Mariokart it looks beyond superb and the characters are so detailed they pop out the screen so ive been told,Killzone ps4 wasnt even as impressive as Killzone tech demo for ps3 way bk.

Venox20081984d ago

and pikmin 3 1080p confirmed, and if i am not mistaken bayo 2 too

LOL_WUT1983d ago

I give you Bayo2 but Pikmin3 is reaching ;)

Qrphe1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

>DK, MK8, 3D World in 1080p

Find legitimate sources of these else stop spreading misinformation.

Only 1080p titles:

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