3Djuegos- Time and Eternity Review

3D:Fantasy adventure manganime festival. The JRPG continue to demonstrate its relevance.

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jc485731836d ago

Kinda knew this game was going to get below average scores

izumo_lee1836d ago

Can't really blame Imageepoch for trying something different. Too bad it just didn't work out. I do hope they get another chance on next gen consoles cause i really think the 'technical' difficulties of the PS3 was a challenge for such a small company.

Personally i can care less for reviews cause i support these small very niche JRPGs. Whether they be good or bad i'll try anything.

jc485731836d ago

I guess they are having a hard time finding an identity for their company through games.

fsfsxii1836d ago

Same here, i stopped giving shit about reviews along time ago. I'll buy this game very soon.

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SonyPS41836d ago

I'll wait til I get the game for cheap. Not buying a jRPG for the sake of buying a jRPG, as much as jRPGs are my favorite genre. I got Xillia coming up and that will keep me busy for awhile. Hopefully NIS will localize the Hyperdimension Neptunia Vita games, playing these games on a handheld would be sweet.

longestcombo1836d ago

jrpg lover myself...

but I think I'll pass this one. not because I hate this game but I can only spend not more than 2 hours per day to play a game because of my job. so better save it for another high profile one like the upcoming tales of xilia. but my best prayer for the publisher and developer of this game. more niche titles is more than welcome to land in any game console (sony,ms,nintendo)