10 Outdated Game Concepts

These 10 Outdated Game Concepts have no place in modern games. Most of them are holdovers from a time when video games were meant to be so difficult that they basically punished you for making any mistakes. Either that, or they were workarounds for limited technology that don’t affect us anymore. Whatever the reason, these 10 Outdated Game Concepts should probably just be taken out of game design altogether.

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Nicholasgliss1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Sure, go watch a movie instead. I was looking for invisible walls because of the smaller maps in the past but, this list is pushing it.
This list should be called: 10 things that take away strategy.

Donnieboi1982d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth! Bubble for you, mister.

cpayne931981d ago

Yeah i disagree with most of this. No more health packs in shooters? Non regenerative health actually forces you to play smarter, since you can't just take cover after you get shot. You have to be more careful.

StockpileTom1981d ago

That's why I absolutely hate shooters now... whoever invented the regenerating health mechanic needs to be shunned and must not be allowed to even gaze upon a video game ever again.

It has created a plague of idiots in the gaming community that don't think and just mindlessly run about and respawn.

I can't wait for H-Hour...

Donnieboi1981d ago

That's why i'm scared of the westernization of Metal gear online. If they add regen health, then it will only ruin the traditional flow of the game. Regen health, aim assist, cover-shooters, etc slow games down to a crawl or make shooting too easy (aim assist).

Hicken1981d ago

List kinda sucks. Most of the stuff makes you actually have to think.

EdgarNygma1980d ago

I respectfully hate and disagree with everything you wrote. If it is not too much trouble please go die in a fire.

With Love,