Life, The Universe, And Gaming: Winning Isn’t Everything

An opinion column via in which the author discusses the topic of being really good at something, better than most others, and yet not winning as you so rightly deserve. But that doesn't necessarily make one a loser if they have the right mindset and keep on persevering. Slightly philosophical, very relevant to gaming today.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1688d ago

when ash turns his hat backwards you know s**ts about to go down.

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1688d ago
ps3_pwns1688d ago

yep it means he about to get his a** kicked by some noob trainer in the tournaments. a generic dopple ganger who also has a Pikachu or something stupid like that lol

TongkatAli1688d ago

I agree 100% with the title. I rather lose and be humbled which would make me stronger from what I was before then win and be rewarded for my bad behavior.