Pikmin 3 Includes Worldwide Leaderboards, Outputs At 1080p


The Japanese box-art for Pikmin 3 has surfaced online and it clearly states that the game features worldwide leaderboards so you can see just how well you’re doing against other Pikmin 3 players. The box also says that the long-awaited game outputs at 1080p, but renders in 720p. Here’s the information that is shown on the back of the Japanese Pikmin 3 retail box.

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Nicholasgliss1984d ago

This would have been amazingly huge if it said all that in 2007!

BullyMangler1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

its pikmin 3 . if this news of 1080p 720 would have released in 2007 or 2035 its same = its still a big deal because nintendo chose to show us what pikmin look like outputed like this . . the world is lucky to see pikmin games running in this type of resolution . . .

maybe nintendo would have released pikmin 3 till many many years from now ): but no . here it comes (: and in 1080 p 720

ChickeyCantor1984d ago

What does 1080p 720 even mean? Upscaled?

You do realise it's 1920x1080? Not 1080 x 720 that's one weird ass wide screen ratio.

browngamer411984d ago

He means it's rendered in 720p and upscaled to 1080p..

guitarded771984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

This part of your comment disgusts me...

"the world is lucky to see Pikmin games running in this type of resolution"

The horrid thing is, your comment reflects Nintendo's attitude toward consumers. The notion that we are lucky just to have the opportunity to play their games is insulting.

Yes, it's nice to see Nintendo franchises in 1080p, but that should be the industry standard from this point forward (Wii U and next-gen from the others). The attitude that we are lucky to play what they offer us needs to die though. They should feel lucky to have the opportunity to earn our money through competition... not the other way around.

Blacklash931984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


But sometimes you can just be grateful for what you have. I agree with you that HD is something we should expect, but like you said it's nonetheless good to finally see Nintendo in HD.

Take Xenoblade Chronicles. Sure, it was 480p visuals and the visuals definitely suffered for it. But the environments were still massive and the art and game were still amazing. It's not excusing the shortcoming or saying it's not important to have, but rather just letting go of grievances to enjoy what's there; and there's a hell of a lot to enjoy. I still found even DKCR to be pretty to look at because of Retro's excellent modelling skills and visual and lighting naunces.

But I'm only speaking for myself, not the other poster. But what can I say? I'm a glass half-full guy.

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starfox791984d ago

They never said it was native 1080p,but there are lots that are....

PopRocks3591984d ago

Mighty shame it isn't rendered in 1080p, considering that Wind Waker HD is. Maybe it's due to it previously being a Wii game whereas Wind Waker HD is using a new engine entirely? Just my guess.

Dancinsolo1984d ago

Pikmin 3 is an all new game. Never was on the Wii

PopRocks3591984d ago

It was originally going to be on Wii. They shifted development to put it on Wii U.

Kevlar0091984d ago

The game has to handle over 100 onscreen characters at the same time with quality detail for each. The game looks amazing even for not being true 1080. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Qrphe1984d ago

Exactly, even if WW is rebuilt from the ground up or whatever, it's still a game that was designed for the 6th gen. Pikmin 3 looks good as it is plus gameplay performance is top priority for it.

Blacklash931984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

May also have to do that it's a port of a 2003 game.

Still, an open-world game that loads the whole ocean at once, rendered at full 1080p enhanced with up-to-date lighting, is step up from how most of the HD ports of current-gen consoles only manage upscaled 1080p for such games.

Again, this isn't going to compare to the next-gen specs on the upcoming consoles, but at least there's still gonna be some pretty visuals to be had on the Wii U. Bayonetta 2 and X and Mario Kart and the like were all still quite pretty to look at.

A lower HD resolution is not going to prevent me from appretiating the visuals for what they are and loving great games. Same goes for the 3DS compared to the Vita with visuals.

ChickeyCantor1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Wii-U is pretty much is a legacy architecture. They can easily run their Wii code on the console. So it shouldn't make a difference.

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Ninte1984d ago

Well can't wait to play it

Grimhammer001984d ago

O m g !!!!!

Knushwood Butt1984d ago

Yeah man, the next gen is here at last!

ps3_pwns1984d ago

where is the online co-op?

Nicholasgliss1983d ago

Gave me a good laugh there. I am glad to see this game and one of my favorite GC games is the Rogue Squad games. I'd like to see those in HD, they were stunning back then.

weekev151984d ago

Doesnt exist...local only as with most things WiiU. My 1 bugbear with Nintendo is their reluctance to embrace online play.

Sure stick it in Animal Crossing where it isnt really needed but dont put it in Pikmin or Mario where it will actually add loads to the experience. In saying that, their reasons for not stickin it in Pikmin is that lag could cause u to miss with your aim and missing on pikmin aint the same as missing on an fps. You could potentially lose your entire army of pikmin.

Im still totally excited for this. It may actually make me put down my 3ds.

ps3_pwns1984d ago

yeah its gonna be cool but I don't know when the game comes out. if its coming out to close to pokemon x/y then I probably wont be able to get it. I usually play pokemon forever when it comes out and when its close to coming out that's all I think about and cant play any other games really.

weekev151984d ago

It comes out in 2 weeks in the uk. Long enough before Pokemon to complete to completion. If youre in the US you gotta wait a bit longer but it'll be worth it.