Microsoft's Living-Room Victory is Imminent

For more than 20 years, Microsoft has dreamed of moving from the office to the living room.... With Xbox One, Microsoft's Trojan horse has opened, and its living-room victory is imminent.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

cause everyone wants to watch tv on a console thats probably in their room and not watch ACTUAL tv with their family or on the family big screen in the living room with ACTUAL cable from a cable box. /s

theBAWSE1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Exactly... A true trojan was ps3 for blu-ray .. It beat 360 with hd-dvd and is now seen as such an industry standard the xbone now uses it.

Xbone is in no way shape or form a trojan for tv services because if you haven't got cable in the first place it renders xbones 'cable services' redundant.. Now being able to plug Xbone into your TV WITHOUT the need for an actual cable box and get cable services now that would be a different matter!!!

JokesOnYou1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

theBAWSE, true if it was a cable box on its own that would be even better but still theres no denying for those who do have cable this makes using all your services more convenient.

vvvv ArchangelMike, did your cell phone already make phone calls before you got a smart phone?...and of course your smart phone didn't suddenly make its primary function as a cell phone useless, right?...NO, its just more convenient that you can do so many things on 1 device, unless of course you hate convenience, carry on then.

btw article is a poor attempt to imply micro only cares about tv.

JoGam1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

@ jokesonyou.... Dude stop, when buying a cell phone you are getting the service and phone at one price at signing. What MS is doing is saying you buy a cellphone with serivce and we sell you another phone without service but you can talk on that phone we just sold you at no additional charge by using the original service from your first phone. What the hell would i need two phones for MS?

theBAWSE1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

@jokes... Brah it's pointless it's like fixing a problem that doesn't exist

If you have cable what's the point in plugging it in the xbone? As a consumer with all of xbones privacy issues I wouldn't want that machine plugged into anything of mine.. It's not a selling point it's ridiculous like I said if you could DO Away with your cable box because it's built into the xbone then that would sway people... As it is its a ridiculous attempt by Ms in trying to sell a feature that really isn't.

maniacmayhem1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

"If you have cable what's the point in plugging it in the xbone?"

I think Joke already covered that, convenience.

just like the convenience of having everything on your smartphone. Instead of looking for the remote and pressing input or whatever just say TV and bam TV is on. Yes it may be trivial but most of life's annoyances are small inconveniences.

But I do agree with you that it would be more appealing if the Xbox Won was actually a cable box. In fact when the rumors first began of this I thought that was what the Xbox Won could do. That was what got me excited since my game room doesn't have a cable connection.

It may be a bit of a nightmare though having a different type of cable box for each different company in the world...or maybe not?

JokesOnYou1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

JoGam, no its not you are buying a gaming machine that co-exists with something you already have= cable tv, just like when you buy a smart phone but you already have internet, but you still buy the smart phone because it lets you CONVENIENTLY USE the internet on the go. In this case you come home you want to play a game, you want to download/purchase a game, you want to switch to TV, you want to see Fantasy sports stats updates, you want to watch a movie, you want to Skype with friends and family, you want to search something on google, you want to upload a game recording= all this can be done with other devices BUT again like a cell phone you can instantly switch between them all right there on your TV, I didn't say its like inventing the wheel, what I said is its CONVENIENT, last time I checked that's exactly why Samsung Galaxy and iphones lead the cell phone market, NOT because they are cheap but because they have other great features/options outside of their primary function which they still do very well.

"@jokes... Brah it's pointless it's like fixing a problem that doesn't exist"

-Yep you are EXACTLY right, the problem didn't exist, lol but I'm sure in the days before a "TV Remote Control" people just got up, walked a few steps and turned the channel....WOW!, no I'm not lying they actually used to do that, but guess what some lazy azz decided to make that task MORE CONVENIENT -Taaa Daaaa! Now who doesn't use a remote control? Like maniacmayhem said life is about the little inCONVENIENCES.

btw, making a console that is also compatible with every type of cable provider all over the world, then even more tedious and costly trying secure a partnership with them is virtually impossible, that's why they just use hdmi in and bam, your box, your provider works WITH the console.

theBAWSE1990d ago

@jokes.. Getting up to turn a TV WAS a problem that DID exist.. Why? TV is a form of entertainment where you WANT to be lazy and veg out..remote fixed that problem.. Guess what? Cable has a remote.. So like you agreed ms are piggy backing on a problem that isn't there

The whole xbone is a ill thought out project from the DRM issues that was, the kinect always on, the new information about the ridiculous ads that will be invading your console experience, the cheap ram coupled with the huge 3gig the os uses which leaves only 5gig for gaming.. The list goes on..

4Sh0w1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"Getting up to turn a TV WAS a problem that DID exist"

That made no sense, sounds like you don't know the difference between a problem and a convenience.

problem: any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty.

convenience: anything that saves or simplifies work, adds to one's ease or comfort, etc., as an appliance, utensil, or the like

Jokes spelled it out for you perfectly. Getting up to turn your tv was not a problem, because there is no "doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty" on the part of the viewer since the TV itself worked perfectly to accomplish its purpose, which was provide visual entertainment, getting up to turn the channel was just inconvenient, the remote made it convenient since it "adds to one's ease or comfort" not a problem and really it wasn't thought to be inconvenient initially because in the early days of TV most people were just excited that they could afford to buy one and just assumed getting up to turn the channel was the only way it could be done. That's how conveniences work people enjoy things for what they are, then after its been around awhile they figure out ways to improve it or make it more convenient. Also games can be a relaxing hobby just like tv, unless you decide to make it more than that. It sounds like you are just trying to turn something positive into a negative or downplay the importance of added features.

UNGR1989d ago

Industry standard? What? I like my Blu-Rays, in fact it's all I buy, but DVD's still out sell Blu-ray counter parts 2-1. It's not the industry standard yet. That will most likely happen in the next 2 years.

pompombrum1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"true if it was a cable box on its own that would be even better but still theres no denying for those who do have cable this makes using all your services more convenient. "

How so? Can the Xbox One record live tv? Can it pause live tv? Last time I checked, the answer is no.. please tell me how that makes it more convenient than my Sky Box which can do all that plus has a far better interface?

Microsoft have a miss with this TV bs imho. TVs have for the last few years started integrating features like netflix etc and it will be a matter of time before Microsoft's entertainment vision becomes obsolete when people don't even need an additional device for these features.

DecoyOctopus1989d ago

Yo dawg i herd you like tv so we put tv on yo console connected to yo tv so you can watch tv while you watch tv

mcstorm1989d ago

@aiBreeze the xbox one connects to the Sky box then you send the commands to it via for your voice and controller in terms of recording pausing and rewinding. It dose not replace your sky box but what it enables you to do is watch sky and play games at the same time or watch tv and Skype ect at the same time.

This is not for everyone but there were a lot of times at the end of last season I had skysports news on my tv and played a game on my Wiiu controller or had a game on the tv and played on the Wiiu controller. The one can do this but on the TV.

As I said its not a must have option but its an option and its better to have options than not just like sony game us play tv on the PS3.

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moparful991989d ago

@Jokes Sooo basically you are trying to convince us that $500 plus the cost of live year after year is worth it so we can control tv with our voices? Have fun with that...

Drekken1989d ago

Why do you guys keep replying to Joke? His name implies it all: "JOKES ON YOU". Every time you take him seriously... The joke is on you. He gets paid to say what he says. It is the only explanation for his absurd comments.

JokesOnYou1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"@Jokes Sooo basically you are trying to convince us that $500 plus the cost of live year after year is worth it so we can control tv with our voices? Have fun with that..."

-I'm not trying to convince you of anything, I gave information, you are free to do whatever you like with it, as I was only responding to theBAWSE that this was never meant to replace your cable box, its meant only to co-exist with it, thus making it convenient to switch between games and TV, that's all the console costs $500 for the hardware and Kinect. Don't know why you mention Live costs since psn costs now too....surely its no longer a problem after many of you swore off ever paying to play online, but now its OK, lol my guess is this would be great if sony did it too.

By your logic are we suppose to spend $400 on a ps4 just so we can use remote play on a ps vita...NO, that's ridiculous, its just one feature in addition to all the games and services that will be available on ps4, no different than this being a convenient function of the X1.

gamertk4211989d ago


Lvl_up_gamer1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@ JokesOnYou

Bro why are you wasting your time trying to explain the easiest and obvious common sense to these kids? They just don't get it or refuse to use their heads and acknowledge it.

They think we are spending $500 so we can use TV? I mean really? Is it worth the effort to try and educate such stupidity and ignorance?

I am spending $500 for all the capabilities the XB1 brings, and that's internal hardware, controller, Kinect etc and then there is the features like TV/DVR capabilities, twitch integration, proper sharing without having to have a facebook account etc, and then there are the games like Titanfall, Forza, Halo, Quantum Break, Project spark etc, outside the already expected amazing multiplats. THEN lets not forget that with cloud, XB1 will be getting many of the better multiplats like Titanfall, Destiny and Watch dogs that utilize the cloud to offer a better gaming experience.

The pro sony crowd on this site will never admit or recognize what the XB1 is bringing and what MS is trying to do....all they want to see is the bias negativity...

Just look at moparful99's comment, she adds the cost of XBl to the cost of the XB1 to make her argument seem like you have to spend SOOO much more money...meanwhile completely ignoring that sony is charging for PS+ that you ALSO NEED in order to play online.

Jokes, what you have said is just common sense. You are wasting your time trying to educate the noneducational.

WeedyOne1989d ago

I can tell you right now if the XB1 did REPLACE my Time Warner cable box I would buy it without thinking twice if only to stick it to Time Warner for making me rent one all these years! But unfortunately it is just a gimmick that attaches to the cable box...

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mewhy321989d ago

The only living rooms that the xbone will win are the micro$oft sheep. Hardcore gamers will be getting PS4 and not some 80's VCR looking supped up cable box wanna be with build in spy camera.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Lvl_up_gamer, yeah I know, I try to resist but I'm a teacher by nature so I tend to fall in that trap everytime thinking maybe that just don't know, lol but I forget this is an alternate universe known as n4g where reality and common sense don't really matter. pffft.

moparful991988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@Jokes You keep replying to everybody questioning the direction that Microsoft is taking by defending it so strongly.. You have said nothing negative about the system whenever its obvious that a majority of gamers are not in favor of the focus on the TV integration and the forced Kinect.. To make matters worse any of us that even try to question the X1 are automatically labeled Sony fanboys.. Microsoft is so stubborn and set in their ways and we have to speak up and make our voices heard and the only language they understand is $$$..

If you are all for the X1 and its feature set then more power to you but the rest of us that don't like it have a right and obligation to question it.

@Levelup Dude first of all I'm a guy secondly get off your morale high horse.. You can be all jazzed for the X1 and celebrate the second coming if you want but stop trying to insinuate that those of us who aren't sharing your enthusiasm for the system are somehow ignorant, lacking commons sense, and don't label us fanboys..

I'm a very well informed buyer and I refuse to spend $500 for a gaming console that is shoe horning features in that I have no interest or care in..

I could care less about the TV integration or Kinect.. I'm tired of people like you with elitist mentalities staring down your nose at people that don't share your opinion or dare to even question this object you worship..

Yes I included the cost of XBL because you have to have a GOLD subscription to use all of the features of the console.. PSN going to a pay wall model to play online sucks and is a bummer but I have a PS+ sub that doesn't expire for over a year, I get instant access to a slew of newer high quality games at no additional cost, cloud storage, automatic updates and trophy syncing, can use cross game and party without being a PS+ member, and I don't have to have PS+ to access features on my console like Netflix or hulu etc.. You bring up Twitch but Sony has YouStream and what's more friends watching can jump into your game and help you through a section.. Something the X1 doesn't have... PSN is giving more to its users than Live for less money.. I have plenty of common sense and I get far more value out of the PS4 and PSN than I have ever had with LIVE..

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

You said I have never said anything negative, clearly you haven't read my post history when there were xbl price increases, kinect focus on kiddie games, the points system, this new drm/used games BS, and other things as well check my history if you care... I complained not only that but I wrote negative emails, feedback in xbox forums(you know where its helpful), and used twitter to voice my displeasure but of course when you're so focused on trolling all you see is someone who supports xbox so you automatically think I won't say anything negative, obviously if I prefer xbox then of course Im not going to have a ton of complaints, no different than the average ps, what do you want me to complain about things I like=tv intergration and kinect, well NO, your opinion is not fact most xbox fans are not against these things. Im not going to make up complaints just to please you.

-Also you don't get a console specifically for ONE feature like netflix and if you're already paying a monthly subscription for nextlix it just an additional feature you can use on both consoles, the #1 reason by far you pay for xbl gold or psn+ is because you want to play online, so understanding this I get all the service's included.

"You bring up Twitch but Sony has YouStream and what's more friends watching can jump into your game and help you through a section.. Something the X1 doesn't have..."

"The Xbox One will also feature the ability to Skype a friend to ask them for help on a game and then allow them to take over gameplay. The feature is designed to allow players to help one another get through sections of a game when they're stuck."

-This is what happens when you claim to be informed but spend all your time trolling, you miss out on facts and spread BS.

1988d ago
moparful991987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

@Jokes NOTHING I said was misinformation.. I said I have seen you say nothing negative about "the console" meaning the X1.. Why you brought up your comment history with the 360 is beyond me I can't remember anything you said a week ago let alone the last 7 years..

I'm not going to weed through your entire comment history to see if you've ever said anything negative about Microsoft.. I was simply stating that recently I cannot remember seeing a single comment from you with anything negative in regards to the X1. I then followed up that statement by pointing out how a lot of people are not in approval of the X1 and it's policies, myself included.. You're right people don't buy consoles for one feature but the point that I'm attempting to relay to you is that PSN allows people access to content that they shouldn't have to pay a second subscription fee on top of all subs they pay for each individual service LIKE Netflix, hulu, etc.. My comment to this end was in response to Level up trying to claim I was being hypocritical by using the cost of LIVE in my argument but not mentioning PSN having a pay wall.. There are a lot of people out there that have PSN profiles yet don't play games online.. Should those people be forced to have pay for PSN to access Netflix, hulu, cross game chat, web browser etc???

Your link you provided was pure speculation.. The text in the body even said a testing source inside of Microsoft was making these claims.. Microsoft has made no official claims about this feature.. In fact if you scroll to the bottom of that article you will see an update disclaimer where Polygon was contacted by Microsoft stating that "There has been a lot of random speculation in the days after E3". Sony on the other hand has officially announced and even showed the feature in use..

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ArchangelMike1990d ago

I already have a remote control, and I don't need to pay M$ $500 for a new one... unless ofcourse it lets me control my PS4 as well ;)

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SniperControl1989d ago

What i don't get is this, don't you have to turn your cable box on first with a remote?

Not trolling, serious question.

DlocDaBudSmoka1989d ago

Hey now, u cant go being all logical. dont u know better than that here.

Bhuahahaha1989d ago

what happen when there's 5-10 people each holding a remote in front of a tv.

will the xboned only recognize 1 particular persons voice or will it recognized a particular word? if the later part then it'll gonna be hell in a living room. there's always a douche in every family

lgn151989d ago

Shit, your comment just made me realize something great. Know I can hook up my xbox to the main T.V. anytime I want and my family won't be as annoyed cuz they can switch to t.v. anytime. Or, I can play games and they can watch something important on that little screen within a screen thing.

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Ashlen1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

At this point I'm going to say that title seems extremely unlikely.

Gamers will be the main audience of Xbox and atm it seems they strongly prefer PS4. And non gamers who they think want it for the TV features are NEVER going to pay $500 plus a monthly fee.

You can get a Google TV box for $99 that does basically the same thing with no monthly fee. Add to that the fact that even low/mid range TV's are coming with built in Google TV. As well as Blu-ray players that have built in Google TV.

I'd bet against MS on this issue.

pompombrum1989d ago

Not even looked at the google box but even TVs nowadays have inbuilt features for stuff like this. And as you say, so do Blu Ray players.

I don't see how Microsoft plan on "winning" the living room. Here in the UK they are partnering with Sky. To make use of the TV features you'll need a Sky subscription and when you sign up for one, you get a free Sky HD Box anyway and that box alone is superior to the TV experience through the Xbox One. I can't see why anyone would choose to watch Sky through their Xbox One in their living room over the Sky box.

MasterCornholio1989d ago

Theres even android devices that look like USB sticks that add the same functionality of the XBOX Ones TV features to your TV.

Its only 75€

The_Troll_Whisperer1989d ago

It depends on what your point of view of ''living room'' is. I think of living room as a way to access your content easily and let others view it with you. Although I really don't buy all of that ''instant'' jazz that the Xbox One has going, it seems like a great option to those who want a cable-box/game-console option, although if the people who are attracted to that sort of thing, they would consider an Apple TV/Ouya combo(which is still cheaper than the Xbox One). That's the reason I game in my entertainment room, because I doubt my family wants to see me get eaten alive by clickers(Im playing the Last of Us).

talisker1989d ago

There should be a 'murica' tag so gamers can filter out all TV/sports/dog stuff.

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