'Hotline Miami' Is Bloody Great On PS Vita

Forbes - Hotline Miami was one of last year’s best indie games with one of the most absorbing combinations of music and gameplay I’ve ever encountered.

It’s just as good, and far more portable, on the PlayStation Vita. Plug in a decent set of headphones, and you’re off to the races, murdering swaths of pixelated foes in a mad, masked, hallucination of the 80′s.

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TheTwelve1563d ago

Addicting like Lays on my Vita

doctorstrange1563d ago

Played it in one sitting, awesome

Kennytaur1563d ago

Sounds like I need to buy this.

r211562d ago

You do but be warned, you will die alot.

CandyCaptain1563d ago

It gave me "Get a Life" trophy today before I got A+ on all chapters, I think it's trying to tell me something...<.<'

(I still have to get 10, 11, and 13.)

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