Does Nintendo stand a chance this holiday?

Pessimism is starting to crest, notes columnist Chris Morris, as publishers weigh in; "Wii U feels like an offline experience," says Peter Moore

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NYC_Gamer1840d ago

Wii U line up isn't strong enough to stop people from buying the other consoles this holiday

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darthv721840d ago

makes a really nice companion console. i enjoy some of the games already out but the best is yet to come. It wouldnt hurt if N cut the price by just $50 too.

avengers19781840d ago

Chances are that there will be a lot more wii u's available then either XB1 or PS4's... So yes they stand a chance THIS holiday season.

jcnba281840d ago

You think the PS4 line up is stronger? When was a Killzone game ever a system seller? DriveClub only appeals to sim enthusiasts and I doubt it will sell well considering GT6 is just around the corner.

Oh wait I forgot about Knack. You're right I'm so silly ;)

PigPen1840d ago

Killzone 2 sold 2.90 million copies. No other killzone sold more but less. Of course Killzone isn't a system seller. Mario Party sells more copies. Lol

ABizzel11840d ago

People buying consoles this early are already core gamers who had their minds set on which console they wanted for months if not years now.

That being said Wii U has a decent array of games for their fans coming this holiday (Pikimin 3, Mario Kart, WInd Waker HD, Mario, and more). So on the game front they have a decent offering, the problem is pricing is going to kill them. They need to drop down to around $250 to clear out the current models, and build a new model for $250 with a real HDD (at least 100GB) bundled with a Nintendo game (Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros. U).

Nintendo lost the tech battle, and it's one they shouldn't play considering the competition (although they could have done more and should have done more with the Wii U), so they need to focus on games and pricing. And right now $299 (which is all but phased out) and $349 is too much for the casual gamer Nintendo has thus far lost, and too much for the hardware you're getting.

Early 2014 will bring even better games, but the price is wrong. Same goes for the Vita currently. Two good gaming devices just priced wrong and poor marketing and identity.

PigPen1840d ago

Wii U line up is definitely strong enough for this holiday season.

Super Mario World 3D

Donkey Kong: TF

Super Mario Kart 8

Deus Ex: HRDC

Batman: AO

Rayman: Legends

Watch Dogs

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

These games will win over Black Friday and the holiday season.

drsnoopyseussdog1840d ago

Only 3 of those are exclusive though so its a matter of if those 3 games can balance the wii u against the competition. The answer is probably, but who knows.

greenlantern28141840d ago

it is not their line up that will prevent people from buying a ps4 or xb1 this holiday season it will be the limited availability of them. the wiiu should be able to have a larger supply and may end up selling well just because it is the only one people can find.
Of course if sony and ms can put a lot of systems in stock than it is gonna be hard for wiiu to compete

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NYC_Gamer1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I really hope Nintendo is paying attention and building up better 3rd party relationships/creating new franchises

Mr_Nuts1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

They probably won't take this as serious untill there fanbase snaps out of reality aswell because Nintendo is only half of the problem...the other is the die hard fans Nintendo would listen to and since they go along like everything is fine and dandy they won't feel the need to do anything.

Hell look at stuff on here, if you criticise them in articles you get called and disagreed to death and made to look like your "bashing them" when your not, you just want them to get better. It's differnt if someone on here goes "I hate Nintendo they suck balls" then fair enough call them a hater because they probably on one. I mean your getting disagrees for stating you hope they are creating new franchises and will get better 3rd party support....why disagree to that, it would be a good thing.

I just don't want to see the company I grew up with go down under because fans can't admit to themselves they are struggling and don't know what they are doing half the time. Everytime they make a silly decision you get the "Lets just wait a few months before we start calling them" and you get the same response after every silly decision.

Dj7FairyTail1840d ago

Look Nintendo isn't about creating New IP when they have over 30 Established Franchises and over 70 IPs.
Nintendo only create a NEW IP if needed.

Sony on the other hand create new IP to keep themselves relevant oh to find that Nintendo Selling Power IP. When they do they keep it. Look what happens to the studios that develop games from them and sells very poorly then end up closing them and give it to a new studio.

And Microsoft pay outside developers to make shit for them.

When it comes to making IPs companies take it differently. Some hope to turn into a profitable franchise, some make it just for an experiment and some do it just for fun of it.

Rusty5151840d ago

They have over 70 IPs. Yeah, but those IPs don't mean anything when nobody cares about them. PC has the most exclusives. But most I really couldn't care less about. If Nintendo actually put effort into making the next Mario or Zelda, they could easily do it. It's just that they're lazy. The Wii U is in trouble. NOW would be the time to make an actual RELEVANT IP that you could ONLY get on the Wii U. That's why Nintendo is struggling. When you keep feeding us the same franchises, we're gonna get bored of the taste after awhile.

_QQ_1840d ago

@Rusty you don't own a WiiU, you probably only game exclusively on one brand(probably sony considering this site),which means you don't know what you are talking about, you are in no position to talk about Mario,Zelda,and in general all of Nintendo's IPs as if you have played every entry.

deafdani1840d ago

With Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101... yes, they do stand a chance.

nick3091840d ago

Well for me i rather get ps4 than a wii u, much better exclusives.. Heck even xbox1 has more new games.. Im kinda tired of the same ip's tbh.

deafdani1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

But it remains to be seen how many of those games will actually be in the PS4's launch, same for the Xbox One's.

Also, "better exclusives" is debatable. It really depends on your gaming tastes, some will like Killzone: Shadow Fall better than Mario 3D World, others the other way around. :)

These two consoles will sell like hotcakes just because they're new consoles, that much is a given.

But the Wii U will actually have great-selling games released for this holiday season, they've all been confirmed and set in stone.

Dj7FairyTail1840d ago

Also Sonic Lost World, Wii Fit U and Party U which Wii U core games won't get Wii Fit U or Party U unless they have household who play those type games.
Zelda Wind Waker HD for those who missed out.
So that 6 BIG Games

Also the definitive version of Rayman Legends yup that right I said it.

truthteller1840d ago

The definite version of Rayman Legends will be on Vita, same as Origins. I'm no fanboy but you clearly are.

AbortMission1840d ago

Wii Fit U? Party U? Definitive version of Rayman?

You drones make it easy being spotted from a mile away Lol

Lwhit61840d ago

Wait there's a Wii U? Hahaha since when?

JsonHenry1840d ago

I don't feel like either Sony or MS consider Nintendo to be in the running with the WiiU at this point. I don't see the raw numbers the same way they do. For me the WiiU holds zero interest in light of their competition. Add the next gen consoles to the mix and it has less than zero. It actually turns me off thinking about the system.

Their handhelds however are different story.

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