Deus Ex: The Fall Falls Onto iOS This Thursday

Deus Ex: The Fall, Square Enix’s iOS exclusive take on the critically acclaimed cyberpunk adventure series, is making is ready to take the series’ signature cybernetic brand of gameplay to the mobile platform for this first time. Releasing Thursday, July 11th, Deus Ex: The Fall snagged seven “Best Mobile/iOS Game” awards at E3, and now fans will finally be able to decide for themselves if the game’s high production values can live up to Square’s promise of bringing a console-quality Deus Ex title to the realm of mobile gaming

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S-T-F-U1835d ago

...If Deus Ex were a person it would be a beautiful person and Human Revolution would be it's child. The fall would be the contents of that child's nappy (diaper).

dead_pixels1835d ago

Not to disagree with you, as I'm reserving judgement until we post our review, but what makes you feel the game is a piss-poor adaptation of the franchise?

I know many gamers are miffed that the game has been brought to mobile platforms, but honestly, if the gameplay footage demoed by Square pre-E3 is any indication, the mechanics of Human Revolution look to have translated very well to iOS.

So long as the controls aren't too unwieldy and the enemy AI is consistent, I think it looks like Square could likely have a winner on their hands.

nick3091835d ago

The game looks good people just dislike most mobile games .

S-T-F-U1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

The core fan base for Deus Ex is first and foremost PC. It came at a pinnacle time for PC and till this very day is highly regarded as one of the greatest games ever created. When the developers started with the talk of a next Deus Ex a lot of people assumed (me included) they meant the next chapter in the Deus Ex universe. What we seem to have got is a cut down version of Human Revolution released on a platform that a lot of people can't play on, don't want to play on or simply can't bring themselves to play because they feel it's severely dumbed down to pander to a certain audience. Of course this is all my opinion.

I guess what put's me off about it is the fact I'm witnessing the series take a step backwards and not in the direction I was hoping. I don't think I'm alone on this...

dead_pixels1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I too have been playing the Deus Ex titles from the beginning, and I can understand how strongly you feel about the series. I myself would love to see another chapter in the franchise brought to the PC or consoles, but I certainly won't hold it against Square/Eidos for bringing the title to another platform and expandng the game's audience, so long as it doesn't stop them from also focusing on the core series.

Furthermore, I don't think it's any secret that HR didn't sell as well as Square was hoping. That said, I can understand why they would try to release a smaller budget entry in the series digitally to gauge interest in another console release while bringing more content to the series with a mobile entry.