Digital Trends - Ouya Review

Digital Trends - The Ouya has become the darling of the gaming community thanks to its crowdfunding approach and open door policy to developers, not to mention the low $99 price tag. But is it worth it?

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Maddens Raiders1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Too bad the kickstarters can't get their hands on one and Europeans are getting hosed with the ridiculous pricing of the console. Maybe they will get their stuff together and rehab a bad image from the horrific launch....I'll guess we'll see.

ATi_Elite1836d ago

DUDE this thing is DEAD DEAD DEAD!

deafdani1836d ago

The vast majority of Kickstarter backers actually got their Ouyas, myself included. But, to date, the little console is a piece of shit, mainly because of bad OS, and well, there's no killer app as of yet.

I was a enthusiast day one backer because I loved the idea behind the Ouya. I still love the concept, but sadly, the execution has been, so far, very flawed.

opinska1835d ago

Screw this ouya BS, this thing is a total failure