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Submitted by -Mezzo- 949d ago | article

What do men who’ve answered the real call of duty think about military games?

Digital Trends - For better or worse, violence in videogames has remained a point of debate in mainstream media and national politics ever since the gaming industry became a widespread form of entertainment, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. It goes back decades. From the pixilated driving game Death Race, which was eventually removed from store shelves following a public outcry, to titles like Doom, which is seemingly quaint by today’s standards, there have been people claiming that gaming leads to violent behavior. Recently, the public’s attention has increasingly turned toward the massively popular military shooter genre. (Culture)

ANIALATOR136  +   950d ago
I couldn't care less what they think. If I enjoy games, that's all that matters
Ksar  +   949d ago
I agree. they don't even deserve our attention. They're not gamers after all.
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SeraphimBlade  +   949d ago
From the article:

"Thierry served with a mechanized infantry unit, eventually moving to the position of Bradley gunner during his eight-year stint with the U.S. Army. Video games were a longtime passion for Thierry, with his love for the medium stretching “all the way back to Pong.”"

"Even before joining the Air Force, though, Bob was an avid gamer with a deep love for first-person shooters."

"Three years ago, Steve enlisted with the Army, fully aware of America’s combat situations in the Middle East. While neither Steve nor his friend, fellow serviceman Tim, are obsessed with military shooters – Steve insists he has always “sucked at them” – they’ve both spent a decent amount of time playing games in the genre, both before and during their service."

You were saying?
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grimmweisse  +   949d ago
Did you even read the article? Seriously, and piss off with that "they don't deserve our attention". You don't speak for gamers. If you can't even read the article in its fullest, then don't comment because you clearly didn't read it.

It is referenced many times that he played and tried games like cod, battlefield and halo, and actually prefers halo over other shooters.
Septic  +   949d ago

I think it's important to get their viewpoint on military games because many of these games can give a false sense of what joining the military really is like.

Many military games glorify certain elements of conflicts when the reality of of war and being a part of the army is vastly different to what we experience in video games.

The propaganda in these games should really be a cause for concern as well, especially for the less discerning/mature gamer.

This article is a brilliant read by the way. Also, an interesting mention of scum like Blackwater. The lowest of the low imo.
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ps3_pwns  +   949d ago

I think you are the Al Queda leader and I don't like terrorists so im gonna have to disagree with you.
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aLucidMind  +   949d ago
Holy crap, we've got a bad-ass over here!

You're trying WAY too hard.
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   949d ago
"Not gamers at all"? I'm a Marine and Iraq war vet. I've also been playing video games since before you were a baby troll shitting mustard. With that said, you're just a troll who doesn't deserve our attention.
mydyingparadiselost  +   949d ago
Oh look, a couple of a$$hats. You two don't deserve any attention.
MidnytRain  +   949d ago
Good lord, people. I'm almost certain Ksar's comment was sarcasm...
famoussasjohn  +   949d ago
“But no amount of gaming will prepare you for what you’re walking into. At the end of the day, it all boils down to parenting, and making a clear line between reality and something that’s just a game. I think it’s absurd people blame videogames for kids taking guns to school; that’s just bad parenting.”

I'd like to think that we can all agree on that. He made quite a few good points, I didn't see anything negative they said about games either.

Did you even read the article or just base it off what the title said?
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Hicken  +   949d ago
Oh, it's clear they didn't read it.

But then, you can tell what type of person he is by his last line.

"If I enjoy games, that's all that matters."

Frankly, it's the same attitude of the people who defended the always online DRM and such of the XBOne.
Septic  +   949d ago

"Frankly, it's the same attitude of the people who defended the always online DRM and such of the XBOne."

SOMEHOW, you managed to deflect the issue to the Xbox One. Seriously...can you not control the urge to troll?

Such a stupid post. Grow up.
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Hicken  +   949d ago
Am I wrong? Can we not look through comment histories and literally see them express their opinion that way?

It's the same attitude displayed by a few in the region locking article. I simply chose an example more people would be familiar with. Had nothing to do with trolling.
ps3_pwns   949d ago | Bad language | show
ala_767  +   949d ago
I am with you! As long as they dont go against racism, religion I dont give a damn!!!
johny5  +   948d ago
"FU" that's all that matters.....
ATi_Elite  +   949d ago
Air Force Hoo-Ah
Having served my country by spending WAAAAY too much time in the Middle East,

Military Shooters are pure entertainment, Hollywood Entertainment and does NOT represent anything that a real Marine, Airman, Soldier, or Seaman has ever encountered.

Sure the weapons and uniforms are there but everything is all Glamore and Glitz in video Games and should NEVER be used as a representation of what REAL LIVE COMBAT is all about.

There is Nothing fun or entertaining when you step off that plane in a combat zone and you hear the sounds of Live Gun fire and ordinance exploding in the distance. The ONLY thing going through your mind is focusing on your training and safety protocols.

But on a lighter note: Red Orchestra and Arma are pretty much the most team based, skilled oriented, and intense shooters out there that represent some aspect of real military action.

in these games you will pay dearly if you make a mistake thus making them more intense in fire fights than the Rambo style of play of COD or BF where you can jump out in the OPEN and literally take a bullet if you know you got a better gun than the enemy.

That's NOT happening in Real Life, Red Orchestra, or Arma.
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mastershredder  +   949d ago
I'm a vet and a life long gamer. The only thing that I have ever experienced in games that comes close to something that almost feels like "I'm there again", were the characters in Bad Company 1 and 2. The characters and dialogue (not the action or rest of what is found in those games). For me, those were the experiences you would have conversing with your fellow soldiers (the camaraderie, arguments and horseplay). The COD dude-bro "I'm a hard bad ass" is BS and all Hollywood. BF3 jumped onto that Hollywood style too. I'd like another Bad Company entry, because it in some ways takes me back to those asinine conversations you would have in the strangest of situations and locations. With people you probably would never think twice about conversing with or working with in civilian life. In the service, they are one of your buds and you would do anything for them. I made lifetime buds from my short 4 year jot and we all came from different walks of life from different parts of the US. We had different personalities, different views on politics, different styles, so many different things, but as a team we were a whole and the same. That's why Bad Company offers the only realism I found (it's just a small aspect of those games), and is the only realism I want to see. The rest is a game. If you want real, it's going to be at least 90% tedious tasks and boring.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   949d ago
Couldn't agree more. Well said, the horseplay in Bad Company is common in all the military units
JessiePinkmanYo  +   949d ago
As a Marine and Iraqi Freedom Vet, games are just that-games. They are fun, and real combat is NOT. There are no reset buttons, spawn points or rage quitting. Combat is mostly sheer terror with a LOT of boredom, downtime and bullshit in between. If you're looking for a job similar to what you play in Call of Duty, I recommend the paintball park, not the military. As far as some of the simulations (uniforms, weapons etc) some games are spot on with the visuals, but the use of them are WAY off. No Marine or SEAL I know could fling these weapons around like they do in games-they are extremely heavy. The tactics are way off too-"Akimbo?!" Lol, plus picking up and firing an enemy weapon doesn't happen.
That said, games like Battlefield, Call of Duty etc are fun to play and a great way to meet new people (and a few idiots) but overall, enjoyable. If it spurs a kids interest in the military and they research and understand what it's really about, I'm all for it.
mydyingparadiselost  +   949d ago
I love that the second soldier interviewed calls the contractors mercenaries, it's a great statement. On topic, it makes sense that men and women in service don't see the games as anything more than entertainment since being in a combat situation is nothing like those games and generally shouldn't be. I do wonder if these opinions will change if these games try offer a more realistic combat experience though
shadowmist13  +   949d ago
These people walking into schools with guns and killing people,it is easy to blame videogames,but what happend to "crazy",people that does stuff like this is crazy,i was playing violent games since i was 6,and im fine...and about the soldiers,its like if you lose a family member,and you watch a movie where somone loses a family member,the movie makes it look so much more easy to cope than it actually is,in real life it feels like you want to go crazy if that happens,so i feel for soldiers.
Lwhit6  +   949d ago
So many people getting mad and annoyed with this article for some reason and some idiots are mocking the soldiers and talking bad about them. Those people can simply fuck the hell off. These people risked their lives so you could freely act like an asshole with no brain, at least show them some respect you imbeciles.

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