The Xbox One is a PC in console’s clothing. Here’s why it matters

Digital Trends - Microsoft has spoken at length about the many features of its new all-in-one entertainment console. Besides gaming, the system will also support control of cable television, streaming apps, and can hook up with a home network to read media files. The Xbox One will also include an upgraded version of Kinect that improves hands-free control and (mostly) removes the need for multiple remotes.

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Belking1692d ago

Developers are gonna be able to do so much cool stuff with xbox-one operating system. There are gonna be some awesome apps coming our way in the years to come. This is very exciting.

fattyuk1692d ago


Apps, TV, advertising,Talk to your console blah blah blah,

No thanks.

BadboyCivic1692d ago

Stop the hating, some people love apps and tv

JoGam1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

So the Xbox One is a cross dresser FBI agent huh? Tv by day, console at night while spying on each other.

matrixman921692d ago

@BadboyCivic "some people love apps and tv"

then buy an internet connected TV?

BadboyCivic1692d ago

Yeh , but can you talk to your internet connected TV?

True_Samurai1692d ago

:-0 the hate is strong in you

Marked1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


"Yeh , but can you talk to your internet connected TV?"

I'm misunderstood by my fiance', friends, family, co-workers and myself allllll day long. Why on earth would I want to have some stupid piece of needless tech not comprehend what I want it to do. Seriously...this is for me to relax and enjoy my bit of free time. its not like I can brag about this crap to a bunch of people who dont give a shit about it.

Are you not tired of a company of investors telling you what is lemmings off a cliff...

CRAIG6671692d ago

@fattyuk Does it ever get tiring trolling every xbox article? sad mate,just sad.

MysticStrummer1692d ago

@Civic - "Yeh , but can you talk to your internet connected TV?"


Samsung, LG, and Panasonic all make voice activated smart TVs.

kneon1692d ago


Yes you can talk to your TV and even wave your arms around if you like.

malokevi1692d ago

People like to spin this negatively, bash TV, apps, and multimedia...

Little do they realize that these things are almost unanimously beloved by people everywhere, and having them all in one, easily accessible, multi-input device is incredible desirable.

If you want a device that does gaming and almost nothing else... get a WiiU. But, given the choice, I don't understand why anyone would want less.

Games aren't going anywhere. They are just supplemented with all the other great media that we so enjoy. Who ever actually thought it was a bad idea to have all of that wrapped up in a pretty package?

Cynicism in its purest form.

Kryptix1692d ago

I'm guessing people also like seeing advertisements on the home screen and interface as they switch between apps? The thing is that you said the word "some" when MS should of been more focusing on "a lot" which are the gamers. I mean, isn't that why gamers mostly buy a gaming console for? Most of the time, their eyes should be looking at an amazing game, not some extra, like an app that lets you order pizza while my phone already has that function.

fattyuk1692d ago

@craig. Big diffrence between trolling and opinion.... was that really the best input you could come up with?

Death1692d ago

It's funny to see people complain they don't want their console to do anything but play games. The PS3 and now PS4 do many things besides play games and that is good. The Xbox does more and it's bad. Both the Xbox One and PS4 are PC's in a console box. Both have multimedia capabilities built in and do more than play games. The difference is XboxOne comes with Kinect2.0 which adds even more to the experience. It doesn't water down what it already does, it increases what it can do.

Flip this around and have the PSEye included with the PS4 and these same complainers would be bragging how the PS4 does what the Xbox one does and more. Impressive to see so many sheep complain something has too much.

BadboyCivic1692d ago

Ouch....I didn't know TVs could do that.

ala_7671692d ago

Lol... more u gonna reply good bout this comment.... more u will get the dislikes :D

darthv721692d ago

how the components of each are similar and yet the physical size of each unit differs greatly. Its as if the XB1 has all the components spread out to avoid heat issues which results in the use of an external power supply.

Then you have the ps4 and the components are placed accordingly that there is room for an internal power supply.

I can see there is room for improvement on the xb1 design to where cutting down the length of traces between components could result in slightly improved efficiency and the potential of an internalized power supply.

The ps4 is already so nice and compact that the only way to make it smaller is to stack the chips resulting in even shorter traces and as time goes on the reduction in physical die sizes can lead to less heat and the overall size of the shell can be reduced even more.

Both are more alike than different yet both companies went with a different layout of the components. Within at least 2 years we should see the first revisions of each to reduce cost and size.

mewhy321692d ago


I completely agree. No Thanks

Kryptix1692d ago

So you don't mind when non-controller motion sensing is forced down your throat for 100 dollars rather than it being optional? Microsoft expects people to like what they give no matter if it's wrong. It's not fair to bring this up but remember the online check ins/DRM fiasco? Were you ok with that because if you were then you definitely don't know what gamers want. Yea, the PS3 and PS4 can do more than gaming just like the Xbox One and 360 but which one uses their product to promote much more than just games? Yea, look at the link on my previous post. At least the Playstation 4 won't be a 50/50 console, 50 for gaming, 50 for TV and everything else. It's focused mostly for gaming and if you were paying attention, Sony has barely talked about apps or television. Only thing confirmed is what the PS3 has got already, PS4 is getting it, too. (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

JokesOnYou1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Well Kryptix, micro said they invested a billion into games and studios over the next year for X1 and they proved it at E3 with a lot of games shown off, so your 50/50 claims are just hot air. The point is just like a smart phone, including other capabilities does not reduce the quality of your cell phone coverage, it just gives you MORE options on 1 device. I mean I'm sure there are still some old school cell phone users who say:

"Why the hell do I want the internet on my cell phone, I already have a laptop!"

Yeah that's true but last I checked in this day and age digital devices are expected to do a variety of things besides their primary function. lol, iphones and Samsung galaxies don't lead the cell phone market because they just make mobile phone calls. Now if you say "hey that's cool that you have these added functions with X1 but I just prefer sonys games so ps4 is what I want"; then great but I don't understand why gamers hate a competing product that's trying to do more.

SonyPS41692d ago

I really don't see the problem with TV and apps. PS4 will have some TV and apps I assure you. PS3 has some form of TV with Hulu Plus and Netflix, and there are a few apps laying around on the XMB menu. As long as the games on XOne are great, having TV and apps are a plus.

"then buy an internet connected TV?"

Isn't it cheaper buying a device that turns your non-Internet TV into an Internet TV than replacing your entire perfectly working TV just for Internet?

There's not wanting the XOne, and there's hating it for non-issues.

medman1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Badboycivic and malokevi, we want our gaming machines to you know, play games. We already get apps and TV everywhere else. I have a nice setup that I control with my tablet and my smartTV so Microsofts box offers me nothing I don't already do much better and in more detail than anything they will offer. I realize that many consumers are not in the same position, and the apps/tv thing might be more appealing to them, but anytime a manufacturer states that 3 of it's 8gb's of ram (which is already of an inferior nature to it's direct competitor) will be unavailable for gaming functionality because it will be dedicated to these other functions, that is an issue. At least it is for those of us who love games.

Dlacy13g1692d ago

@mystricsummer ...your solution is to go buy a talking TV that will cost well over $1k versus a $500 console that will do all your TV option could....and a lot more....and much better might I add. Smart TV's aren't all that great in terms of the speed at which they do apps.

andrewsqual1692d ago

@kneon Damn you beat me to it :)
Seriously though like kneon is suggesting, then buy that Samsung TV if you want to look like a spaz.
And stop talking about Xbone and apps. Oh Apps, you mean like the PS3 superior to 360 ones like Youtube and Netflix set to improve even more with PS4? Oh yeah those apps.

JeffGUNZ1692d ago

@ medman. It's been widely commented throughout the gaming world that the Xbox One's E3 game lineup was stellar and overall better then what the PS4 had to show. So the Xbox One will offer amazing games, but now it'll have all these extra cool features. Why wouldn't you want something that does a lot of extra things on top of what it's meant to do?

BallsEye1692d ago


Bigger size of XO results in:

1. Different architecture, more complex
2. Move engines, absent in ps4
3. ESRAM, absent in ps4
4. HDMI IN, for connecting tv as well as other stuff like xbox 360.

It is not bad design, it's just not same as ps4.

mwjw6961692d ago

@SonyPS4 HOLY CRAP! A logical argument with that username!

You blew my mind sir great job and very valid points.

1692d ago
lgn151692d ago

Sorry dude but you're fucking stupid if you think TV doesn't matter to the average consumer... Dead wrong.

1692d ago
TheGrimReaper1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


"Bigger size of XO results in:

1. Different architecture, more complex
2. Move engines, absent in ps4
3. ESRAM, absent in ps4
4. HDMI IN, for connecting tv as well as other stuff like xbox 360.

It is not bad design, it's just not same as ps4."

Everything you have mentioned is not as big as a PSU which is included in PS4. Xbox One uses an external PSU.
And yes it's more complex and the DMEs are one factor. But this is a negative aspect of the architecture.
Imho MS was afraid of another RROD fiasco. Furthermore I believe PS4 will be louder than Xbox One. I'd be surprised if not, looking at the small design of PS4.
The philosophy of Xbox One is to be a part of your living room like a set-top box. And being too noisy would be bad.
Of course PS4 wants to be an integral part of your living room too, but I don't think pure gamers would be annoyed by a little noise (at least if it is not louder than a launch Xbox 360).

slayorofgods1692d ago

Only MS could make things already done with the 360 seem like a big deal with the one.

TheGrimReaper1692d ago

I don't have a problem with the TV integration BUT I would have to pay more for Xbox One than a citizen of the USA for having less features!

Main reasons why I am not getting a Xbox One (at least not at launch):

1. More expensive
2. Not into Kinect
3. TV features not available in my country
4. I like more franchises of Sony than MS (despite QB nothing peaked my interest, but they have shown good games! Maybe gamescom...)

Please keep in mind, this is just MY opinion.

sic_chops1691d ago

@jeff because it's made by Microsoft.

Urusernamesucks1691d ago

You cant play games on an internet tv -_- eighther.

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christian hour1692d ago

So the xbox one can multitask with my browser, rich-text editing programs, render a video edit in the background, allow me to make music with my preferered DAW all while I have tv shows playing on a second screen attached? It cant? Then don't call it a pc.

Please stop trying to get hits with silly spins like this.

CRAIG6671692d ago

You use a DAW while watching TV on a 2ND screen?

Marked1692d ago

Amen to the brother!

The only reason I still have a console is because thats where I started and the exclusives.

My high end PC and the PS4 is all I'll ever need. So far xbox one is like watching the special Olympics and seeing they added a hurdle race. Really :0 microsoft is adding risk to an other wise simple and gratifying experience.

GodGinrai1692d ago

Hey christian, What DAw do you use? Im just curious because I am a musician too! Nice to come across a fellow muse ;)

I use Reason 7 and pro tools 11. I have an old mac pro for logic (which I dont use any more, but have been too lazy to turn all my old stuff into stems and drop in PT).

andrewsqual1692d ago

And all with NEEDING a Gold subscription.

christian hour1690d ago

@The Realness

I mostly use FL to record physical instruments and then add the odd bit of digital ambiance and accompaniment to flesh it out. I export the tracks and master it in pro tools ;)Nice to also meet a fellow muse, feel free to message me with links to any of your stuff whenever you like :D

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RM-TatoTiburon1692d ago

by ps3fanboys logic the perfect console it's the one that only have a boot screen and start the game right away...and why we need a boot screen?? start the game with only the power button....

All this features or options are great, xbox one have a strong launch lineup (IMO the best one) and the console gives you more options to enjoy your purchase what's wrong with that?

RedHawkX1692d ago

meanwhile at sony.

Omg the ps4 is selling out like crazy theres 10 million people playing call of duty on the ps4 right now games are everywhere

back at xbox one

console is not selling out, people are watching tv and playing kinect sports. 1000 xbox one consoles sold lame boring lifeless online with no headsets

Urusernamesucks1691d ago

Pretty sure its coming wirh headsets right now and will have dedicated servers for every AAA game with a massive mp.

ATi_Elite1692d ago

Like I keep telling YOU people:

Microsoft is at War with Apple and Sony is just a side note.

XBone is all about control of the living room as TV further integrates with PC's and Microsoft wants it's Windows Operating System to win out over Apple and it's OSX/Apple TV products.

Devs will program for Xboxone and just PORT to PS4 just like they did this Gen.

All this PS4 Rah Rah Rah is just a JOKE when right out the gate the PS4 IS NOT getting TITANFALL. Sure the PS4 is a GAMING BEAST but you gotta do more than JUST GAMES this time around to make cash as every dam game will practically be a multiplat.

(Every Top game at E3 had a PC version....END OF STORY)

MS has ALWAYS looked BEYOND gaming with it's Xbox and this time around with the XBone I see a more than capable system that can DO MORE THAN JUST PLAY GAMES!

So just to repeat: it's all about MS vs. Apple and Sony is just a side note when TV further integrates with OSX and Windows.

GodGinrai1692d ago

I hope apple never get a footing in gaming but At some point X1 is poised to clash with apples next push into the living room. And quite frankly, I think MS is better prepared for THAT fight than sony.

sic_chops1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

"have to do more than just games this time to make money." so why is the xbone getting demolished in pre-orders right now. And Microsoft will lose to apple as well. Hows the zune doing? Has the surface tablet overtaken ipad yet?

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kingdip901692d ago

It doesn't matter because if I wanted a pc I would buy one and have much more control over more aspects of it than I ever could a home gaming console. $500 could likely buy me a pc much more capable than xbox one with more functionality. If I buy a home console for gaming it will be one that isn't predending not to be what it is

Belking1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"$500 could likely buy me a pc much more capable than xbox one with more functionality."

yea, I saw those pc's on sale in fairy tale land. Anything's possible

Marked1692d ago

If you want to build your is absolutely possible. Wait a few months till the holiday sales begin and you'll be able to pull your ignorant head out of your ass long enough have what microsoft refuses to offer.

kingdip901692d ago

Actually if you know how to shop you can buy your own compoments and build your own quite cost effectively. My brother in law just put his own together and its fully capable of playing all the newer games at the higher end resolution graphics for close to $500

HammadTheBeast1692d ago


Runs pretty much all games at medium-high settings at 1080p. And I just googled this up, I'm sure if I put in some effort I could list a much better one for you.

redcar1211692d ago

cant wait for xbox one sound amazing ps4 sounds good to but will buy next year ps still not happy with the ps4 pad

BadboyCivic1692d ago

People around here don't like comments like that

Software_Lover1692d ago

He will lose bubbles quickly

cyguration1692d ago

That's because a lot of them sound like shill accounts or spout off untrue stuff.

Seriously, the XB1 is just a PC with all the bad parts and none of the good parts.

I honestly don't see what people are excited about.

By comparison at least the Wii U is a real game console and has some game-centric features.

For $500 you're getting a boxed-in PC with no modding, no open-source and no third-party peripheral support. How on Earth can people think that it's good?

Death1692d ago


Maybe it's the games? It's not always easy to play the hardware, but games are usually easy to do and can be fun at times. You should give it a try.

Cuzzo631692d ago

Wats with the pc vs console argument... Who cares about how powerful the pc is. Or the mods. For the 40kresolutions lol. Half of the pc market doesn't even have a high end pc. And the ones that claim to have those high end pc's most likely never even gamed on one. Seriously despite the openness of a pc and the unlimited powa, consoles hadve advantages of their own. Now that psn is has a sort of paywall that really threw tha pc crowd into a pc is the best mode.By the way Half life 2 was the first game I played on my pc back when xbox OG was out with Halo CE. I have ro admit, at the time it was the most wonderful experience at the time....

Then my hard drive crashed on me. Tried to restore but for some reason my back up partition was corrupted. So I had to get another harddrive. Months later I had to replace the motherboard. After that got a really bad virus because I didnt renew my 50 dollar virus program.... annually I might add.

Some people just dont wanna deal with those kinds of things. Just plug in and play. Dont see why the console guys have to get bashed by the pc guys all the time. If you think about it. We were all playing consoles. Lol

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edgeofsins1692d ago

It's about comfort, not looks. Most people with hands on experience say the PS4 pad is better. It is also designed for more hand sizes. Wait till you play with both if you are using that to decide your console.

I for one hate the asymmetrical analogs and the rounded face buttons and then it still takes batteries. I'm not in the mood for switching out batteries or buying a recharge kit.

nukeitall1692d ago

You would rather be attached to your console with a 6 ft cable than swapping out standard batteries?

To each their own, but I would rather not game like it is 1999!

edgeofsins1692d ago

The controller takes like 20 minutes to recharge. You can plug it into more then just the console and I'm pretty sure you can charge your controller on standby.

Ew. Just the way you try and insult it like that is disgusting. So ignorant.

You game like it is before 1999. Rechargeable batteries are found in offbrand controllers now. You are just letting microsoft force you to pay even more money to them, unless you want to take the more expensive approach and buy new batteries all the time.

You should really get with the times.

HammadTheBeast1692d ago

lol nukeitall.

The controller takes like 10 minutes to charge and even does it when on sleep mode. Much better than spending money buying AA batteries every week. What is this, 2004?

Lvl_up_gamer1692d ago

I actually prefer the battery pack.

I will NEVER have a tethered controller EVER. That is just 2 generations ago. Never going back. I have 3 battery packs available at all times for when either of my battery packs in my controllers die. Takes literally 7 seconds to swap.

Tethered controllers are an outdated means.

Bzone241692d ago

Spending money buying batteries every week? Do they not offer rechargeable AA batteries where you live?

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KwietStorm1692d ago

What's wrong with the pad?

Funantic11692d ago

PS4 still has the analog stick in an awkward place...way too low. Your hand has to stay shaped like a L. People have always complained about that for years. Some say it feels unnatural, some say it causes hand fatigue. I say both.

Cam9771692d ago

It has a larger controller than the XBONE.

RedHawkX1692d ago

your gonna buy the console that costs the most that will have less people online, less games, and is not gonna have that many consoles sold especially because they are having troubles making the xbox one right now lol? have fun being the only one in your town to have an xbox one lol

ps4 is where all the hype will be at and it will have way more people playing it and its games online because its cheaper, better, and has way more consoles being made and its releasing first.

jeffgoldwin1691d ago


You have 2 bubbs. Apparently your not where all the hype is at.

sic_chops1691d ago

Just wondering if you have used the controller yet?