Battle Bears Gold Review (GameWoof)

Ian DeMartino of writes "There is value, sometimes, in sticking around and giving something a chance. From movies that have a slow start to a relationship that begins a little rocky, every now and again something that seems like a waste of time when starting out, surprises you and ends up being something worthwhile. Battle Bears Gold is one of these games.

A freemium title by SKYVU mobile and the sequel to one of the most popular 3rd person shooters on mobile devices, Battle Bears Royal. Gold, like its predecessor is a completely multiplayer affair. Besides a short tutorial, there isn’t any single player to speak of in Battle Bears Gold. And at first, I hated it. The controls are slow, the maps are small, and all the upgrades seemed desperately far out of reach. After a while though, everything started to settle in, and many of the problems that irked me earlier revealed themselves to be intentional and intelligent game design. The game isn’t perfect, it still has so...

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