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Submitted by badz149 947d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One is Becoming a Great Ad for the PS4

Techradar - In the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, something terrible happens to an entire town: aliens invade, replacing every human with a doppelgänger.

I think something similar is happening right now, but instead of space aliens the culprit is Sony - and instead of a Californian town, it's replaced everybody involved in selling the Xbox One (PS4, Xbox One)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   947d ago | Well said

We'll see what happens but based on the pre-order numbers, Microsoft has a long road ahead.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   947d ago
If you think so...
Odoylerules000  +   947d ago | Funny
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he thinks so.
NatureOfLogic  +   947d ago | Well said
Sony gains points everytime MS speaks about the Xbox One.
abzdine   947d ago | Immature | show
NewMonday  +   947d ago
"Your console will use Kinect to work out who's in the room and your Xbox LIVE account to mine your demographic information, and it'll use that data to more precisely target advertising. That advertising will be more intrusive than before, too, because we're too good at ignoring ads"

this is why XB1 still has a big problem, take Kinect away and you solve this problem and also cut the price by $100, 2 birds with one stone
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   947d ago
If you think so...

cool story brah
TRGMatt  +   947d ago
Preorders are NOTORIOUSLY accurate for predicting sales, almost in direct correlation. EVERYBODY thinks so lol
Kutaragis Revenge   947d ago | Spam
koston3647  +   947d ago
I mean....he did type it and then press submit.

pretty sure he thought it too...
nm97  +   947d ago
Trust me, and everyone else in the world, he knows so.
aiBreeze  +   947d ago
"TLoU 2... i just jizzed!"

To flag that line as immature shows that Microsoft shills around operating on here.. some bitter jealously there no doubt and I'd agree with the guy but been thinking of it for the last few weeks and ran out of tissue.
RumbleFish  +   947d ago
M$ have made big mistakes and even if they remove kinect and cut the price of the console, would you buy the thing from a company that wanted to do those DRM things to gaming?

Even if they cut the price, the PS4 will be more powerful and will have the better exclusives.

If gamers vote with their wallets and don't buy the XB1, this will set asign for years to come. Neither SONY nor Nintendo nor any future console manufacturer will try to do such things to gamers if this really has massive consequences on sales of the M$ console.

If too many gamers give in after the DRM was removed and buy this thing, then companies will know how quickly gamers forget.
zeee  +   947d ago
"Your console will use Kinect to work out who's in the room and your Xbox LIVE account to mine your demographic information, and it'll use that data to more precisely target advertising. That advertising will be more intrusive than before, too, because we're too good at ignoring ads."

This is my biggest concern with Xbox One. Kinect is the creepiest form of privacy invasion that one could imagine and that's exactly why I won't be supporting MS next-gen.

It's one thing to read our emails, facebook posts and twitter account but it's totally another to observe people in their living/bedrooms!

I want to see Nintendo, Sony and MS competing for our dollars and make some profit out of it. I want to see a healthy gaming industry but Nintendo with their disappointing hardware AND software and MS with their policies are making this extremely hard. How do they expect us to support them with our wallets if they can't respect our privacy? Why show me ads on a gaming device? Why see who is in the living room, their gender? Why mine demographics using my GAMING console?

Those (and some more) are the reasons I will NOT be supporting MS console come next-gen. It was their abysmal pre-order sales that forced MS to reverse the DRM policies they had. If we unite against this mandatory intrusive device then who knows perhaps MS will let go of this too? Long shot but worth trying!
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Gekko36  +   946d ago
@newmonday The kinect, cloud computing, cool games, and xbox live are the reasons why I'm buying xbox one.

I have sky telly so hdmi in for me will be cool once I get to control it and search by voice, I keep losing my remotes.

Personally I couldn't give a fuck about MS's bad press, all corporations are cunts, even Sony.

Sony's PR is doing well but it doesn't mean they like gamers any more that Microsoft.

So I ignored all the twats on here and put my pre-order in at Game and paid it off.

Roll on November...
nypifisel  +   946d ago
Then I feel sorry for you, especially due to the fact that Cloud computing is nothing but a PR ruse from MS at this point. It does not work the way they want you to believe. The cloud won't make your Xbox more powerful, these are just facts - you can find them yourself.
PunisherRevenge  +   947d ago
Pre-orders are just pre-orders. Yes the X1 is behind according to pre-orders, but that doesn't mean all of the PS4 pre-orders will translate into sales and the same goes for the X1. On top of that its still too early to call.
malokevi  +   947d ago
Apparently, according to one guy, you are wrong!

"its too early to call".... DISAGREE! lol. Oi, vey!

It is definitely to early to call, friend. At least some people understand that. You can hold pre-order numbers and online polls as the be-all-end-all... but at the end of the day, it will have no relevance to sales.

And, more importantly, it will have no relevance to which console offers a better experience. Something that has yet to be determined.

People are trying to justify their purchasing decision by saying "I WIN! YAY! HIGH 5!", little realizing that the puck hasn't even dropped.
NatureOfLogic  +   947d ago | Well said
Even when the Xbox One gets smoked, we'll still here more excuses from Xbox fanboys. PS4 is set to demolish the competition next gen. If Xbox One had more pre-orders and was in PS4's position, we wouldn't hear the end of it. So why don't most of you just deal with till the consoles release if you feel different.
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Dlacy13g  +   947d ago
@NatureOfLogic...if things were reversed I am sure we would hear the same things just reversed...Sony Defenders saying it doesn't matter and Xbox Defenders saying "doom to Sony" ....

War it never changes...
sobekflakmonkey  +   947d ago
I just remember the PS3's start, it got destroyed by the 360, but later came back and is now beating the 360...and is considered the superior console, so who knows, we'll see what happens, I already pre-ordered my PS4 though, so thats all the matters to me :/
MysticStrummer  +   947d ago
@Diacy - I can only speak for myself, but if the roles were reversed I'd be saying Sony is in trouble.

All over? No.

In trouble? Yes.

The bright side for MS is that Sony was the one with negative reaction last time and they made a big comeback. Sony certainly can't coast to a win.
Groo  +   947d ago
have you ever heard of the old tale the tortoises vs the hare? well.. the Sony rabbit isn't going to slow down to poke fun at MS.. MS can't even figure out which way to run the race at this point..
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ShinMaster  +   947d ago
People are not going to pay $100 to pre-order a system they won't buy.
That is assuming that they pre-ordered from places like GameStop, one of the pre-order leads next to Amazon.
Red_Devilz  +   947d ago
LMAO....keep up the optimism dude!
mcstorm  +   947d ago
This site is really becoming a joke with the comments on here. The PS4 and Xbox one are not even out yet so no one knows how many each will sell. I am getting an xbox one but im yet to pre order it and I know a few people who are doing the same. I also know some people who have yet to pre order there PS4.

Also people on here seem to think that what is said on here is what the rest of the world think to and they are so wrong. Lets look back at the 3DS and PSV and on here they were saying that the PSV was going to walk all over the 3DS and it will be the end for Nintendo but then Nintendo changed the way they advised the 3DS and sales picked up. Its the same with Apple products if you speak to prople on sites like this they hate Iphones but the market Apple is after dose not come on sites like this and they know how to sell there product and make it look cool.

If Microsoft do this with the Xbox one then it could be this console that comes out on top and the same if Sony or Nintendo change the way they show off there console.

As for people saying all they need to do is drop Kinect from there console are wrong and are also people who were not looking to get an xbox any way. Kinect is what makes the One different to the WiiU and PS4.

As marcelliuss1 said pre orders are just pre orders and not sales we need to wait until the consoles are out before we can say what is a success and what is not but one thing I am expecting is both the PS4 and Xbox One sales not to be as high as the fan boys are making out because there are still big name games coming out for the 360 and PS3 including COD, BF4 and GT6.
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Cmk0121  +   947d ago
surely being outsold, but xbox day one addition is number one item on amazon, console race hasnt even begun. lets not forget the wii had a horrible e3 and in general is and was a crap console and is ahead by 22 million units sold in this gen over xbox 360 and ps3...
kneon  +   947d ago
That's only on the hourly chart. For the year to date the PS4 is #3 while the XB1 is #6. And that's with the PS4 being listed as "currently unavailable" for quite some time now.

And it only get's worse when you look at the ranking in other countries.
devwan  +   947d ago
@kneon Exactly. The fact that the ps4 launch edition sold out so quickly yet the xbox one still sits 3 places behind and not sold out after a month or more - that speaks volumes.

Two other ps4 SKUs are up into the low 80s in the same chart now.
DJMarty  +   947d ago
@Cmk0121 - lol, X1 day one edt has'nt sold out thats why.

PS4 has sold out many times over.

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sync90  +   947d ago
The wii was a fluke.
3-4-5  +   947d ago
There are actually a few games that looked really good for XB1....and I love the controller, however I'm not too pleased with almost all of Microsoft's decisions and their arrogant attitude towards us.

At some point...enough is enough, you need to stand up for what you believe is right.

I've never owned Sony...used to hate on it because of the Dual shock controller and it's floaty analogs...

I don't even care anymore if I miss out on 5 of the best games ever made for XB1. I'm not putting up with their BS.

I will happily keep my 360, which I love, buy a PS4 and eventualy a Wii U, because regardless of Nintendo's faultsm they make some truly fun and memorable games that I enjoy even when I think I wouldn't.

I'm hoping Microsoft got the memo that we don't like nearly everything they do.....hopefully they actually try and be creative like they did with the original xbox.

^ That thing had so many good exclusives....not as many as PS2...but enough to satisfy.
ratchet426  +   947d ago
FWIW, those who have gotten their hands on the Dualshock 4 have confirmed Sony's claims that the 'floaty' analog sticks are a thing of the past. The DS4's sticks are allegedly much 'stiffer' with a much smaller dead zone.
memots  +   947d ago
this exactly.
You summed up pretty much everything i feel.

I want a Xb1, But not that way. ]
I Want Halo , I want that gamepad but i don't want the rest and unfortunately the rest is too big to overlook.
shadyiswin  +   947d ago
people are so whiney over the former DRM polices and im shocked no one saw the big picture,everyone feels so betrayed by microsoft. Microsoft was moving forward and taking the power frm gamestop that is killing the industry with there buy sell trade scheme,this is why games are up to $59.99.
Im hoping micrsoft rewards those who want to go digital over time by doing new releases over xbox live for $49 to push more people to avid gamestop. I am tried of every time i go to my flipboard and under gaming its nothing but lay offs,200 here 400 here,studios shut down especially in the EA divisions,developers deserve money on every used games,the fee would of been payed for by gamestop further more enabling more balance,like i said ill keep shopping at walmart,most new titles drop $10-15 after a month just cause there inventory room is limited,i hardly ever trade in games,i hardly ever buy pre-owned,only thing stoing me from going total digital is my employee discount i get at certain places -___- ,which i may use to get microsoft cards,i like having my games on the system,maybe if i was in highs chool the whole sharing thing would be an issue,im a grown man,you want to play a game you buy it.

i left out the point of my post lol

if the drm went through over time you'd see cheaper games,a more healthy industry and also more exclusives to the xbox one being it would be the system that offered residual income to developers,you sony fan boys should be very happy the DRM was reversed other wise the xbox one would have much more exclusives,i'm thinking thats how they got insomniac on board,you factor in the extra money they make off games and it ill be ok to sell less systems it would be a nice trade off and developers get the much better xbox live system as far as selling content and the resell money,was a great idea and i hope they bring it to the digital downloads.
people freak out like ,"i want to own my games! what happens when you guys close the servers" wahhhh,like realy? microsoft just today closed down the webtv service,a service that has been nothing but an utter failure for a decade,just closed today. The xbox one servers would of likely closed in 2 generations and most likely implemented some type of offline mode play enabled,just didnt see the big deal at all,the good thing to come from it is no region locking,i'd hate to have to wait months for anything new.
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moparful99  +   947d ago
@ShadyIsWIn How old are you? I'm almost 29 and have been gaming since the age of 4.. A quarter of a century I have been gaming and the last decade pricing has improved.. Nintendo was the proprietary owner of carts that were used to make games and they charged a premium for third party studios to use those carts.. The result was prices ranging from $20 all the way to $100... Sony saved us from that fate by introducing a cd based format that was easy to mass produce, cheap, and readily accessible.. Microsoft wasn't doing anyone a favor but themselves. They are essentially trying to make their platform closed like the IOS devices so they can control everything and increase their bottom line.. If you honestly think that Microsoft would drive down the cost of games if successful with their DRM policies then you are only kidding yourself..
DragonKnight  +   947d ago
Becoming? It's been Sony's best ad for months.
CyberSentinel  +   947d ago
Well I guess when you don't make your own games, you need to supplement your revenue from other sources.
Shadowstar  +   947d ago
Do we actually know pre-order numbers? The only thing I have really seen is an Amazon page that only has the Xbox One two places behind the PS4 in total preorders, while the current page (not the YTD one) says it's beating the PS4...
shadyiswin  +   947d ago
most sales will not come from amazon which is the funny thing,most sales from come from best buy,walmart,target,gamestop and toys r us,the fact that amazon is being taken as some sort of holy grail to who will out sell who is ridiculous. I know for a fact it both will be sold out till early febuary,that's just how new consoles are. The fact that xbox one is not doing japen till next year bolds well for the states cause that just means a more direct focus on the U.S and Europe,sony allotment will be less in the states but either way they are printing money,also most of friends ordered there xbox one right off the xbox 360
moparful99  +   947d ago
Which is why GameStop has stopped taking pre orders on the PS4 after being told by Sony to open the floodgates.. It's is clearly evident that demand is outstripping supply in the case of the PS4.. GameStop and Amazon will stop taking pre order whenever they cannot guarantee a unit for someone who pre-orders. Walmart, Best Buy, Target and other big box retailers do not...
showtimefolks  +   947d ago
even though MS backed out on many of their policies i think for now the damage has been done, and every time a MS executive opens his or her mouth its more crap

they need to hire some genuine people who can speak to their consumers like jack tretton did at E3

many of sony long time executives are really nice people and that's not my words, many gaming media members who have dealt with them for a decade say so
shadyiswin  +   947d ago
90% of people never even heard of the policies to begin with,once again you guys think "we" as people who frequent sites and articles are the majority,we we are not,we have a picture for the xbox one and ps4 pre-order online picture at the front register and most people have no clue they are even coming out,if you have an xbox you are obviously aware cause its on the dashboard,a lot of customers told me they only seen the ps4 controller,so for people to be that clueless on the new systems and you expect me to believe them changing policies will effect anything when most were unaware to that in the first place AND the few younger people who were aware like myself were all for it,familiar with how steam works,the xbox would of got there eventually.

basically,we the gaming community are not longer the majority in our own community which is cool cause i've grown and i'm generally causal unless its a new release.
showtimefolks  +   947d ago

well lets' see most late night show hosts showed ps4 and xbox one and in their opinions ps4 was a better option so there goes your argument that only us the gaming community knew

news media outlets reported on the news

us navy weekly/monthly bashed the heck out of xbox one because don matrick said people without net should buy a xbox360 and shouldn't worry about xbox one

so MS had a lot of pressure from us the gaming community but they had just as much if not more from casual crowd

also gamestop,redbox,gamefly were emailing their consumers letting them know which next gen console will allow used/rental games

so it wasn't just us, as much as i want the gaming community to get 100% of the credit but that's not accurate
madpuppy  +   947d ago
Sony was simply smarter than Microsoft this time around, they are an old hand in the gaming console market and knew it's customer better than MS, whereas MS has lived in a monopoly bubble for 30+ years with a captive consumer base that accepted any policy that MS dictated, mainly because that particular consumer was other businesses that have long been locked into the MS environment, changing was not something that could be easily implemented without a considerable expense including training and a completely different way of running their business. As for the gaming consumer, there are choices, and changing or choosing a different product that caters better to them is not a life changing challenge. MS hubris got the better of them and Sony took advantage of that, that was a good business strategy and it is now paying off in skyrocketing preorder numbers. But, to be honest Microsoft has probably done us the greatest of favours, They taught the industry that if you poke a sleeping bear (the consumer) with a stick you will not make it out of it's cave unscathed. It is a good lesson for people like Bobby Kotick, that has openly spoke of bilking the consumer because he feels that we don't pay enough. what if he raised the price of Activision games to a minimum of 70-75.00? like Mr. Kotick has posed in the past, will the gaming consumer be able to stick together and simply not buy any Activision games in protest? I certainly hope so, because who will protect us from the arrogant hubris of businesses in the future if not ourselves?
strifeblade  +   947d ago
sony had a long road ahead when ps3 came out (they definetely have a long road with vita), i mean only this year supposedly ps3 surpassed 360 in sales- not by much i might add (78-77 million i think).

So what makes people think that msoft is absolutlely destroyed? as of right now they have stronger exclusive lineup for the first year of x1- but i know thats not enough to beat sony sales wise, so sony does not even need to push exclusives in its first year- they can take their time because sony fanboys will eat it up. msoft on the other hand will try very hard on securing exlusives to boost their platform sales and it shows. they secured numerous third party exclusives opened up numerous studios (msoft has around 19 studios while sony has 13 according to ign)- and at e3 for exclusives- they beat sony in the games department when talking about ps4.
jairusmonillas  +   947d ago
360 lost when it stopped supporting games halfway to 360's life. wanna know what happen? oh right. KINECT GAMES, and guess what? they are continuing kinect FULL SUPPORT ALL THE WAY.

it's over for Xbox unless they realize Kinect is a big joke and just another disadvantage to PS4 cause of that additional -$100
#1.10.1 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
dsDoan  +   947d ago
"only this year supposedly ps3 surpassed 360 in sales"

The PS3 was released an entire year after the Xbox 360. The PS3 should be nowhere near the same sales as the Xbox 360, yet they are neck-and-neck in sales. This tells you the PS3 is selling much better than the Xbox 360.
strifeblade  +   946d ago
@dsdoan a full year later? big deal, going by sony previous generation ps3 should have raped in sales- i mean ps2 has 150 million install base while the original xbox had 25 million. you act as if though xbox and sony were on even ground- now however they are on even ground. Its amazing what xbox and nintendo did- they defeated the juggernaut known as playstation business wise- and no im not going to nitpick a one million sales difference.

I agree that since the release of alan wake in 2010 you have not seen much from microsoft- but do you remember the first year and a half of playstation was terrible? absolute horrible ports of games- exclusives were balls (lair??) until mgs4 came a year and a half later it became decent (ports were still a problem though), by mgs4 however xbox 360 was enjoying a plethoras of awesome exclusives and timed exclusives for 2 and half years. so ya ps3 sucked in the beggining just like 360 started to suck near the end- you seem to forget that. Then forza did the unthinkable and took the race sim throne from gran turismo (who could have thought?). So yeah xbox accomplished a lot this gen, and i expect them to accomplish a lot for nexgen. fyi everyone knows the first year of nexgen gaming belongs on xbox one- as of right now x1 exclusives were better and more numerous than ps4 exclusives since e3- lets see what happens at gamescom- when it comes to games you cant hide behind your pre order numbers lmao!
madpuppy  +   946d ago
no one has said that Microsoft is "absolutely destroyed" all everybody have been saying is that MS effed up and now they are paying for it. to some, even the backpedal has made their position weaker. They will recover, but with more respect for their customers. I don't know why saying that pisses people off, a company being put in it's place by the consumer is a good thing, for the customer AND the company. keeps them healthy and focused on the most important aspect of the business...profit, and where does this so called "profit" come from?? oh, yeah! THE CUSTOMER! so if you want to be a profitable company you have to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your product and services. what happened is a win in every conceivable way, for the customer and for Microsoft.

As for having a better exclusive line up for the first year of the new generation is all up to opinion. I think Ryse looked boring, Titan fall looked ok, project spark looked interesting but, I like my worlds already made for me personally, sunset overdrive looks kinda' cool. but nothing that has me sad that I will miss. But, that is all personal opinion, the PS4 games that will be available at launch appeal to me more but I am not dancing in the streets about a few of them either. once again, opinion.
yolanda12richards   947d ago | Spam
TAURUS-555  +   947d ago
thats the only way to let MS know theyre not doing the right things

xbox1 must lose
pedrof93  +   947d ago
Microsoft don't want people to buy Xbox One.
KillrateOmega  +   947d ago
It was all a ruse! We all thought their policies were put in place in an effort to rake in maximum profit, but nay!! Come hither children and let me inform you of their true endgame: the pursuit of....MINIMUM PROFIT!

*dun dun dunnnn*

Well played, MS. Well played indeed.
#2.1 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ginsunuva  +   947d ago
No not minimum profit, negative.
goldwyncq  +   947d ago
Or their plan all along was to create the most hated console in existence and bring about the second video game crash, in an attempt to make an example of how not to release a console and prevent other console makers from doing the same, thus saving the video game industry by teaching them a valuable lesson.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   947d ago
So they can say consoles are going away so everyone should buy Surface tablets! Mwahahahaha!
madpuppy  +   946d ago
my god....those clever bastards...
WolfOfDarknesss  +   947d ago
Microsoft didn't know how yo market Xbox one .
Groo  +   947d ago
I think Microsoft is trying to use the Cartmanland strategy but it doesn't seem to be doing them much good...
clearelite  +   947d ago
Either that or they will just have their "marketing" team get people to think it is the coolest product OF ALL TIME EVER!

.... and such a good deal, just think about it.

new car = $25,000?

well xbone = $500

J/k obviously.

and PS4 is its own best ad campaign in MY opinion :]
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cleft5  +   947d ago
Here is a question, what happens when key third party titles, like Battlefield 4 and CoD sell better on the PS4 then the Xbox One? If Microsoft lets that happen, then they will have completely shot themselves in the foot.
Software_Lover  +   947d ago
Multiplats are gonna always sell better on one console. Things are never gonna be equal. It's been that way always.
Cmk0121  +   947d ago
OHHHH the word "IF", if sony psn can catch up with the rest of the world maybe it will take off in online gaming. downloads on psn take far longer than on xbox live, if the competitive gamers take to the controller like they did for the xbox 360. I think a lot of people are just forgetting about xbox live superior service as a system that is already established. PSN gives away free games because it couldn't compete as a service in terms of operation to xbox live. cross game chat just now coming to ps4, its still not set up to handle 50 million as xbl is. a lot of "ifs" ya know and i dont mean to be negative. Gaming is just one of those cultures that is vocal minority driven.people are literally caught up in this big brother argument and fanboyism its just silly. INSTANT example everyone is bragging Sony is giving away drive club with psn service. BUt they are not acknowledging that its not the full game or access to the full game but limited access. now xbox is giving away killer instinct with only one free character but full access to the game and option to buy all content separately or pay 60 bucks for everything. Sony fans say MS is nickle and diming for killer instinct meanwhile praise drive club limited access as totally free and pro consumer. Its all about perspective.MS just like Sony is out to make money, they are not our friends, Sony just has so far marketed the ps4 way better than MS has the xbox one...
NatureOfLogic  +   947d ago
@ Cmk0121, See this is reason Xbox fanboys are the worst. They get so butthurt over the smallest things. If cleft said something that hurts your feeling, then you might need mental evaluation. He said nothing fanboyish and you reply with a wall of text about how bad PSN is and how Sony sucks compared to MS. All of that was simply not necessary.
T2  +   947d ago
same old tired arguments. you do know that ps3 already downloads patches while you sleep right? and lol at "psn gives away free games because they couldn't compete"...
Classic justification language from someone just realizing that their xbl fees were a huge ripoff.
fsfsxii  +   947d ago
Here we go with the misinformation about PSN
Is that your only scapegoat???
Jaqen_Hghar  +   947d ago
A man connects to online games just fine on PSN. A man doesn't see how much more Live has to offer other than x-game chat which a man doesn't see himself using very often considering he normally chats with his friends only when they're playing the same game on gaming consoles. A man would also remind that it's a free service so it's only going to get better now and with better architecture the downloads coupled with that the download times and stability will be improved 10 fold. After seeing what Sony does with free a man is biting at the bit to see what they can do with a system designed for online gaming from the ground up with a paywall.
badz149  +   947d ago
I'm not going to nitpick you too much but comparing KI with Driveclub? I don't recall Driveclub PS+ Edition coming with just 1 car! It just have less cars and tracks but ill still have tons of contents compared to KI!

F2P but only 1 free character lol!
Maddens Raiders  +   947d ago
"Microsoft's goal of playing "a significant role in TV advertising" wasn't really possible until the launch of the New Xbox Experience in 2011, and this time around it's thinking about advertising from the get-go....

Your console will use Kinect to work out who's in the room and your Xbox LIVE account to mine your demographic information, and it'll use that data to more precisely target advertising. That advertising will be more intrusive than before, too, because we're too good at ignoring ads.."

No thanks, all I want to do is game on my gaming console and not be spied on whilst doing it.
Software_Lover  +   947d ago
I give up.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   947d ago
I personally gave up on Xbox when I saw the policies they were trying to push on to consumers and started thinking about how few good core games were released after the first few years on Xbox in comparison with the ps3 and how they treated their hardcore fan base. Then I looked at the hardware, price and quality of studios for each firs party and it became set in stone. Seeing them do the 180 only confirmed my choice.

-From a former 360 gamer
Campy da Camper  +   947d ago
I didn't jump ship til my 360 rrod for the second time. It was literally on the day the infamous/kill zone ps3 bundle released. Never looked back. Ever. Sony 1st party makes awesome games. With what they learned this gen, and taking devs advice the ps4 should be one hell of a system. With the whole kinect debacle, Sony would literally have to slap me around and call me Susan for me to not buy their new console.

Also picked up a Wii u last month. Ps4 in living room on 55" led and sennheiser 280hd pro headphones and Wii u in bedroom on 43 inch plasma. I'm set up for winter!

Bachelor ftw!
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kingdip90  +   947d ago
I am starting to think that the advertising on xbox one is the reason kinect is manditory. MS will get a lot of revenue from advertising and making adverts interactive is a great way of getting advertisers to believe people would pay more attention to their advers... if this is the case its not very consumer oriented at all since I know on my part at least I can't stand advertisements
cleft5  +   947d ago
Of course that is the reason and mining data on the users. Kinect is about gameplay second and data gathering first. That's one of the main reasons people dislike what Microsoft is doing so much.
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Cmk0121  +   947d ago
Meh dont think so, its about install base. the eye was to be sold with the ps4 and was stripped out to lessen price, i for one am happy about hte decision but it will kill the overall success of the peripheral. IE the led light on the ps4 controller meant to interact with the playstation eye is permanently on, cant be turned off to save battery. thats not something that would've been done if the eye wasnt meant to be bundled.i already preorded and paid off ps4 by trading in my ps3's and have preorded and paid off the x1, i plan on doing it the same as last gen, ps4 for great offline exclusives and x1 for online gaming. xbox does online better plain and simple, its why cod ,madden,battlefield all sold far better on 360 than ps3.honestly if it was cross plat it sold better on 360, that was for a reason and people tend to forget that.
SilentGuard  +   947d ago
Those that like Kinect being included would buy one if it wasn't included. Putting a Kinect in every box will increase the install base to 100%, but that only matters if you assume people that don't like Kinect still buy the console and then buy Kinect games.

If I were to buy a One I would have a Kinect and be included in the install base, but if I don't buy Kinect games or use its features what does it matter? However, the forced Kinect and resulting higher price precludes me from buying the console in the first place. MS will achieve 100% instal base for Kinect but risks having a smaller install base for the console. 100% instal base for Kinect really only matters if 100% of consumers use it, unless MS uses it for advertising.

Including a Kinect with every console and requiring it to be hooked up only makes sense if they use it for data mining and advertising uses, otherwise it would be treated like the accessary it is. They must assume that revenue from ads and marketing data will outweigh any lost revenue from a smaller install base.
fattyuk  +   947d ago
I might pre order Xbox one consoles from many retailers as possible.....

Then cancel them all.

UnHoly_One  +   947d ago
And that will accomplish what, exactly?
badz149  +   947d ago
not everything needs a reason
Like "will it blend" stuff...what's there to achieve by blending new gadgets? But people do it anyway, right?
karl  +   947d ago
well... the ps4 will have maybe 5 or 10 more ps4 bought by this guy

somehow he belives that amount is relevant..

go figure
Kutaragis Revenge   947d ago | Spam
negative  +   946d ago
Typical N4G garbage
jackdaddy  +   947d ago
Just a random fact that you can take as you wish.
Of all the people I have asked (15 or so) that have a PS3, xbox 360 or both as do I, not one of them is interested in the new Xbox. All are getting PS4.
You see, all of them want a gaming console. Not a Swiss army knife.
#8 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
UnHoly_One  +   947d ago
I counter that with my group of friends, where everyone is getting an XB1.

Some of them are considering both, like myself.
fattyuk  +   947d ago
^^^ So all your friends are getting an Xbox one, and some are going to get both like you.

How do imaginary people pre order consoles?
UnHoly_One  +   947d ago

I see the maturity level of the Sony fanboys has almost reached a 2nd grade level.

Is it so hard to fathom that some people are going to get an Xb1? I don't get the fanboyism on this site.

I don't know about you fanboys, but I like playing games, so I'm going to have the option of playing any game I want by having both consoles.
#8.1.2 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(15) | Report
ceedubya9  +   947d ago
Right there with you. Getting both on day 1. Exciting times!
opinska  +   946d ago
True, all the people I know are either getting an Xbox one or both or none lol But hell I will get both
Sitdown  +   947d ago
I believe you are confusing interest with desire to purchase. In order to know you do not want something, on some levels don't you need to have interest to know what it is you don't want? And what kind of person says they prefer not to have value? If Sony just offered a ps4 and then a ps4 swiss army are telling me none would consider the Swiss army knife? The fact that you label the xbox one as a Swiss army knife makes one take into account your motives anyway.
LoveOfTheGame  +   947d ago
Group of about 9 friends and I are the complete opposite. 8 primarily 360 players and 2 primarily PS3 players getting the XB1.

Couple of us will probably get both systems eventually, as we did this gen. But, people like us decide what system we want by how much fun we will have on them, which is determined by the games they have. To us Xbox has the better lineup so far.
Master-H   947d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
killerips   947d ago | Spam
sAVAge_bEaST  +   947d ago
We call the Xbox One a console, but it isn't really: it's Microsoft's latest attempt to take over TV
something it's been trying and largely failing to do since the 1990s --

Kinect.Kamera,Klowd --to watch, monitor , and sell you $h1t. -customized, propaganda,.
#10 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Roper316  +   947d ago
Sony sold me on the PS4 based on their past consoles and the support they gave all 3 even after their replacements were released.

MS on the other hand single handily made me not want to buy the XB1 or even support the Xbox brand at all anymore after owning their first 2 consoles. All's that it took was for MS to show me what their future of the gaming industry is and what they want it to be and that was enough to make me never support their brand again.
T2  +   947d ago
agreed, I bought a 360 three years ago to play with friends and I always hated the XBL fee, it just pissed me off every time i saw the charge on my c.c.
I haven't turned on my 360 in three months except for netflix (watching netflix is my cheap justification for having been auto-renewed on xbl)....
Contrast this to psn plus. As soon as I heard saints row 3 was on there I figured I may as well renew. The I found out another game I missed, Uncharted 3 was on there as well. Then I downloaded LBP karting for my gf. I did all of this and I am actually excited and have been playing these games constantly.
I am not ruling out buying a xbone, but I am in the "waiting for MS to prove something to me" phase. 2015 if there is an xbone without kinect for 299-349 with games I could NOT experience on a ps4, I will go out and buy one, and if it's good I will write about it.
strifeblade  +   947d ago
fyi ps+ is now pay to play online on ps4 just like xbox- no more free online gaming
joeorc  +   947d ago
"fyi ps+ is now pay to play online on ps4 just like xbox- no more free online gaming"

Again with this claim? that is completely not true at all, you may not know this but unlike the xboxone, SONY EVEN HAS without psn+ you can still game online multi-player game's on the Playstation 4 without requiring a PSN+ ACCOUNT!. PLANET SIDE 2, WARFRAME, DCuniverse online..Free 2 play multi-player online games are still free 2 play on the PS4 with out the required psn+ "pay to play" pay wall. this is a 100% true fact. so no what you stated is not true at all.
#11.1.2 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
strifeblade  +   946d ago

Can you play anything thats not free to play? like a real retail game like killzone or battlefield or call of duty?

Well if you can't it is true so stop trying to sugar coat it- biggest hypocritical thing about sony fans is supporting this decision they made while bashing live gold on xbox

"i would never support a console that requires pay to play", and what are they doing now? lmao! biggest hypocrites of the bunch
T2  +   946d ago
@strife - "FYI psplus is now pay to play online".... uhh... did you read my post? I said i felt like " I may as well renew" meaning I VOLUNTARILY added psplus to my PSN which has never been free. PSplus has always had a charge and I just described why I wanted to pay - for games I had missed which I got for free.
And in response to your other post ... "Can you play anything that's not free to play, like killzone, battlefield or COD".... Great argument /s .. you just named three games where online is the most vital component. Are their game you can play not online? Yes all of them, no one forces you to play online multiplayer, even in the games you mentioned. What a weak post.
#11.1.4 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
joeorc  +   945d ago
Can you play anything thats not free to play? like a real retail game like killzone or battlefield or call of duty?

what the hell does it matter is the game is free or not? Planet side 2 is a fantastic game and its going to be free to play online without PSN+ Required!. you are once again pulling a straw mans argument. The blunt truth of the matter is yes you still can play online multi-player games on the ps4 without the required PSN+ being a requirement on the PS4.
X14life   947d ago | Spam
pyramidshead  +   947d ago
uh oh... lol
killerips   947d ago | Spam
georgenancy  +   947d ago
it has reached point i actually feel sorry Microsoft
jackdaddy  +   947d ago
Trust me.... Don't.
karl  +   947d ago
thats the moment when it turns and bites u in the neck...
badz149  +   947d ago
You become an infected! Wait a couple of years and click click...

You'll be blind, man! What will be left is your ability to listen and by that'll have to believe all the BS they feed your ears with as you can no longer see the light of truth!

And couple more years'll die stuck on the door unable to find your way out!

~The Last of Us~
jackdaddy  +   947d ago
Rather than call them fanboys, people standing up for a brand because they like it is perfectly normal.
In my opinion, Microsoft are threatened by Sony this time round.
Confidence in MS is at an all time low. Their system is aimed primarily at Americans and subscription tv. Oh and COD mp.
Forced camera and retracted DRM statements at a time when the world knows about the #NSA and Microsoft.
Then, there is Sony with it's obvious niggling flaws. But you know what, I take that over MS any day of the week.
Some people actually work hard to earn money to buy stuff like this.
I just know where I WON'T be investing my money lol.
Xboxonefan27  +   947d ago
You can buy a Xbox One with or with-out the Kinect.Read the news
jackdaddy  +   946d ago
KEEPNITREAL  +   947d ago
@ Savage Beast and your other troll friends Orangepowers, Killrate Omega, fatty uk, iGamer viii and Maria Hel Futura - Seriously can't you guys just shut the hell up with your troll comments !!!!! It's cool to talk about the ps4 , xbox 1 or Wii u , but your trolling gets old. Yes it's a comments place, not a trolling every article and talk trash place !!! There's like 80% psfanboys here at n4g and thats fine , but atleast they are confident about the ps4 and they don't talk crap like you trolls. I don't say trolls to be offensive , I say trolls cause you guys are trolls for real. A psfanboy is one thing a pstroll is another ! I respect a ps ,xbox,pc ,nintendo fanboy , but a troll , HELLLL NO !!!
Cryptcuzz  +   947d ago
The site seems to be down :(

I wanted to read this article but maybe it is getting too much traffic from this or other articles.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   947d ago
Until M$ Removes _the KKK_ (kinect.kamera.klowd) -I will not stop,.. - Why don't you and your M$ -REP.MGMT. team stop.?, (diff. names, same sentence structure, same M$moles.)

Putting a Kamera in the living room, to gather information to better market, and make sure you watch commercials is unacceptable,. I will comment on things I see fit,. that is how a free and open society works,.. if you don't like my truth's,. #DealWithIt,. sorry, I'm just keeping it real.
#19 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
SterlingArcher   947d ago | Spam
edonus   947d ago | Spam
JunioRS101  +   947d ago
"If you don't buy PS4 then fuck you."

- Ricky Bobby
6DEAD6END6  +   947d ago
In Ricky Bobby we trust.
JunioRS101  +   947d ago
Xboners are hurrrrrt right now! haha poor guys, xbox one just whimpers in the corner while ps4 got dey dicks out slangin
The Rock Bottom  +   947d ago
Thats really uncalled for. I know Ps3 fans took allot a heat on N4g for years. But lets try and show some class. I don't wanna get on their level. I wanna be above it.
Campy da Camper  +   947d ago
Agreed. It was hell in here a few years ago...back in the days of the open zone. Being a Sony supported got you ridiculed and death threats in your private inbox. Mods did nothing.

Oh how the tides have turned.
MRMagoo123  +   947d ago
I joined this site when it was the land of xbox fanturds those where the days lol, the shoe is on the other foot now because the whole world agrees the ps4 is THE console to get. It wont stop the xboners from making stuff up or just completely ignoring the fact the ps4 is cheaper more powerful has a more diverse lineup of games. Ps4 is gonna have another golden gen like the ps2
latincooker214  +   947d ago
true that Rock i fell u on that 1+ bubble my friend PS4 FTW:)
Hercules189  +   947d ago
Learn english, not ebonics
KEEPNITREAL  +   947d ago
@ Savage Beast - your comments are total bullshit ! you're a troll and thats it period ! I like reading the articles at n4g and the comments on here also ,but the trolling from you kids has to stop . If you were an xbox troll I would tell you the same damn thing , I'm not loyal to any brand , I'm A real gamer and I have and will get all systems cause I love gaming and can easily afford it. If I couldn't afford all systems then I would get the one that suits me at that time . Face it , even if xbox took out the kinect kamera kloud like u say and was free online , you would still find a way to talk crap about it period. You are a pstroll and that's it , no other way around it. I think the must have camera connected on xbox is stupid , but you don't see me talking crap about xbox like you . I also don't like the fact that you need to be on gold to watch netflix on xbox , but you don't see me talking crap about xbox. Xbox,playstation and nintendo have pros and cons believe it or not. If it makes you feel better talking crap about anything that's not playstation then I feel sorry for you ! You should listen to THE ROCK BOTTOM comment above me , he's a mature PSfan guy , not a troll like you and JunioRS 101 too !!!!
MRMagoo123  +   947d ago
name an xbone pro for me please, with facts to back it up.
KEEPNITREAL  +   947d ago
What's up with all you trolls coming out all of a sudden , Why do I have to back up anything to you. See the problem with trolls is that a troll ( that's you ) is blind and deaf , so no matter what I say or what I show you , it makes no difference in your troll world. See a fanboy will actually see and listen . A troll ( that's you again ) won't ! Are you mad cause I , like millions of other gamers will be buying both xbox one and ps4 too. Why you mad mrsmagoo, I'll be buying a ps4 just for you my love , will that help you sleep better at night. If you want I'll be a troll like you and won't get the xbox and we can hang out with Powers 101 and have a big troll picnic together. If you wan't pros open your eyes clean out your ears and read other game sites you lazy bum.
Good_news_every1   947d ago | Spam
sAVAge_bEaST  +   947d ago
I love nintendo,. (: -you are a Xbone troll that hides behind, buying all systems argument... KeepTryn.
#23.2 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheKingslayer  +   947d ago
This article actually omits some facts concerning ads, and Microsoft's stance.

Here's a link:
Mac420  +   947d ago
How can you seriously justifify a day 1 Xbox purchase is what I'm wondering. They will get my money eventually but not till I see Halo 5 in action. All these new IP's there promising is nothing more then promises . Look at MS track record from 360, they stated in that press conference 8 years back they would have around 200 titles out in the first 2 years of the console . Can anybody name a single 1 besides Halo that sold well or one that was liked by a community even without selling.All they have is Halo, Forza, Gears. Unless you enjoy TV ((which Time Warner is the only cable provider locked in so far)) Don't see how $500 is a justifiable purchase. I will own both consoles by the end of this Gen just like I did last gen. Just don't get how people can just hand over $500 day 1 an not care about all these horrible things MS is trying to do to the industry as a whole. Sorry not a fan boy of either company never have, never will like Exclusives on both just don't get how some people even defend MS. An yes Sony is a business just like MS an there both out to make every dollar. But wouldn't you pick the 1 that has the better customer relations with its intended audience , an doesn't get on stage like Hitler an tell you how everything is going to be.
ceedubya9  +   947d ago
Not defending Microsoft, but I'm getting one day 1 because I'm interested in the games it has coming around launch. Looking forward to Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, maybe Crimson Dragon if that is a release game, Forza 5, and Spark. I'm not focusing on what Microsoft almost did with the DRM stuff. That's out now, and I can play my console offline if I want.

I'm also getting the PS4 Day 1 because of Outlast, the numerous free to play games, and Killzone probably. If only Infamous Second Son was a launch title (drool).

My point is, I guess, both consoles are offering things at launch that I just have to have and fortunately I'm able to afford both right now.
redwin  +   947d ago
I'm also getting both the ps4 and the ONE, and if one Xbox comes out without kinect I'll still buy the one with the kinect .
negative  +   946d ago
Well said. Sounds like a TRUE gamer to me.

redwin  +   947d ago
I'm getting both day one but I hate the way they r putting the box down. People talk about DRM but they but Indy games... Hello ! Downloaded games only you can play.. Lol. PS4 is going to do whatever MS does by the end of the machine cycle. And there us nothing wrong w kinect. You already have smartphones w camera that's tracking us and smart TV's and laptops w camera and google recording your searches. So, there, is, nothing, wrong, with, kinect...
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   947d ago
Nothing out of the x1 launch titles interest me. If anything ill wait a year
Or two before buying a x1 to see if they flip policies or have any issues and until some blockbuster games are released.

But in other news I will be enjoying my ps4 day one
MRMagoo123  +   947d ago
i was getting excited for titanfall because all i heard was good stuff about it from friends (360 fans by the way) till i saw the direct feed scans and realised it was COD:mechs with this gen graphics.Im guessing it will look better on pc least i hope so cos it couldnt look worse.

I have had my ps4 paid off for at least a month now so i could have invested in an xbone but i think i will pass.
#26.1 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Xboxonefan27  +   947d ago
All the games they showed were very very good.
KEEPNITREAL  +   947d ago
@ Mac420 If your comments are for me then here it goes , but if it wasn't my bad . If its for me then listen up , who gives a shit why I pic up an xbox one day one. I'll pick up all systems day one like I did my nintendo nes ,sega saturn,dreamcast,n64,xbox,ps2, ps3,psvita,3ds,wii,wii u,psp,psp go and so on - who cares , why should you. I don't have to justify shit. I pick them up because I can and cause I feel like it. All companies promise shit and don't deliver , it's business shit happens. An example of this is with xbox MILO , where the hell is milo dammit as well as lack of exclusives !!! Also playstation 3 The Gardian and other exclusives that never come out , shit happens with production,money and other plans. As far as customer relations , I never had problems with none. I have tons of friends online on pc,xbox,playstation and family has on the wii-u so picking up systems day one is easy for me. The mistake people are doing is comparing past generations to this one . All generations change with the people. Another thing is why do people have to justify buying shit here on n4g , who gives a damn why they buy what they buy , It's there choice ! Shit if playstation only had Killzone as the only good exclusive , I would still buy it cause I know I'll have a shit load of amazing online battles playing with friends ,family and strangers and that my friend is very well worth my money ! Maybe people are getting the xbox one no matter what cause they have all friends on xboxlive , maybe they like the controller better or maybe they like the exclusives better on xbox , who the hell cares. Why should you !!!! Like you said , they'll get your money eventually so what's the difference !! The only difference is that youll get to play the exclusives now than later. ALL systems have good exclusives period ,only a fanboy says other wise and that's fine it's their opinion , but as a GAMER I see lot's of great games coming to all systems this year and next few years after that ! Starting with Quantum break , Infamous ,Bayonneta 2 and BATTLEFIELD 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so on.
Good_news_every1   947d ago | Spam
cellfluid  +   947d ago
4 all the Xflop salve boys out there keep in mind that Sony owns the patent on bluray.. So for every Xflop sold Sony sees a profit.. Lolol check mate!
JohnJoakly  +   947d ago
So Xbox want's to use kinect, to spy?. make sure your watching ads, and Use kinect, to customize ads' of people in the room, including, age, weight, sex.. WoW.
KEEPNITREAL  +   947d ago
@ Good news every1 - Seriously a troll defending a troll, just the word xbone and prove shit to me spells troll ! The only history I have is talking to trolls like you . The only thing I regret saying at n4g is the part that I said that gt5 wasnt as good as forza and need for speed at that time when it came out , but then it got major updates and turned out to be an amazing game . Just because I don't worship the psbrand like you don't mean shit. I've always said I prefer the xbox controller so what, that don't make me a fanboy you douche. I like shooters ! But I've always talk to trolls and it's mostly sonytrolls like you cause i'm on n4g. I've said opinions on games that you probably don't agree on , but those are opinions not trolling , I think your the kid here that can't tell the difference between trolling and opinions. You're in the fantasy world if you think no one is gonna buy the xbox 1 . One more thing , BEFORE YOU TALK OUTTA YOUR BLOWHOLE , I do think ps4 did everything perfect this time around and xbox didn't , but I always said I would buy either console no matter what their decision was this gen. As far as pros go here is a few , they are investing in more ips and servers , kinect works alot better , the controller better , multitasking machine , fantasy football , skype the list goes on , but the troll in you will say yeah but playstation does that and so on ( that's good , but you asked for pros on xbox not cons or comparisons ! ) Those are pros cause I have a family with daughters LIKE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO and we will use everything that xbox has to offer. We will use skype , watch tv, fantasy football every sunday shit like that and daughters will use kinect all the time. Just cause you think kinect , fantasy football, Illumiroom, multitasking, xbox exclusives suck , millions of people enjoy those things . Atleast I get to enjoy EVERYTHING that all systems has to offer , I don't spend lots of hours just playing games in a room by myself you know , I have a life and a family. Stuff you don't see as pros , millions of people that aren't blind do. The cloud I can't say until I see for myself AS PROOF ! Not once will you hear me say don't buy this, don't buy that or prove me this, prove me that , that's just stupid shit trolls say like you !!!!! Do you feel better now ? Can I tuck you and mrsmagoo in and kiss you good night my children !!!
Hicken  +   947d ago
You know, you might have a leg to stand on, if only you actually explained yourself.

You've made a bunch of claims, but when someone questions you, you resort to the "fanboy" defense. You don't even bother to justify any of your claims. Which actually makes you look worse than the people you're attacking.

I suggest you take your emotions out of it, and try being an adult about all this. Because you sound like a disgruntled teen.
negative  +   946d ago
Try being an adult about all this??

Now that's a good one. Especially coming from a user on a site like this (11-14 year old fanboys galore).

Cool story, though.
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