Obsidian Wants to Develop Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

The RPG developer still has an interest in Star Wars.

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luoshuigui1691d ago

The final product will be buggy as hell, at same time with great writing, characters, story and mature theme.

I' feel torn apart...........

greatcrusader441691d ago

To be fair Obsidian usually isn't given much tine to make their games, despite KotOR 2 only having 1 yr to be made (a year to make an RPG? LucasArts obviously didn't give one care for the quality and just wanted something with the KotOR name on it to make money quick, despite this KotOR 2 was still pretty awesome.)

Fallout engine was buggy as all hell anyway so not much for Obsidian to do about that.

Alpha Protocol was a straight up failure according to Obsidian and was only released because Sega wanted it to be.

If EA let's them use Frostbite and decent dev time, it should be good, especially if Bioware has already implemented those RPG systems to the engine(Frostbite while very versatile, wasn't made for RPGs so Bioware has been making it suitable for DA Inquisition and should afterwards be easy for RPG devs to make their games without too much tweaking of the engine.)

DeadlyFire1691d ago

Do it Obsidian. Just contact EA. I am sure they will let ya do it as long as they publish it. I can imagine seeing KOTOR 3 on Frostbite 3 engine. EA could have Bioware in mind, but a collaboration with Bioware/Obsidian could work out pretty well too.

Software_Lover1691d ago

Just put The Old Republic on one Blu-ray with all of the classes and all of the stories. Then allow "pop-in" multiplayer for the Bosses and Team Objectives like White Knight Chronicles, and I would be a happy man.

Foxgod1691d ago

I actually think Bioware is already working on this themselves.
But maybe they can hire Obsidian to help out on some of the resources.

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The story is too old to be commented.