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Xbox One vs PS4: Which Should You Buy?

WC - If I had done this a week or two ago, we would be looking at a very different landscape. The Xbox One had some genuinely interesting but totally ill-prepared and restrictive policies on their system which went down with the internet as well as New Coke. The only difference now is that bringing back the old formula might not be enough. In that now legendary marketing mishap, Pepsi weren’t making all the right moves to challenge Coke for their supremacy. It is pretty hard to guess how Microsoft will shape up and impossible to know how they would have done had they kept their policies. (PS4, Xbox One)

pedrof93  +   366d ago
XBOX ON...OMGLOLROFL NVFM PS4 all the way! I actually reserved it Friday and apparently they aren't available anymore.I got lucky.

And the guy at Micromania (Gamestop representative in France) said to me that they actually already got the release date for the PS4 in Europe. But they couldn't reveal it to the public.

But now seriously they only reason for me to get an XBOX ONE was to get Halo, but since Bungie will give us Destiny I don't think I will get one anytime soon. And not to mention that Halo was still a teaser so it will take a while until they release it. And GoW is out of the radars aparently.

I like to think that Xbox is for mainstream gamers, mostly shooters and gore while playstation give us unique experiences. Like the inevitable TLOUS,GOW,UNCHARTRED,HEAVY RAIN,CATHERINE and the Indies.
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stonecold3  +   366d ago
I have already preorder my ps4 I cant wait to see uncharted and god of war come out on ps4 and gt7 I have ps3 as well and going to put my ps4 near my ps3 ?
JunioRS101  +   366d ago
Yeah, and stand them up next to each other!

And that way, if you ever get an Xbox One, you can stand it up too!

"... Wait. Oh, so you're saying it doesn't stand up either? Well wtf."
KillrateOmega  +   366d ago
Xbox One vs PS4: Which Should You Buy?
Answer: Whichever one you want.

Personally, I've chosen the PS4, because I believe it to offer the most bang for your buck, but that's just me.
n4rc  +   366d ago
I'm intrigued by the ps4 but going Xbox at launch.. More bang, more buck... As it were.. Lol

But I'm one of those that are pumped about hdmi-in and kinect and all that stuff.. I understand its not for everyone but it sells it for me
TheGrimReaper0011  +   365d ago
enjoy your xbox one when it comes out!
no really
i mean isnt that why we buy these things
i personally goin for PS4, but im really hating the fanboyism
yeah, they werent supposed to force it in the first place, but next gen looks great for WiiU, PS4 and Xbox one
n4rc  +   365d ago
Fully agree.. Its why both exist
Mighty Boom  +   366d ago

Disagree me, now.
dethpuck  +   366d ago
Yep both. look at this gen. Ps had uncharted, last of us, infamous, killzone. Xbox had halo, gears, forza. Both offer amazing games I'm getting both just like I did this gen
Supermax  +   366d ago
LOGICWINS  +   366d ago
Both for me.
S2Killinit  +   366d ago
PS4 is already pre ordered.
edonus  +   366d ago

I like the idea of upgrading my media center to a full voice control gesture controlled smart tv system. I like the idea of dedicated servers and MS already has the network set up so I can see the online experience being superior. I like the tech of the new kinect and its position as being standard so I am hopeful to see lots of support for unique experiences. And of course the games looked great and there are franchises MS has that I just love.

It's not that I think the Ps4 is bad. I just feel as of now the only reason to get a Ps4 is if you like their exclusives. I haven't seen this power gap, their network isn't as developed and their isn't anything extra that makes it unique other than being a Playstation. That may be enough for some but I personally just need more.
Urusernamesucks  +   366d ago
What ever you want, your decision shouldn't be up to anyone.
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SolidDuck  +   366d ago
Um the vita and wii u duh.
kingdip90  +   366d ago
Well microsoft decided this one for me. I don't wanna buy the internet just to play games and I'm not buying a system that *seems* like it won't look its best graphically without the "power of the cloudy interwebz". Ps4 for me, its powerful enough to compete on its own legs
NewZealander  +   366d ago
i dont know what you mean by "I don't wanna buy the internet just to play games"

if you mean pay to play online thats going to be standard on ps4 also.

ill get both eventually but will get X1 first purely based on the games and that if MS does one thing really well its the operating system, i got slightly put off PS3 with its menus and constant updates keeping me waiting rather then playing every time i put a disc in.

but both consoles are looking pretty epic, why limit yourself..get the best of both :D
kingdip90  +   365d ago
Because rather than put the required update to play online on game disks (I have updated my consoles many times this way in the past) microsoft decided that a 1 tims manditory online update was the way to go. Sorry if my putting my middle finger back up at them is hard to understand for you. Also they keep saying how the cloud helps with graphics processing somehow... if they need the internet as a crutch for their games to look their best then why am I bothering ti buy an xbox one just to play offline and get 2nd rate graphics? I'm sure they will look gorgeous but I would always know it was supposed to be better yknow?
B-radical  +   365d ago
Xbone 1 for me
n4rc  +   365d ago
Hell I just wanna applaud everyone here for being civil in a thread that seemed ripe for fanboyism..

We can all get along!! Lol
TheGrimReaper0011  +   365d ago
well, people are finally maturing
that or the fanboys havent read this yet
arika  +   365d ago
PS4 for me. Lower price but better specs. The only reason that matters.
Jdoki  +   365d ago
PS4 - Day 1
XB1 - Maybe later
WiiU - No plans at the moment
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