Streaming Ability Of The Vita May Actually Kill It

‘Remote Play’ lets the Vita display the PS4 game you were playing by streaming over wifi and means you don’t have to stop during toilet breaks. Sony’s attempt to use another console to boost the weak Vita sounds familiar. It already has a cross-play feature with some PS3 games, such as Playstation All-Stars, which comes with a free Vita version. Both devices can then connect with each other for online play.

Will the Vita’s ability to stream PS4 games really save it or just push you to buy Sony’s latest console?

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DJMarty1984d ago

What utter crap, PS4/PSvita will go hand in hand. PSvita will have a new least of life.

fattyuk1983d ago

Some people really do write stupid articles!

iamnsuperman1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I agree the reasons/explanation in this article are stupid but there is a negative impact PS4 streaming could have for the Vita which I am surprised the author didn't explain properly. If we can play PS4 games on the vita then it is going to be harder for third party developers to justify doing a Vita only version thus potentially removing all third party support. Its a risky move (a move as a PS Vita owner still would like but still risky for sony)

ps3_pwns1983d ago

yep this is a dumb article. need more articles written about why the xbox one is fail if they want more hits and why the ps4 and vita rocks. these article writers need to be smart and write about what we want to hear if they want the hits,clicks, and ad money. I better see more playstation praise from these guys or ill blacklist there site.

tubers1982d ago


I completely agree.

This is potentially a "HIDDEN" issue.

Prospective devs/publishers (specially 3rd party) for supposed BIG BUDGET, EXCLUSIVE VITA games may rather do a smaller/mid budget PS4 game especially since you can just Remote Play it.

I say it's safe to assume the PS4 will have magnitudes more install base in it's first year than the total amount of VITA sold today.

By "HIDDEN", I mean devs won't outright publicly say they're cancelling the supposed VITA game and refocusing on a different platform.

EvilJeffBridges1977d ago


Being able to play a game on both is a factor but internet may no be available or reliable all the time. That's why physical copies of games will be useful. If vita sales rise with the availability of PS4, you can bet there will be more reason to develop vita exclusives. I would be surprised if developers and publishers were not aware of this.

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Ask1983d ago

Sony are so desperate to get people to buy those things but I really don't really want one because the games aren't that mobile or on the go friendly. If I'm at home I'll play on y ps3. If I'm on the go I'll play soemething I can pick up and drop withotu saving.

Minato-Namikaze1983d ago

Cell phone games are the bane of my existence, I love having my vita with actual buttons, lol.

mitchell11881983d ago

Actually I play my vita more than my Xbox and ps3 now. Depends on what ur into. I was a gameboy kid so on the go gaming was what I was raised on. From games to YouTube and Netflix I use my vita more than my phone. I still love console games and have already pre-ordered my ps4 but to say that the games on vita are not on the go friendly doesn't add up. I was playing gravity rush right b4 I saw this article, put my vita in standby, wrote this comment, now I'm gonna press the power button and continue my game. Seems pretty on the go friendly to me.

sashimi1983d ago

Lol go back to your angry birds while we gamers play real games!

ps3_pwns1983d ago

Nope sometimes you are at home and want to watch a sports event on tv but don't want to just watch that by itself because of timeouts or crap players you don't want to see are hitting the golf ball lol. You want to play the console games because you are at home and streaming them on the vita while being able to watch tv at the same time is you best option until the tv show or game is over.

Heisenburger1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

You can stop any game you are playing on Vita literally any time that you want.

If you are playing an rpg, simply tap the power button to shut the system down.

Two days later you come back and tap that power button again, and boom, your game is exactly where you left off.

That means that even those longest of grinds in a game without save points are rendered moot.

I'm not trying to convince you to get one, nothing like that.

I'm just trying to help slow down the flow of misinformation. Not to insinuate that you are doing it on purpose.

But that stop-any-time feature is easy my favorite aspect of my Vita.


Also Mitchell touched on what I said already, I just didn't catch it.

Protagonist1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Desperate? it is a new optional feature. Nobody is asking to buy one nor use the feat, and since you dont own one nor want one, why bother comment? It is not like what you are saying holds any truth or fact, just seems trollish to be honest.

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AxeCain1983d ago

Does anyone else have connection issues with their Vita? Remote plat doesn't seem to work well with my Slim. Seems slow/laggy and even drops connection.
I have an E4200 Cisco Router so I doubt this is the issue.
I hope this is resolved by then.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1984d ago

I dont think it will kill it but Vita sales wont suddenly sky rocket cause u can play PS4 games on it. Buying a Vita to play PS4 games is a very poor reason to purchase one.

badkolo1983d ago

total nonsence, i said this many times and its why i bought 4 vitas, some for friends as i knew what was up, the vits was designed for the ps4, it will also be cheaper byt the time the ps4 takes off, remote play isa hey feature of the wiiu and the ps4 and vita will trumpt that in every regard, other then the lack of games which while will obviously change as the new cycle begins. Even if it slacks in vita games it will still survive soley based on its ability to interact with the ps4 in a meaningful way and most likely at a price point that will make it a affordable second controller for you ps4 that also does so much more and has its own games. THAT will save the vita

Ask1983d ago

You bought 4 vitas?

imXify1983d ago

What ? 4 Vitas only ? Get a fifth one. :D

Jk. I'm getting a second Vita myself. Well the modded one where you can record gameplays with it.

VitaOwner1983d ago

Lmao! So adding a new optional feature to a system will kill it?

jjb19811983d ago

Once people realize how awesome it is to be able to play battlefield 4 or any other ps4 game on a vita, some minds will change. I already own one just so I have all my favorite classic RPGs on one device whenever and wherever I feel like playing them. Streaming ps4 games is definitely a plus.

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