Could Episodic Gaming Change The Future of the Industry?

Analog Addiction writes: "The current generation of gaming has frequently been compared to the movie industry, with bigger budgets, more emotive narratives, and action sequences that could be seen in your favourite action blockbuster. Yet gaming is as far from cinema as possible. Heavy Rain may be considered an interactive story, relying more on choices rather than actual gameplay, yet it is hard to put Quantic Dream’s popular title against a movie and consider them similar in any way. Arguably, TV is the best comparison to video games. Some games are released in episodes, games which can last an extended amount of time compared to a movie, and there can be multiple seasons (sequels) of particular franchises."

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sloth33951984d ago

i hope not i like getting the story not in parts where i need to wait months for the rest of it

1984d ago
MakiManPR1984d ago

Nah I don't think so. IMO Free-to-Play is the future

greedybear881984d ago

I hate the free-to-play model for video games.

1984d ago
ps3_pwns1984d ago

I don't like free to play or episodes. I don't even like waiting for the next episode of a tv show I just want to watch all the seasons of a tv show back to back and not have to wait and the wait is even worse for games so I wouldn't even play episodes of a game. jus give me the whole thing or ill be pissed. also free to play is cool but I really don't want to be paying more money in the long run for less or getting beat by people who are rich lol.

mydyingparadiselost1984d ago

Most of the games I've played would have been cancelled before their run so no, episodic gaming can screw off.

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