Why am I Still Watching and Playing Defiance?

Nicole: Defiance was the game finally made me break into MMOs. The idea of a TV Show you can play (and a game you can watch) was fresh and new. It was a concept that I couldn’t resist. And over the course of the last several months I’ve noticed something.

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kewlkat0071989d ago

I stopped watching that show on episode 6...The characters are boring..Story sucks..syfy channel is horrible. This show is no Firefly..

fenome1989d ago

I actually liked the show more than I thought, still watching it. Haven't picked up the game in a minute though, might have to change that soon.

And yes, Nathan Fillion is freaking awesome!!

uh oh, does that make me a fanboy?? HA!

nikrel1989d ago

I like the show, it's gotten better the Season Final was cool. Hope the DLC for the game keeps it fresh.

fenome1989d ago

About to watch the finale in a little bit

Rhaigun1989d ago

The show was really weak in the beginning. But, it has picked up steam over the last four episodes. Glad I stuck with it.

GamingManiac1989d ago

Stopped after the second episode, bored me too much, so you're saying it's worthwhile suffering through the first eps?

nikrel1988d ago

I was the same, I thought I would hate the show, but it's become much better, I think next season is going to rock.

It has become much much less awkward.

r211989d ago

Ah, agent h21, good to see you back on the field again.

Anyways, how's Defiance so far? I gave up after 2 episodes.

cunnilumpkin1989d ago

when this is free to play i'll try it on steam

give it 3 months tops

UNGR1989d ago

I'd ask the guy the same question, this game is horrid and the show is mediocre.

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