''Hidden Powers At Valve'', Ex-Employee Claims

Valve's utopian vision of a flat-management structure carries significant flaws and is not being practiced to its fullest extent, a former and "bitter" employee has claimed.

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Fireseed1959d ago

Fucking wow man. As much as I absolutely love Valve I had a feeling the company had some inner workings of bullshit after my friend was denied a job there. That plus what we know as "Vavle Time" probably comes from people taking it easy.

thorstein1959d ago

There has to be some management. It is a necessary evil. I am sure it is much better at Valve than many companies. That said, the lawyer in the room is needed because of a sue happy country like the USA, people will think they are entitled to sue the company.

Fireseed1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Well to be fair fitting into the culture is something you have to do in almost ANY studio. It's what makes working in the art field different from other jobs is we talk to each other like friends not just co-workers.

And about the lawyer, It doesn't seem she's too upset about the fact that he's there. But I have had my own run ins where someone I was very good friends with immediately threatened legal action, when he could've approached me as a friend and dealt with it.

BTW Noticing a lot of disagrees, not sure what that's about lol

LAZL0-Panaflex1959d ago

Bye bye steambox. So that's why it wasn't at e3.

Mounce1959d ago


>Friend was denied work at Valve.


XD. Valve searches for the very Best, unless your 'Friend' is globally renowned in some way or has extreme'd be for obvious reasons.

Fireseed1959d ago

Well with this being the internet and all it's very hard to prove anything (or at least to the extent that I care to prove it, which isn't very far). But he did come from WETA as an animator on the Banshees in Avatar. And then got hired at Dreamworks as the lead character animator of Jack Frost in Rise of The Guardians and now he's the lead character animator of a bad ass dragon in How To Train Your Dragon 2.

So I'd say he's definitely got the pedigree (Or at least I'd hope so cause if he was not hired on the grounds of talent then I'm screwed XP)

Mounce1959d ago

I'd honestly think with a Resume like that, EA or Activision would take him up, I don't even think Blizzard would be interested even.

Not to sound rude or anything, but how is 'Jack Frost', 'Httyd' or Avatar.....groundbreaking games that scream of 'Quality'? :L

raiden-491959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Hey when your company makes truck loads a year and most of your employees can turn on you (not saying Jeri Ellsworth did anything wrong it was reduntentces), You need some leverage.
AKA some Good lawyers.

Kurylo3d1959d ago

Honestly, from the way it was described it sounds like the lawyer was a favor to her and people who got let go. Het told the lawyer to put it in writing that she and her team could own all the hardware they developed instead of valve owning it. Thats pretty damn generous if u ask me.

nukeitall1959d ago

I kind of agree with this. The story seems to have some holes, but I can see the scenario of how the group dynamics work.

The fact that Valve gave away the hardware project was pretty generous, but at the same time, the firing seemed a little unfriendly.

Keep in mind there is always two side to a story, and Valve giving away the hardware project is darn generous so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Kurylo3d1958d ago

Not to mention that every company ive been laid off from has had not a lawyer, but a police officer standing there to escort you out of the building without even letting you back on your computer.

Timesplitter141959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

So it seems Valve has abandoned its hardware division. This would make sense after the next gen console reveals. They probably got the impression that the PS4 is too popular and it's not worth making the steambox anymore (not to mention the PC-like architecture of the PS4, which is what was the Steambox was trying to do)

Letros1959d ago

She was fired before the PS4 was revealed, I'm not saying it's not because next gen consoles, but it's likely for more reasons other than PS4/X1 obviously.

Timesplitter141959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Well I dunno... it says the layoffs happened in february, which was the month of the PS4 reveal. There are obviously other factors like public interest in the console regardless of the competition, financial factors, etc... so yeah anything's possible

warewolfSS1959d ago

Yeah valve was deffinate scared of the playstation 4. Totally. ...


Timesplitter141959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

So you think Valve is so far above the likes of Sony and Microsoft when it comes to manufacturing hardware that they wouldn't even feel slightly threatened by the competition if they were to release a console internationally?

Do I need to remind you that Valve has always been a software company and this would be their first time releasing hardware?

LAZL0-Panaflex1959d ago

Yep. Plus money problems ....layoffs...etc.

-Gespenst-1959d ago

"What I learned from Valve is that I don't think it works. Give people complete latitude with no checks and balances it is human nature that they will minimise the work that they do and increase the control that they have."

Absolute nonsense. It's a cultural thing. If people didn't have certain cultural ideas ingrained in them they wouldn't behave this way.

yeahokchief1959d ago

not if they love what they do

Letros1959d ago

Sounds like the Steambox project was axed in one day, a shame, but maybe it was too big of a financial risk for Valve.

Fireseed1959d ago

I think even they realized how far of a stretch it would be to say PC owners would ditch their rigs for it. Especially after the misconstruing of what we initially believed to be the Steambox and everyone blew up on it.

Letros1959d ago

Yea I think a big reason was the success of W8 on Steam (it's at over 12% on Steam, while represented at 3.5% for worldwide PCs), and the lack of Linux uptake with gamers, no one really installed Steam for Ubuntu and developers were not too keen on it.