Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + Coming this Summer

Alongside the forthcoming Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, the little yellow pill popper is set to return this summer with a free title update for Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam and Windows 8. Known as Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, this new update will renovate the hugely popular title and offer all gamers incentive to return once again.

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Wagz221986d ago

I love this game, 100% trophies in it. Though watching that video on the website of that person playing was hard to watch, they missed sooo many ghosts to distract.

BATRA1986d ago

hope it come to the wii u

Venox20081986d ago

now if we get later Galaga dimensions DX on steam, i'm gonna faint :)

kirbyu1985d ago

Pac-Man should be in the new Smash Bros.