Ode to the ladies: Game on

MWEB Gamezone Writer Zubayr Bhyat came across a blog entry about some seriously sexist behaviour in a high ranked Mass Effect 3 online match. The awesome outcome is worth it in the end though.

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GabeSA1990d ago

I have played alongside some amazing female gamers that would beat the taste out of any other competitive gamer, male or female. I would pay alongside anyone that shows respect for one another, and has the ability to play the game at hand regardless of their gender. Nice write up and I thoroughly agree.

Tiqila1990d ago

those "female" gamers were guys. Women are just not as good in gaming as men.

Tiqila1989d ago

so, as in any other sports...

how many of those female gamers actually dominate the leader boards of great gaming competitions like esl?

I dont believe there are no good female gamer, but I think there is always a better male gamer in the same game.

plut0nash1988d ago

Maybe, maybe not. I think it's a matter of practise that defines competency. Men play more games, that's what makes them better in most games. If women played games more then we'd see a greater balance.

WelshPixie1990d ago

What you're saying there about empathy brings to mind a story a male friend shared with me last week. Taking out all of the context because I don't think it's relevant, he said to a female colleague, 'women are emotional'. He didn't mean it negatively - he was talking about empathy, how women respond on a more emotional level to situations and act accordingly. It's also just plain biology - all this estrogen we have coursing through our veins DOES make us more emotional. It's a fact. The woman he was talking with got all offended and accused him of being misogynist. So as much as some men must recognise the scope and effects of womens' empathy, so do a lot of women, I think >.<

In gaming it's a funny thing. The 'boyz' encountered in this ME3 match clearly wanted to win, and for a lot of people, PvP is all about the winning - it's so strange that that changes when gender comes into it; 'I want to win, but only with my crew of boyz; no wemonz allowed!'. There are two things here that bug me - firstly the desperate need for winning without compromise, and of course secondly the ease with which that's put aside when the men realise they've got women on their team. It shifts from being about winning to being about 'winning as men', and of course these 'Maninism' (:D) issues run deep. Some men think males should always earn more than females. Some men think females do not belong in certain places where tests of skill are concerned even if the women possess as much, if not more, skill than men. In some ways I think the gaming industry is pushing ahead of other industries in dealing with this because we're talking about it so much, and that's a good first step - highlighting the problem vociferously and letting everyone in the industry know it's NOT okay.

Heisenburger1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

+well said

I normally would have a lot to say but I honestly don't think that there is anything I can add that takes strides past redundancy after your post.

I think when it comes to the guys in the pvp thing, the guys with a problem I mean, they want to win so desperately. Some people will do anything to win. When they lose it's devastating to them because they put, in my opinion, WAY too much stock in being number one.

So if they are going to lose they want it to be against another boy.

They can't even emotionally handle a loss, much less to a woman.

That's where I stop because that's where I stop comprehending the issue. WHY some of these guys think losing to a woman is any different, idk. The obvious answer would be that they feel emasculated.

I guess it's how people are still racist. Just because we(I) don't understand why someone behaves like they do, that doesn't make it any less a problem.

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HanCilliers1990d ago

What an interesting read. It's such an epic lulz that in the end the last gamer was a chick. I've come across female gamers that can hold their own in any genre