Games of the Year 2013 - So Far

Clickonline writes "God, I’m really not saying Revengeance is perfect. I’m not blind, deaf nor suffering from a headcrab!"

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j-blaze1687d ago

Revengence and Bioshock Infinite were great, TLoU overrated
Fire Emblem Awakening is my favorite game this year so far

Projekt1686d ago

I absolutely adore last of us. As in I think it might be my gotg, but even I'm getting sick of people being labeled a pariah (okay, h8r!!!1) for thinking it overrated. It is an opinion, a perfectly valid one, that I just don't share. Either way, I'm glad some people still speak their minds.

sly-Famous1686d ago

Your TLOU comment proves that you have never played the game, but then again it is you who said its overrated, so there is no surprise here.

pedrof931686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Revengeance is trash. Bad graphics, horrible story ( pathetic attempt to be a real MGS story), Bad gameplay, decent boss battles but that isn't enough, a terrible game for the MGS franchise. Seriously this is the kind of game that come to appeal to 10 year old that think that make a good it only needs a cool character.

Revengeance GOTY ? FML. 70€ wasted.

Cam9771686d ago

Go back to COD if you can't enjoy TLOU, it's obviously not for you.

SniperControl1686d ago


TLoU overrated!?!
Revengence great!?!


j-blaze1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

weird huh...i didn't say the TLoU was bad at all, just overrated, massively overrated
i fail to see what was so special or groundbreaking for reviewer to give it all these perfect scores it's just ridicules, the game is a good 7.5 to me or 8.0 if you want but nowhere near 10 or 9

DigitalRaptor1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

BioShock Infinite was overrated to the EXACT same degree by your logic and it's still a marvel of video gaming.

How do you know a game is "massively overrated" if you haven't played it? We all know you haven't so don't pull out the "I borrowed it off a friend" card. That is predicable and dishonest.

No. Why would you play a game you've been attacking as "boring" and "nothing special" for years? EXACTLY!

You're ridiculous. Bother to READ the reviews and UNDERSTAND why it deserves the acclaim, rather than getting bitter and tearful about the high scores and calling it overrated. I'm sure you didn't read any of the reviews except the lowest ones. Am I right?

Tell us why it's overrated if you believe it to be. You're convincing no-one because you're trolling comments are so shallow with only "it's overrated" and no reasoning.

Come on, at least try.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1686d ago

TLOU overrated lolololol etheir your opinion or ur a hater

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Dazel1686d ago

DayZ standalone will be my best game, so long as it comes out this year, lol. Really liked TLoU but it didn't hold my attention, so much so i've still to finished it and I've moved on to State of Decay and L4D2 in the Steam sale.

Nothing has scratch that gaming itch like the DayZ mod so I've no reason to think the Standalone will be any different.

Zack_Fair1686d ago

So far, Revengeance.
But GTA5 will be the winner.

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