Can These Xbox One Exclusive Games Stop PS4 From Dominating Next-Gen Console War

On paper, PS4 hardware specification looks better than Xbox One (check out the image below which clearly show the difference), and so the only thing that can now stop Sony and PS4 from dominating next-gen console war battle is Xbox One's exclusive line-up.

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Wizziokid1982d ago

Can we at least see all exclusives first before making this call?

PS4 - 20 year one, 12 new IP's
X1 - 15, 8 new IP's

For me at the moment the main game I want is TitanFall on X1 however since I have a gaming PC i'm sorted on that front and it will be coming to PS4 within a year or so, that's pretty much certain

Insomnia_841982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

True! And even with the games we know so far that are coming to PS4, the XB1 exclusives are not enough. A new Uncharted, God Of War, Motorstorm, LBP, The Last Of Us is pretty obvious and the unannounced games plus all the free to play games and indies. You can also add to the list the PS3 exclusives that will be available with Gaikai to those new to the PS family

NO! Not enough.

warewolfSS1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I agree Sony has exclusives, but those games you just named wouldn't be out for years

Like you LITERALLY just made up those titles.

ZodTheRipper1982d ago

^All those studios were pretty silent for one year or even longer so it's practically clear that we'll get something from then within the first year. Sony has a good business plan games of regilar releases for a couple of years now.

JokesOnYou1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Yeah for me X1 showed more of the type of games I want plus for me the kinect intergration also brings the better system functionlaity/features/service s of the 2 platforms that I want. Add in xbl which has always been the best online service and I'm set for a great holiday.

abzdine1982d ago

first things first, these games MUST score 90+ all of them before we can even start debating..

at gamescom curtainswill be lifted on LBP3 and all other big european exclusives (The Getawayanyone??)on PS4

Ron_Danger1982d ago


That sounded like you just copy and pasted strait from the Microsoft PR handbook.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31982d ago

" it will be coming to PS4 within a year or so, that's pretty much certain"

Here they go spreading bullsh*t.

nukeitall1982d ago

I think Titanfalls could rival Halo and CoD.

I mean the game looks fantastic and the online experience is going to be even better with MS cloud and dedicated servers for every match.

Manic20141982d ago

A new uncharted and the Last of us you can expect in another 2-4 years from now as Naughty dog has just finished the game the Last of us this year so another game can be expected within the next couple of years.

1982d ago
kneon1982d ago


Naughty Dog have two development teams that we know of. So the team that worked on Uncharted 3 have been working on their next project for almost 2 years. It may not be a new Uncharted game but they should have something new within the next year or so.

DragonKnight1982d ago

I think Uncharted and God of War should take a break unless they are a change in direction. We've had plenty of both games. Introduce new characters for God of War at least. There are other pantheon's other than Greek.

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SuperLupe1982d ago

What else is coming out on PS4 within a year so ? A want a list please.

warewolfSS1982d ago

Yeah a list would be nice from at least one of them

medman1982d ago

Don't worry, it's coming. Check out Gamescon and TGS. Sony has done just about everything right up to this point, and they are staggering their news on game releases to continue to ramp up excitement and interest as PS4 draws closer to the launch date.

Insomnia_841982d ago

By the time TGS ends, we will know all of them. Of course it's not just KZSF, Driveclub, Knack, Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Planetside 2 (f2p) etc..

cleft51982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

No. And let's be honest, Sony will have the better exclusives and Halo 5 isn't releasing early enough to make it a contender.

MysticStrummer1982d ago

Actually, if we're being honest, who has the better exclusives will always be subjective. I've never understood Halo's popularity, just like I've never understood why Call of Duty sells so well every year, but many people obviously like those titles.

SuperLupe1982d ago

Sony will have the better exclusives ? According to sales ? Reviews ?

PS4 exclusives dont outperform 360 exclusives nor AAA multipats on either field.

And having ONE extremely high rated exclusive doesnt negate the 10 other exclusives or even multi's and scored 2% lower on metacritic or whatever.

And until Sony actualy show "alll those exclusives" well they are competely imaginary. Post an imaginary list of games though if you wish.

medman1982d ago

SuperLupe sounds like the typical fanboy who has no idea on the games he's missed out on this generation. Ignorance of a subject is no excuse. Educate yourself. Sony's first party studios have produced several games that are considered the very best this generation has to offer. Just because you can't play them, don't get sore buttocks over it.

medman1982d ago

The correct answer to the question in the headline is no. PS4.

DiRtY1982d ago

The 15 exclusives for the X1 are MS studio games.
So Fantasia, Titanfall or Dead Rising are not included.

I think gamewise, MS is doing a fantastic job and had a REALLY great E3. The DRM talk ruined it, but now that it is out of the way, it is not that bad actually.

Look at the exclusive games MS announced (games we did not know about before) at E3:

- Project Spark
- Halo
- Dead Rising 3
- D4
- Killer Instinct
- Sunset Overdrive
- Kinect Sports Rivals
- Below

exclusive games announced by Sony:

- The Order 1886

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Ugh, Sony has announced more than just that game. Now if thats the only game of Sony's that interests you...well thats a different story, lol.

Hammad, you obviously didn't watch E3 2013, lol.

nukeitall1982d ago

Yup, and there is more to come on Xbox One from third party and first party.

I just hope we get Gears of War. I love that IP!

To add to your list of third or second party exclusive games, there is Quantum Break and Ryse.

HammadTheBeast1982d ago

Well that was stupid and pathetic.

"Games we didn't know about"

Well that's cause MS was busy showing off Tv crap durng their reveal, while Sony bought the games lineup.

lol Kinect Sports rivals. Lol D4.

DiRtY1982d ago


Right before E3 these games were announced for Xbox One:

- Forza 5
- Quantum Break
- Ryse
- Titanfall

Right before E3 these games were announced for PS4:

- Knack (lol?)
- Driveclub
- Killzone whatever it is called
- InFamous

So yeah, Sony needs to announce 5-6 exclusives to score an equalizer, while MS just let TGS and Gamescom pass without doing anything.

Here we go again:

I am not making this up.

BallsEye1981d ago

Even if MS will release 100 titles first year, fanboys will still say sony has more and better games. It's a pointless fight mate. Just enjoy the games as I will :) See you online this year!

And all of you fanboys who call yourself gamers? Get a different hobby! You don't belong here! (as in gaming, you definately belong to n4g tho.)

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mcstorm1982d ago

@JokesOnYou I agree I am more interested in the Xbox one at the moment because it offers me more games I want plus im a massive Forza fan so was always going to be by day one buy it forza came out with it. The next 12 months is all about the 3DS, Xbox one and WiiU and back end of next year I will look at getting a PS4 to add to my collection as this will also have some must own games like the other two.

Mystogan1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Sony barely showed any exclusives.

It's like they made up that number just to make it seem like they have more.

Microsoft actually showed more exclusives then they promised, 18 so far. And there are still more to come.

but i think Microsoft meant 15 first party exclusives.

mxrider21991982d ago

Sony showed what like 4 or 5? and then they had to show the multiplats that they have exclusive content for for e3 since it is the biggest show. Now at gamescon they will probably show a lot more

DonFreezer1982d ago

This is getting sickening.When has Sony dominated to begin with.What the hell dos hardware have to do with sales?The games are simply better on Microsoft's side.

Caffo011982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

lol like this gen? you obviously don't have a ps3 and lost the best games of the generation.

Sideras1982d ago

Dead Rising 3 was about the only exclusive that looked appealing to me and that might aswell be a timed exclsuive seeing as it's Capcom developing it.

In my opinion it doesn't matter what gets announced this year. I know that Sony has Naughty Dog and Santa Monica among other exclusive developers. And I'm pretty certain Microsoft will never come close to having an exclusive such as The Last of Us.

I went ahead and trusted Sony with the PS3 after the major F-up that was their release and reveal because they hadn't let me down with PS One and PS2 in terms of exclusives. Despite Microsoft having a massive headstart, the PS3 still came on top.

But we'll see, I prefer not to put any money in MS pockets so hopefully they'll keep my choice easy.

quenomamen1982d ago

But Titanfall looks so good !!!!!! Lol

greenlantern28141981d ago

ms has shown that while yes they bring the exclusives, for a little while anyways. it seems to me and quite a few others that ms has already dropped support for the 360 so the real question is who will keep bring out great exclusives. WE all know sony keeps the games coming even after the next gen console launches ps2 was supported for years. and they say ps3 will have a couple more years as well.
ms has played their hand but sony has barely given you a peak at theirs.

BallsEye1981d ago

It sounds great but I'm yet to see those ps4 exclusives while MS already showed plenty. If ps4 really got that 20 exclusives and they're not arcade games then awesome! I just hope we won't have to wait for some 6 years like for some ps3 games that were supposed to come out early (hello kilzone, GT, last guardian, FF).

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dazzrazz1982d ago

I had xbox for 7 years now and did not care even about 1 exclusive title... Same thing goes for X1 Non of those exclusive games (and time exclusives) would or will convince me to stay with Microsoft

SuperLupe1982d ago

Why do you have it then ?

cleft51982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Remember the 360 is considered the best place to play online mp games with your friends. Being able to communicate with everyone and having a great online experience was something Microsoft did well so a lot of people brought multiplatform games for the 360. That isn't looking to be true this time around.

True_Samurai1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Well it's all about preferences. I've had a ps3 since 2010 their exclusives just didn't stick to me except TLOU that was a nice game. Though it's Xbox exclusives I've seem to grow attached to :-) can't wait to game on the X1

TrevorPhillips1982d ago

I prefer the PS4 and its exclusives over Xbone and its exclusives, simply because there is more PS4 exclusives than Xbone and not only that Sony still has more to show at Gamescon and TGS, so does Msoft, but don't think they will top Sony's

Manic20141982d ago

"More PS4 exclusive's than xbox one"
There are going to be more ps4 exclusives but as for now they have shown only 10 whereas Xbox one has shown 14. Jut because they have announced more exclusives, your going to judge the exclusive's by numbers or by preference. Just being honest.

BallsEye1981d ago


Can you provide link to videos of those 10 ps4 exclusives? Maybe I missed something? Pretty sure they showed only 1 exclusive on e3 + few multiplats.

Prcko1982d ago

titanfall and dead rising 3 are cool,but not enough to buy xbox one...

Perjoss1982d ago

There are not enough details about DR3 yet but from what they have shown so far it looks like they have removed most of the features that made the previous games stand out from other zombie games. It looks very generic now. Call in air strikes on an ipad? rofl gtfo of here.

quenomamen1982d ago

Yea, id rather be tapping X to call my pooch for an attack.

I_am_Batman1982d ago

You named the two titles that In my opinion are the most overhyped ones. I think The Xbox One has some interessting looking exclusives like Forza 5, Quantum Break, Project Spark and Sunset Overdrive. But Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 look really generic to me. I've never played a Dead Rising game so I don't know if it's supposed to be a pure zombie slaying action game. But there was pretty much zero horror feel to the trailer.

mxrider21991982d ago

tbh forza 5 is just a racer if your a racing fanatic thne ya it looks good but you can't put any racing game as "interesting" as there is no story or interaction further then driving a car. Dont say this kid just doesnt like racing games. I LOVE THEM i have a wheel set up and everything but if your not a car fanatic or don't care about racing games there is ust simply nothing interesting about them t all.

No Way1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Dead Rising isn't really about horror. I think there is like.. zero horror, lol.
The game, like you said, is a lot of zombie slaying; and helping people.
The stories, in the first two, are okay, I suppose. It's just real good fun..

Chaostar1982d ago

The great thing about exclusives is that there's always a constant stream of them coming out over the entire course of the consoles lifespan... well, most of the time.

mxrider21991982d ago

dont look at the 360 then lols