Matter Of Perspective: Gravity Rush

There have been many times in history where militaries have taken control of their cities or nations in the name of security. Invoking martial law like this happens in a number of situations, from civil unrest to war, as a way of maintaining control. In Gravity Rush the military seize control because of a mix of Hekseville being in a state of war and the appearance of unprecedented beings with power.

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nick3091905d ago

I really enjoyed this game

Williamson1905d ago

This and the last of us are tied for my favorite games that I've played, really hope a sequel is announced at TGS. I bought it a week before it was announced as a free title for PS plus, definitely worth the purchase for me.

truthteller1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

A sequel has already been announced but yes I too am waiting for some information. I like your profile.
Can't wait to see how will the game improve

Undrey1905d ago

I wish they'd release a complete edition already.

imXify1905d ago

Gravity Rush 2 at TGS or Gamescom...make it happen !

dodo1011905d ago

Ive completed it a long time ago.
But this game keeps coming up in my mind!
I think i gonna start a new play trough today!

Hicken1905d ago

Same with me. I guess I don't play it more cuz I'm sad the sequel isn't out yet.

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