The Fall of Duty: Camping 01

The first in a series of articles dissecting the strategy of camping in the Call of Duty series.

If you’ve lost a girlfriend, friends, money or even some of your memory because of Call of Duty, then you know what camping is.

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B-Real2061983d ago

People payed their money for the game just as you did. Let them play how they want to play. I hate snipers on top of cranes in Battlefield but I don't cry about it, I change up my play style and attempt to stay out of their sight lines.
Campers suck, we all know that but the truth is they are part of the game and if your running through a door willy-nilly you deserve to get shot.
TLDR everybody has different play styles. Adapt or feed me your tears :)

Truth1983d ago

You can spot snipers on cranes... or campers in general in Battlefield. Even if you don't kill the sniper a jet, tank, helicopter, friendly sniper or me with my AN-94, will. Campers in CoD are like a plague, especially in hardcore. I usually just stab and bag them until they stop. It's not a deal breaker as I still enjoy the quick maps in CoD, but it's definitely more prevalent and annoying than anything in Battlefield.