New iCEnhancer 2.5 BETA 6 Screens Released, GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One Should Look Like This?

If Rockstar Games decide to release GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One, this is how it should look (may not exactly but maybe close to this one).

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BlueDodger3231390d ago

Crap. looks like current gen

JsonHenry1390d ago

You must be playing on different consoles than what I have if you think this looks "current".

Great screens and I can see GTA looking close to this if not maybe a little better.

snipab8t1390d ago

Um have you seen it in action. Looks great.

-SIXAXIS-1390d ago

I agree. Yes it looks better than stock GTA IV, but at the same time, it's nowhere near "next-gen". In fact, if you look at the GTA V screens, they're not too far off from this in terms of reflections and stuff.

ATi_Elite1390d ago

OK these screen shots look like they are running Icenhancer 2.5 with the game FORCED on Low settings.

ICEnhancer looks 2x better than what GTAV will look like.

I play GTAIV with Icenhancer 2 and it looks brilliant.

(Yep still playing GTAIV because of the great mods like the Avengers Mod and Turf Wars mod and Transformers Mod

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BlueDodger3231390d ago

Don't exaggerate for likes buddy. Stuff looks OKAY.

Geovanny1390d ago

Im kinda with you on that but some stuff looks better and other things not so much

2pacalypsenow1390d ago

most computers cant even run this how they expect consoles to do